This Course Covers Humanities from Prehistoric Times Through The21stcentury

This Course Covers Humanities from Prehistoric Times Through The21stcentury

Humanities 1 Syllabus

This course covers humanities from prehistoric times through the21stcentury.

Mondays and Wednesdays 8:55 am- 10:20 am Section 26741

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Fall 2017 Los Angeles Mission College

Professor Lori Buchanan

Textbook: Landmarks in Humanities by Gloria K. Fiero

3rd edition

ISBN# 978-0073376646

You may purchase this textbook in the LAMC Bookstore.

Humanities 1 Course Description:

An introduction to the general concepts of the humanities. Mythology, music, history, philosophy, painting, drama, sculpture, architecture, and religion are studied and compared in relation to their background, medium, organization and style.

Student Learning Outcomes:

SLO #1: Analyze how the visual arts, music, and literature reflect social, political, and religious views of the society that produced them.

SLO #2: Compare and contrast world religions.

No makeup exams except for an emergency. I must have proof of the emergency in writing.


One quiz and one final exam. Please bring a large blue book for the quiz and black or blue pens. For the final exam, please bring one large blue book. Large blue books are available in the LAMC student store.


Museum Assignment: 10%

Group Presentation: 20%

Quiz: 30%

Final Exam: 40%

Schedule (note: schedule may change!):

Week 1

8/28 Welcome

8/30 Chapter 1

Week 2:

9/4 Holiday

9/6 Chapter 1

Week 3:

9/11 Chapter 2

9/13 Chapter 2

Week 4:

9/18 Chapter 3

9/20 Chapter 3

Week 5:

9/25 Chapter 4

9/27 Chapter 4

Week 6:

10/2 Chapter 5

10/4 Chapter 6

Week 7:

10/9 Chapter 7

10/11 Chapter 7

Week 8:

10/16 Chapter 8

10/18 Chapter 8

Week 9:

10/23 Quiz

10/25Chapter 9

Week 10:

10/30 Chapter 9

11/1 Chapter 10

Week 11:

11/6 Chapter 10

11/8Chapter 11

Week 12:

11/13Chapter 11

11/15Chapter 12

Week 13:

11/20Chapter 13

11/22Chapter 14

Week 14:

11/27 Group Presentations

11/29Chapter 15

Week 15:



Week 16:

12/11 10 am - 12 noon Final Exam Please bring one large bluebook.

Museum Assignment:

During the semester, you will be required to visit one art museum. While there, you should take note of at least two pieces of art and write a one-page paper comparing and contrasting them. The paper will be due the day of the final exam.

You should visit one of the following museums, although if you want to visit one not on this list, please check with me before you go. Addresses for these museums are available through the links provided.

Norton Simon Museum ( This Pasadena museum has free admission for students with a valid ID and also has free parking. It has a wide collection of European art from the Renaissance through the 20th Century.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art ( The biggest museum in Los Angeles is near Wilshire Blvd and La Brea Ave close to Hollywood. It has artworks from all over the world from antiquity to the present. Admission is $10 for students, but is free on weekdays after 3 pm for Los Angeles County residents. Parking is not free.

Getty Center or Getty Villa ( The Getty Center is in West Los Angeles and has European art and photography and multiple special exhibitions. The Villa is in Malibu and requires an advance reservation to get a parking place. The Villa houses ancient Greek and Roman Art. Admission is free at both museums, but there is a fee to park.

The Broad ( - In Downtown Los Angeles, this museum has a large contemporary art collection with docents who roam the floor and can answer very specific questions about what you are seeing. Admission is free, but you should reserve a time through the museum’s website. Check in on the first of the month for best availability.

Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA ( There are three different sites for this museum. The permanent collection is on Grand Avenue in Downtown. There are special exhibitions at galleries in Little Tokyo and West Hollywood. As the name says, these museums are for contemporary art only. Student admission is $8, but the museum has free admission on Thursdays from 5-8 pm.



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Students with Disabilities:

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Management of Stress and Mental Health:

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