Use of English

Use of English

Use of English

Time: 1 hour

For questions 1-15, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE WORD in each space. In the first sentence the task(0) is done for you as an example.

Believed to (0)bean ancestor of the domestic dog, the wolf is generally regarded (1) ……… a highly intelligent animal. Wolves travel in packs and their territory can be anywhere (2) ……… 40 to 400 square miles. As well as marking the borders of their territory with scent, they (3) ……… other wolves know they are around by barking and howling.

A pack might (4) ……… of up to 30 wolves, although where (5) ……… food supply is limited there might only be six or seven animals in the pack. When hunting, they work together to chase an animal, block (6) ………escape, and finally catch it. In (7) ……… way, they are (8) ……… to trap large animals, such as deer or moose.

If farm animals are available, they (9) ……… the wolves with an easy source of food. This, of course, brings them (10) ……… contact with humans. Poisoning and shooting have contributed (11) ……… the decline in wolf populations around the world. The red wolf is now almost extinct (12) ……… the wild,while the grey wolf has (13) ……… its habitat reduced to a few areas in Europe, North America and Asia. (14) ……… many other large mammals, the wolf is increasingly (15) ……… threat from human activity.

For questions 16-20fill in the gaps by finding one verb which FITS IN THREE SENTENCES. (0) is done for you as an example.

  1. The old machines at this plant ……… down every day. They have to be replaced soon.
They ……… off the conversation whenever I come in.
In Russia, schools ……… up in June. / break
16. When he said good-bye to her, she was unable to …….. back her bitter tears.
Look, Pete, please ……… off the subject of politics while my father’s here.
Let’s hope the sunny days ……… up for the tennis match next week.
17. I promise I’ll ……… by you no matter what happens.
Mary has to understand that none of us will ever ……… for such nonsense from her.
The new political party proclaims to ……… out for changes in the governmental system.
18. If you don’t pay the gas bill soon, you may be ……… off.
Your article is too long. I think the editor will ……… it down to 1000 words.
The prisoners ……… their way through the barbed wire and escaped.
19. Please, Jake, don’t ……… behind with the rent, or we’ll be evicted.
The salesman said the car was in good condition, and I was foolish enough to ……… for it.
What heading do these items ……… under?
20. She was so ill that it seemed unlikely that she would ……… through.
The city authorities are going to ……… down the cinema we used to visit when kinds.
No need to worry, Mum, trains ……… in right on time.

For questions 21-25 combine the beginnings of the idioms (A-F) with their endings (a-h) from the box below. There are two endings that you do not need. Then match the meaning of the phrases (21-25) to corresponding idioms. (0) is done for you as an example.

Example: 0. To cost a fortune – Bh

A to drop
В to cost
Сto fish
D to live
E to stir
F to be / a the be-all and end-all
b like fighting cocks
сthe back
d your own two legs
elike flies
f the blood
g in troubled waters
h an arm and a leg

21. to try to gain advantages from a disturbed state of affairs -______

22. to be all that maters -______

23. to die in very large numbers -______

24. to enjoy the best possible food -______

25. to rouse smb to excitement or enthusiasm-______

For questions 26-30 match the utterances (26-30) on the left to their actual meaning (A-L) on the right. The first utterance (0) is done for you as an example. There are SIX EXTRA VARIANTS IN THE RIGHT-HAND COLUMN, which should not be used.

Example: 0. L.

Utterances / Meanings
0. "Don't forget you have to do it".
26."What about going out tonight instead of watching TV again?"
27."I will return you the money on Friday next week".
28."I think you should go to see Mary now and talk to her".
29."Look, it’s freezing today. Don’t go out without your warm coat, or you may fall ill".
30."I believe you’re well-prepared for the entrance exam and you’ll pass it easily". / A. She reassured to do it.
B. She encouraged to do it.
C. She warned not to do it.
D. She asked to do it
E. She announced not to do it.
F. She promised to do it.
G. She persuaded to do it.
H. She advised to do it.
I. She urged to do it.
J. She suggested doing it.
K. She decided to do it.
L. She reminded to do it.

For questions 31-40 read the text about e-retailing and solve the puzzle by putting the missing words into the crossword below. The first word (0) is done for you as an example.


Four 0 (across) recently took part in an unusual 31 (down). They spent five days locked in their rooms in a London youth hostel with nothing except a credit card and 32 (across) to the Internet. They wanted to find out how long they could 33 (down) without having to pop out to their local supermarket or 34 (across) store.

There has been an enormous increase in what is called ‘e-commerce’ since the late 1990s. You can now buy almost 35 (down) via the Internet, from pizzas to clothes. What’s more, the Internet gives you great choice.

Web shops are open 24 hours a day, which allows you to choose the goods you want and pay 36 (across). Of course, you then have to wait for 37 (down) – and that’s where the problems can start. Buying groceries on the Internet seems to be the perfect 38 (across) for people who hate supermarket 39 (across). But when it comes to the 40 (across) outfit you ordered for next week’s party, be prepared for the fact that it may not reach you in time. Delivery times can be up to a few weeks.

33 / 38
0v / o / l / u / n / t / e / e / r / s
34 / 35

For questions 41-45, complete a CHAT OF BRITISH TEENAGE FRIENDS with the phrases from the box below. There are SIX EXTRA VARIANTS in the box, which should not be used. (0) is done for you as an example.

А / fancy
В / do me a favour
С / your loss
D / you know
Е / suit yourself
F / no big deal
G / not doing well
Н / bumped into
I / save me a lot of grief
J / the odd one out
К / all your problem then
L / unhappy at all

L.: Hey, Kim! I’m glad I’ve(0)__H__ you! Do you (41) ______coming out to that new night club tonight?

K.: Oh, well… I was panning to stay in actually.

L.: Oh, Kim! You’ll be (42)______! Everyone’s going!

K.: I know but my parents don’t let me stay out so late on a school night.

L.: Look, don’t worry! You can spend the night at my house. Just tell your parents we’re studying together.

K.: No, I really can’t. They trust me, and I really don’t want to let them down.

L.: Oh, come on, Kim! It’s (43) ______. I do it all the time.

K.: Oh no, Lucy. I couldn’t lie to my parents.

L.: Well, it’s(44) ______! Let me know if you change your mind.

K.: Thanks but I’m not coming, no mater how hot you try to persuade me.

L.: Well,(45) ______! I’ll call tomorrow.

K.: Sure. Have fun!