These Definitions Apply to Divisions 001-100 Unless Otherwise Indicated by the Context

These Definitions Apply to Divisions 001-100 Unless Otherwise Indicated by the Context



These definitions apply to divisions 001-100 unless otherwise indicated by the context:

(1) "Administrators:" Superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, vice principals, associate principals, and such other personnel, regardless of title, whose positions require them to:(a)evaluate other licensed personnel; (b) supervise other licensed personnel; (c) discipline other licensed personnel; and (d) authorize out-of-school suspension or expulsion of students.

(2) “All Grade Levels:” Grades prekindergarten through 12 (prek-12).

(3) "Alternative Assessment:" Procedures established by the Commission for candidates seeking licensure who fail to achieve a passing score on required matter or specialty area licensure tests for endorsement or authorization.

(4) "Alternative Education Program or School:" A private alternative education program or school registered with the Oregon Department of Education or a public alternative education program or school operated by a school district, education service district, or community college, which is established to serve students identified under ORS 339.250(6) and other students whose academic or professional technical interests and needs are best served through participation in such programs. (See OAR 584-036-0015.)

(5) "Application:" A request for an Oregon license authorizing service in public schools or a request for reinstatement or renewal of such license. As used in these rules, "application" includes the Application Form, C-1, the fee, and all supporting documents necessary for the evaluation for the license.

(6) "Appropriately Assigned:" Assignments for administrator, teacher, supervisor, school counselor, school psychologist, or school nurse duties for which the person involved holds the proper license, endorsements and authorizations. (See OAR 584-036-0081.)

(7) "Approved Institution:" A U.S. regionally accredited institution of higher education approved to prepare licensed personnel by a U.S. governmental jurisdiction in which the institution is located. See definition of "Regional Accrediting Associations" below.

(8) "Approved Program:" An Oregon program of educator preparation approved by TSPC and offered by a regionally accredited Oregon institution. As it applies to out-of-state programs, a program approved by the licensure body of any U.S. governmental jurisdiction authorized to approve educator preparation programs.

(9) "Assistant Superintendent:" A superintendent's immediate subordinate who evaluates licensed personnel. May also be designated Deputy or Associate Superintendent.


(10) "Athletic Coaches:" Licensed personnel employed full time or part time for purposes of participation in interscholastic athletics and whose duties include instruction of students, preprimary through grade twelve.

(11) "Authorization Level:" The grade levels in which a person may teach, i.e., early childhood, elementary, middle level and high school as defined in OAR 584-060-0051.

(12) “Charter School Registration:” The indicator that an unlicensed teacher or administrator has cleared the fingerprints and criminal background check by TSPC. The Charter School Registration is not an indicator of competency or preparation as an educator.

(13) "Commission:" Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC).

(14) "Competencies:" Ability to apply knowledge and skills appropriately and effectively in achieving the expected outcomes.

(15) "Completion of Approved Program:" The applicant has met the institution's academic requirements and any additional state or federal requirements and has obtained the institution's recommendation for licensure.

(16) "Conditional Assignment:" (Formerly "Missassignment") Assignment of a licensed educator to a position for which he or she does not hold the subject or specialty area endorsement or authorization level required by the rules for licensure. (See OAR 584-036-0081).

(17) "Consortium:" An advisory body to the institution in reviewing, evaluating, and making recommendations on the design, implementation, evaluation, and modification of the program.

(18) "Continuing Professional Development:” Professional development that meets the requirements of OAR 584, Division 90 and enables an educator to be eligible for renewal of a Basic; Standard; Initial or Continuing License.

(19) "Continuing Professional Development Advisor:" A person selected by an educator and approved by the educator's supervisor, such as a college or university advisor, a peer coach, or a qualified member of an agency or professional organization.

(20) "Distance Learning Teacher:" A teacher who meets the criteria in OAR 584-036-0017 and provides live interactive instruction transmitted from a remote location or who delivers online education either from within Oregon or from another state and who is employed by one or more Oregon public school districts to teach public school students.

(21) "Domain:" An area of professional competency under which a teacher may select coursework or other approved activities for continuing professional development. (See OAR 584-090-0010.)

(22) "Education Service District (ESD):" A district created under ORS 334.010 that provides regional educational services to component school districts.

(23) "Educator:" Any person who is authorized to be employed in the instructional program of the public schools, public charter schools and ESDs, and holds a license to teach, administer, supervise, counsel or provide school psychology services.

(24) "Endorsement:" The subject matter or specialty education field or grade authorization in which the individual is licensed to teach.

(25) "Executive Director:" The Executive Director of the Commission. (See ORS 342.410.)

(26) "Expired License:" A license for which an application for renewal was not received by TSPC prior to the date of expiration stated on the license.

(27) "Field Experience:" Learning activities designed to develop professional competence through observing, assisting, or teaching in a public or approved non-public school.

(28) "Instructional Assistant:" A non-licensed position of employment in a school district assigned to assist a licensed teacher in a supportive role in the classroom working directly with students.

(29) "Instructional Faculty:" Full-time and part-time faculty in an Oregon-approved educator preparation program who teach professional courses or supervise field-centered activities and student teachers.

(30) "Intern:" A student of an approved institution who serves as a teacher, personnel specialist, or administrator under the supervision of the institution and of the school district in order to acquire practical experience in lieu of student teaching or supervised practica. Interns may receive both academic credit from the institution and financial compensation from the school district. Interns may serve as assistant coaches.

(31) "Joint Application:" Submitted by the school district in cooperation with the applicant.

(32) "Liaison Officer:" The person designated by the unit to submit all program modifications for TSPC approval, issue all recommendations for licensure under the approved program, authorize all waivers of professional courses for students enrolled in the program, and handle all correspondence between TSPC and the unit.

(33) "Major Modifications:" Changes of program philosophy, curricula, practica, resources, personnel, or performance standards.

(34) "Major Traffic Violation:" Includes driving while under the influence of intoxicants (ORS 487.540); reckless driving (ORS 487.550); fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer (ORS 487.555); driving while license is suspended or revoked or beyond license restrictions (ORS 487.560); or failure to perform the duties of a driver or witness at an accident (ORS 483.602).

(35) "Mentor:" Educators who have demonstrated the appropriate subject matter knowledge and teaching and/or administrative skills, which when assisting beginning educators, should substantially improve the induction and professional growth of beginning educators in this state.

(36) "Misassignment:" See definition of "Conditional Assignment" above.

(37) "National Board For Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS):" A professional board established to award a National Teaching Certificate to qualified educators.

(38) "Oregon Schools:" Includes public school districts, education service districts, registered private schools preprimary through grade twelve, state and federal schools, special state-supported schools, and public charter schools in Oregon serving students ages three through twenty-one, private schools accredited by the Northwest Commission on College and Universities, and private proprietary career schools registered by the Oregon Department of Education.

(39) “Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments (ORELA):” Licensure tests adopted by the Commission in specified endorsement or licensure areas.

(40) "Out of State Licenses or Certificates:" A certificate or license valid for full-time employment, at least equivalent to the Oregon license being requested, issued by one of the United States, a U.S. jurisdiction (American Samoa, Commonwealth of Northern Marianas, District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands), or the U.S. Department of Defense.

(41) "Personal Qualifications:" Personal qualifications for licensure including attainment of at least eighteen years of age and possessing good moral character and mental and physical health necessary for employment as an educator.

(41) "Personnel Service:" A type of license issued to counselors, supervisors, and school psychologists.

(42) "Practicum or Practica:" All supervised field experiences other than student teaching or internships. A practicum may be part of the field experience necessary to add an endorsement.

(43) "PRAXIS:" A series of professional assessments for beginning educators produced and administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and adopted by TSPC as licensure examinations.

(44) "Principal:" The administrator of each school building or buildings as designated by the school district board.

(45) "Private Schools:" A private school, preprimary through grade twelve, registered with the Oregon Department of Education in compliance with provisions of ORS 345.525 and 345.535 or approved or registered by another U.S. jurisdiction or government.

(46) "Professional Development Plan:" A plan for personal professional growth during the next licensure renewal cycle.

(47) "Professional Development Units (PDU):" A unit of domain-related activity that equals one clock hour of professional development and contributes to completion of an educator's professional development plan. (See OAR 584-090-001 et seq.)

(48) "Program Administrator:" Managers of school programs and coordinators of district-wide programs that are accountable at the building level.

(49) "Program Review Committee:" Committee appointed by the Commission to conduct an on-site review for purposes of approval of an educator preparation program.

(50) "Public Funds:" All monies expended by public school districts and for which the school board has responsibility, including funds from local, state, federal, and private sources. (See ORS 342.120(9).)

(51) "Public Schools:" Public school districts, education service districts and public charter school created under ORS Ch. 338, which are supported by local and state public funds and for which the school board has responsibility, for the program of instruction carried out in that school.

(52) "Regional Accrediting Associations:" Colleges and universities approved for teacher education must be accredited by the appropriate regional association at the time the degree or program is completed. The regional associations are: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education; North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission;, Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Higher Education; Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges; or Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities.

(53) "Reinstatement:" Restoration of the validity of a license which has expired, been suspended, or been revoked. (See OAR 584-050-0015.)

(54) "Renewal:" Extension of validity of a current license. An application for renewal must be submitted prior to the expiration date stated on the license.

(55) "School:" A single school building or combination of buildings which the school board designates as a school.

(56) "School Administrator:" The principal, vice principals and assistant principals at each school.

(57) "School Board:" The board of directors of a local school district or an education service district, the governing board of a public charter school, a registered private school, or the directors of a state, federal, or special state-supported school.

(58) "School Counselor:" A licensed employee of the district assigned to assist students to: develop decision-making skills, obtain information about themselves, understand opportunities and alternatives available in educational programs, set tentative career and educational goals, accept increasing responsibilities for their own actions, develop skills in interpersonal relations, and utilize school and community resources.

(59) "School District:" Includes administrative school districts; common school districts; joint school districts; union high school districts; county units; education service districts; registered private schools; and state, federal, and special state-supported schools. May also include school districts from other states.

(60) "School Nurse:" A registered nurse who is licensed by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission as qualified to conduct and coordinate the health service programs of a school. (See OAR 584 div. 21.)

(61) "School Psychologist:" A licensed employee of the district assigned to: assessment of students' mental aptitude, emotional development, motor skills, or educational progress; designing educational programs for students and conferring with licensed personnel regarding such programs; and consulting with parents and students regarding interpretation of assessments and the design of educational programs. (See OAR 584 div. 44 and 70.)

(62) "School Supervisor:" Educators who assist, supervise, and evaluate students enrolled in the field-centered activities, including but not limited to, practica, internships and student teaching. (See OAR 584 div. 17.)

(63) "Self-Contained Classroom:" An assignment for teaching in grades preprimary through nine in which the teacher has primary responsibility for the curriculum.

(64) "Skills:" Ability to use knowledge effectively in the performance of specific tasks typical of those required in an educational position.

(65) "State Board:" The Oregon State Board of Education.

(66) "Student Teacher:" A student of an approved teacher education institution who is assigned to a public or approved private school for professional practica under the supervision of qualified personnel. Student teachers may provide instruction or may serve as assistant coaches.

(67) "Superintendent:" The district's chief administrator who reports directly to the school board.

(68) "Supervisor of Licensed Personnel:" A person assigned to a position which includes the on-the-job supervision or evaluation of licensed personnel. Should not be confused with "School Supervisor" above.

(69) "Teacher:" Includes all licensed employees in the public schools or employed by an education service district who have direct responsibility for instruction, coordination of educational programs or supervision or evaluation of teachers and who are compensated for their services from public funds. "Teacher" does not include a school nurse as defined in ORS 342.455.

(70) "Teacher Education Programs:" Programs preparing teachers, personnel service specialists, or administrators. Oregon Revised Statutes use the term "teacher education" to refer to all programs preparing educational personnel for public elementary and secondary schools, not exclusive to those for classroom teachers.

(71) "Transcripts:" An institution-sealed official record of academic preparation which bears the signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution. Photocopies are not acceptable.

(72) "TSPC:" Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

(73) "Unit:" The institution, college, school, department, or other administrative body with the responsibility for managing or coordinating all programs offered for the initial and continuing preparation of teachers and other school personnel, regardless of where these programs are administratively housed.

(74) "Vice Principal:" A principal's immediate subordinate assigned to coordination of instruction, discipline, student activities, or supervision or evaluation of staff.

(75) "Violation of Licensure:" Employment by a public school of a teacher or school nurse without a valid license or Conditional Assignment Permit above.

(76) "Work Samples:" A designed and implemented unit of study that demonstrates capacity to foster student learning.

(77) "Year of Experience:" A period of at least eight consecutive months of full-time work or two consecutive years of one-half time or more while holding a license valid for the assignment.

[ED. NOTE: Forms referenced are available from the agency.]

Stat. Auth.: ORS 342
Stats. Implemented: ORS 342.120 - 342.430 & 342.455 - 342.495