Unit 1 Intro to Earth Science

Unit 1 Intro to Earth Science

Earth Science Mid-Term ELL 1/2 Study Guide Name ______

Unit 1 Intro to Earth Science

Match the Branch with the area of study

1. The study of Earth’s weather and climate.A. Astronomy

2. The study of Earth’s structure and history.B. Geology

3. The study of Earth’s oceans.C. Meteorology

4. The study of Earth’s place in the universe.D. Oceanography

Match the sphere with its contents

5. The sphere that contains all life formsA. Atmosphere

6. The sphere that includes weather and climateB. Biosphere

7. The sphere that includes Earth’s structure, history and resourcesC. Geosphere

8. The sphere that includes all waterD. Hydrosphere

Earth’s Layers

Match the concept with the statement

12. Movement of Earth’s air, water and magma in Earth’s interior is caused byA. Convection

13. Movement of Earth’s crust, causing, land to move, earthquakes and volcanos.B. System

14. Earth is a ______because it has parts that belong to a whole C. Plate Tectonics

Unit 2 Earth’s Atmosphere and Air

Match the word with the definition

15. What gas is the greatest in the atmosphere?A. Aerosols

16. Dust volcano ash and pollen are all types of ______B. Climate

17. The average sum of all atmospheric conditions (tropical, polar)C. Oxygen

18. The molecule in the atmosphere that protects from UV raysD. Ozone

19. The daily change in atmospheric conditions (temp, precip, etc.)E. Weather

Layers of the Atmopshere

20. Climate is established in this layer of the atmosphere?

A.B.C. D

21. Satellites fly at or above this layer of the atmosphere?

A.B.C. D

22. Which layer is the boundary with outer space?

A.B.C. D

23. Where do jets fly?

A.B.C. D


Unit 3 Elements of Weather

C Users kcarson Pictures cloud diagram PNG

Match the cloud type with the number:

30. Cumulous______

31. Thunderstorms and tornados______

32. Cirrus______

33. Layered rain maker______

34. Stratus______

Unit 4 Air Masses, Fronts and Storms

Match the statement with either Air Mass or Front

35. Large sections of air of the same temperature and humidity. ______

36. Boundaries between different air masses______

37. Sections of air: identified by their source region______

Diagrams of fronts

stylestyleA: B:

C: D:

Match the letter to the front.

38. Which letter is a warm front?______

39. Which letter is an occluded front?______

40. Which letter is a stationary front?______

41. Which letter is a cold front?______

42. Which letter shows a front that will bring long precipitation? ______

Match the storm type with the characteristic: can use more than once

43. Have an “eye”

44. Come with an thunderstorm

45. Form over the ocean

46. Another name for a hurricane or typhoon

47. Have a votex

Unit 5 Climate Change

Match the concept with the statement

48. Scientists believe ______are speeding up the global climate change.

48. Too many greenhouses gases ______the climate.

49. What element goes through the atmosphere and effects climate change ______

50. Melting of the glaciers is called ______

51. Fossil fuels like gas for your car ______greenhouse gasses.