Thermal Insulating Systems

Thermal Insulating Systems


A proposal for anew standard for Canada shall be submitted to UL/ULC Standards. The proposal will be circulated to UL/ULCStandards and to the members of the STP/TC (if applicable) for consideration.

Date of Proposal
Name of Proposer
Affiliation of Proposer


(to be completed by the proposer)

1. Title of Proposed Standard(Indicate subject matter of proposed new standard):
2. Scope (Give clear indication of coverage of proposed new standard):
3. Purpose and Justification (complete items ‘a’ to ‘i’ below)
a)Specific aims and reason for the standardization activity, with emphasis on the aspects of standardization to be covered, problems it is expected to solve or difficulties it is intended to overcome.
b)Does this standard address an existing gap in the Canadian Standards system?
c)Stakeholders - identify supporting stakeholders and provide evidence of key stakeholder support. Evidence of stakeholder support may include letters of support.
d)Certification Program - what certification program will this standard support (national, regional, international, etc.)?
e)Type of Standard (Domestic, Adoption, Joint National Standard, etc.)
f)Does the standard need to be published in both of Canada’s official languages based on the needs of the stakeholders and user base?
g)Provide suggested technical committee membership based on Canadian geographical representation appropriate to the subject area covered by the standard.
h)If the standardization activity is, or is likely to be, the subject of regulations or to require the harmonization of existing regulations, this should be indicated.
i)Publication Date - target publication date(indicate the date by which the availability of the National Standard is considered to be necessary)
4. Relevant documents to be considered List any known relevant documents (such as standards and regulations), regardless of their source. When the proposer considers that an existing wellestablished document may be acceptable as a standard (with or without amendments) indicate this with appropriate justification and attach a copy to the proposal, if available)
5. Liaison organizations (List relevant organizations or bodies with which cooperation and liaison should exist):
6. Name of industry body(s) and/or industry association(s) providing financial support for this standards project:
7. Preparatory work.Indicate whether the proposer or the proposer's organization is prepared to undertake the preparatory work required for the new standards project.
A draft is attached (title and number):
An outline/ORD is attached and it is possible to supply a draft by (date):
Proposed project leader (name, address, telephone and fax. nos., e-mail address):
8. Concerns patented items: Yes No If YES, explain:


Decision by UL/ULC Standards:
Approved for Standard development / Not approved for Standard development
If not approved, state reason:
If approved, does this proposal require formation of a new STP/TC?
Yes - Provide details:
No - Identify existing STP/TC:
Name: / Signature: / Date: