Time to SHOW What You KNOW

Time to SHOW What You KNOW

Time to SHOW what you KNOW!

You are Pablo Picasso and you were asked to create a very special artwork for an art gallery that is going to focus on cubism. Cubism is your specialty, and you have decided to create your master piece using a triangle recipe! Your audience will be able to view your work and hunt for these creatively arranged triangles that will be the object of your imagination.


  • The teacher will hand you a recipe. Look over it by reminding yourself of the definition of each triangle that is listed on your recipe.
  • There are 6 baskets on the teacher’s tables. Each basket has the definition of a triangle on it.
  • Find all of the triangles on your recipe by matching the name of the triangle (on your recipe) with the definition (on the basket).


  • Arrange all of your triangles on your paper to create a picture. You must use all of the triangles. It could be anything. Be creative!
  • Write what object you created on your rubric.
  • After you are completely satisfied with your creation, glue your triangles down.


  • Use crayons or markers to create a background for your object. Make sure that your background fits the same theme as your object. They should complement each other and help the audience better understand the object that you made with the triangles.
  • Remember, all of your white space should be filled in.


  • Now you are ready to showcase your beautiful cubism artwork at the gallery. The only problem is that the gallery has all of the artwork categorized into three groups. The categories are Landscape, Portrait, and Still-life.
  • Look carefully at your cubism artwork that you have created. Ask yourself these questions to help you decided which category to place your artwork in. Is your triangle alive? Is it moving? Is it outside? Think about which category your artwork best fits in.
  • Circle the category of your picture on your rubric.
  • Explain why you chose this category on your rubric.


  • Find an empty corner on your artwork, and glue your recipe on it.
  • Write your name on the back of your artwork.



My name______

My triangles are arranged to create a ______.

Circle the category that your Cubism artwork is in:


On the lines below, explain in great detail why you know that your artwork belongs in this category. ______

Followed recipe(15) points______

Showed creativity (15) points______

Complementary background(15) points______

Neatness(15) points______

Categorized artwork(15) points______

Explanation of genre(15) points______

Recipe glued on artwork (5) points______

Name on artwork(5) points______

TOTAL(100) points______