University Faculty Meeting September 14, 2011 Page 1

University Faculty Meeting September 14, 2011 Page 1

University Faculty Meeting – September 14, 2011 – Page 1

University of Idaho

University Faculty Meeting Minutes

2011-12 Meeting #1, Wednesday, September 14, 2011

President M. Duane Nellis presiding

The University Faculty Meeting was preceded by the President’s Fall Address. This atypical juxtaposition was necessitated by unfortunate and sad circumstances early in the semester resulting in the cancellation of the University Convocation. [Video available at:


Call to Order: President M. Duane Nellis called the meeting to order at 4:23 p.m. (Pacific) and welcomed all faculty in Moscow and across the State. There being only 103 faculty members present, a quorum was not achieved. The minutes of the May 5, 2011 meeting will stand approved as submitted by the Faculty Secretary.

In Memoriam:Provost Baker read the names of faculty members who had died since March 30, 2011 and asked for a moment of silent reflection in their memory.

Larry Eugene Bobisud

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

-- June 2011–

Marlene M. Bunderson

Professor Emerita of Home Economics

-- March 2011 –

Bert Crozier Cross

Professor Emeritus of Journalism &

Department Chair Emeritus

--July 2011—

John (Jack) H. Sullivan

Professor Emeritus of Foreign Languages and Literatures

--May 2011—

Alvin Carl Wiese

Professor Emeritus of Bacteriology/Biochemistry

--June 2011--

Provost Baker recognized and welcomed the very impressive group of new faculty and administrators hired during the past twelve months. He introduced:

  • New administrators to the University of Idaho.
  • Internal changes in departmental administrators.
  • Deans from the colleges and library; and the Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs.
  • The Deans and Vice-Provost introduced new faculty in the colleges, the library and among the Faculty-At-Large.

A complete listing of those new members of the administration and faculty is available in the Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President.

President Nellis returned to the podium and particularly welcomed all new faculty. He noted that he and Ruthie had invited the new faculty to dinner and that it was very impressive to meet and get to know them.

President Nellis next addressed a new and very special rank, the University Distinguished Professor. The president had worked with senate leadership to create this rank which recognizes “sustained excellence, as judged by peers, in scholarly, creative, and artistic achievement; breadth and depth of teaching in their discipline; and university service as well as service involving the application of scholarship, creative, or artistic activities that address the needs of one or more external publics.” President Nellis presented the inaugural recipients with a specially cast medallionas Provost Baker read the names of the three recipients: Dan Bukvich, Distinguished Professor of Music; Mike Scott, Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Fish and Wildlife; and Jean’ne Shreeve, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry. Professor Shreeve was in Washington, D.C. and unable to attend the presentation but will receive her medallion at a later time. The recipients were recognized for their many achievements with a very warm round of applause.

President Nellis indicated that early in this academic year he will solicit nominations for the next selection of University Distinguished Professor.

There being no other items of business, President Nellis adjourned the meeting at 4:46PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Z. Eckwright

Faculty Secretary

Quote of the meeting: “Go Vandals!”