Trip Leader: Jim Carter

Trip Leader: Jim Carter

October 2006

Rough Country 4-Wheelersstamp

PO Box 3253

Cheyenne WY 82003

Rod Pepper # $ 2
Richard Cisco # $ 0
Bob Levenhagen 1
Dewey Williams # $ 0
Howard Segal * $ 0
Chris Ladd 2
Mike Hixson 1
Steve Wykoff # $ 4
Dave Hardin * $ 2
Brian Kubal * # $ 2
Scott Grimm # $ 1
Jim Carter * # $ 3
William Fowler 0
Everett Nelson 0
Craig Goble $ 0
John Stone # $ 4
Marlon Seals $ 1
George Brook # $ 3
David Kipf # $ 0
Ted Atwell $ 2
Mike Depalma * $ 2
Robert Fife 0
Dean Thompson * $ 3
Mark Titus * $ 3
Matt Romero * $ 0
Joe Huston $ 3
* Superday
# Work Trip
$ 30th Anniversary Show

October 21st Club Run

Trip Leader: Jim Carter

Where: Bald Mountain

November 7th Club Meeting

7:45 pm Uncle Charlie’s

6101 Yellowstone rd

November 12th Toy Cruise

Meet 10:00 am Wal Mart Parking lot

November 18th Club Run

Trip leader: Steve Wykoff

Where: Arlington

December 5th Club Meeting

7:45 pm Uncle Charlie’s

6101 Yellowstone rd


Bob & May Levenhagen 10/93

Howard &Laura Segal 10/95

Club Wearables

I have received several requests to make another order for the 30th anniversary club wearables. This will be the last time the 30th anniversary club logo will be available. I will be placing the order on November 1st. If you would like something let me know as soon as possible. These items could make great Christmas presents for your family. Dewey 307-630-9106 e-mail

Cruise for Kids

This year’s cruise for kids is Sunday November 12th. We will be meeting in the Wal Mart parking lot at 10:00 am and will be cruising to the American Legion on East Lincolnway at 11:30 am. Bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Salvation Army’s Operation Happy Christmas.


At the November club meeting we will be taking nominations for next years club officers and board members.


At the November club meeting we will also be taking nominations for the club awards. Dipstick Hook Gear Head. Start thinking of who deserves theses awards this year.

Club Banners

There has been a lot of interest in the club banners that we had made for the 30th anniversary show. We will be putting an order in for more banners from Kinko’s. We need to know who wants them. When we know how many will be ordered we will be able to get a price.They will have to be paid for before they are ordered. A listwill be put together at the November club meeting. Or get in touch with me. Dewey 307-630-9106


If you have anything for the newsletter please send it to me.

Dewey Williams 307-630-9106


4-Wheeling in the snow

Snow wheeling season is also most here. Now is time to make sure your 4x4 is ready to go. Here is a short checklist for your rig.

Check anti-freeze

Check all fluids; Differentials, Transfer case, Transmission (make sure you did not suck any water in from you summer time wheeling)

Check Tires; A good set of tires greatly improves snow wheeling

Check your heater operation

Replace your wiper blades

Replace your flashlight batteries

Check your CB radio operation

Make sure your recovery equipment is in good condition.

Make sure you have front and rear tow hooks (this is required club equipment)

This is just a short list of items that I can think of off the top of my head. You know you’re 4x4 and what it needs to get ready to play in the snow and cold. Hope to see you on the trail this snow bashing season.

Let the snow bashing begin.