Texas Public Health Association

Texas Public Health Association

Texas Public Health Association

Leading the Way to a Healthy Texas

March 5-7, 2018

Waco Convention Center and Hilton Hotel


Monday, March 5, 2018

7:00 am-5:00 pmRegistration

8:00 am-12:00 noonHealth Authority Workshop 2018

8:00 am-11:15 amStudent Session Community Coalition Hackathon
9:00 am-11:00 amPre-Conference 1 Chiseling a Leader

9:00 am-11:00 amPre-Conference 2 Workshop on Community Engagement

11:30 am-12:30 pm Governing Council Members’ Meeting

1:00 pm-3:45 pm Opening Plenary Session 1

Opening Remarks and Welcome

TPHA President

City of Waco Mayor

Health Board Member

Waco City Manager

Director, Waco-McLennan County Health District

Building Healthy Communities: Becoming the Chief Health Strategist

State of the State Address

3:45 pm-3:50 pm Stretch break

4:00 pm-5:00 pmPlenary Session 2-HOT TOPIC

Public Health Decision Making in Hurricane Harvey (Panel)

3:45 pm-5:00 pmLocal Health Official Meeting

5:15 pm-6:30 pm Grand Opening of Exhibits and Posters and Silent Auction

Free eveningVisit Waco on your own

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

6:30 am-7:00 amHealth Walk

7:00 am-5:00 pm Registration

7:45 am-8:15 am Light Breakfast — Exhibit Area & Silent Auction

8:15 am-9:30 am Plenary Session 3

Cultivating the Next Generation of Public Health Leaders (PANEL DISCUSSION)

9:30 am-9:45 am Break and Exhibits and Posters

9:45 am-10:45 am(3) Breakout Sessions(1HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 1EPIDEMIOLOGY
Getting to Know Your New Best Friend: Making the Most of Your Data Using the Tools You Have Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Public Health Region 7 Pilot Project for the 2016-2017 Summer Influenza Surveillance Season
Examining health-related behaviors among school-aged students in Texas: Results from the 2015-2016 SPAN Survey / Breakout Session 2HEALTH EDUCATION
Building a Youth E-cigarette Prevention Community of Excellence in Central Texas
Tips for Increasing Teen Social Media Engagement: A Case Study of Teens in the Driver Seat Program / Breakout Session 3AGING
Health Literacy for an Aging Population
Bridging the Healthcare Gap for LGBT Older Adults: a qualitative study with older LGB cisgender women

9:45 am-12:00 noonBreakout Session-Mobile OFFSITE Workshop #1

Healthy Living Workshop

10:45 am-11:00 amSession change

11:00 am-12:00 pm(3) Breakout Sessions (1 HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 4MCLENNAN 207
Using CASPER to Enhance Community Health Assessment, Travis County 2017
Evaluation of Community-level Factors Associated with Prenatal Drug Exposure / Breakout Session 5MCLENNAN 208
Impact of Community Health Workers on Triple Aim
Community Health Worker and Stakeholder Training and Affiliations to Disseminate Cancer Education and Navigation Information in Texas / Breakout Session 6MCLENNAN 209
Functional Limitations Linked to Cancer among American Adults
Community determinants affecting regional variations in diabetes prevalence across 254 Texas Counties

12:00 pm-1:15 pmLUNCH with Exhibitors

1:15 pm-2:15 pmBreakout Session-Mobile OFFSITE Workshop #2

Walk Downtown Workshop: Leveraging Federal Funding to Promote Active Transportation andRecreation in Downtown Waco

1:15 pm-2:15 pm(3) Breakout Sessions(1HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 7MCLENNAN 207
Assessment of Infection Prevention and Control Programs in Texas Healthcare Facilities
Public Health Response to Rifampin-Resistant Human Brucellosis After Consumption of Unpasteurized Dairy Products, Texas, 2017 / Breakout Session 8MCLENNAN 208
Are Public Health Practitioners and Educators Ready to Address the Implications of Limited Food Preparation Literacy Among Rural Families?
Increasing Graduate Nursing Political Astuteness: An evaluation of student learning outcomes within a historically black college or university (HBCU) / Breakout Session 9MCLENNAN 210
Effective Implementation of AFIX Model to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates
Quality Latent Tuberculosis Infection Care: Improved Treatment Completion Rate in Fewer Clinic Visits

2:15 pm-2:45 pmBreak and visit Exhibits and Posters

2:45 pm-3:45 pm (4) Breakout Sessions (1 HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 10 MCLENNAN 207
Depressive symptoms, Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence, and HIV Clinical Outcomes: An Associational Study of a Cohort of Outpatient HIV-Infected Persons
Total and Cardiovascular Mortality Risk Associated with Allergic Rhinitis and Allergic Asthma: A Retrospective Cohort Study / Breakout Session 11 MCLENNAN 208
Save a Life Day: Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-focused CPR Education Program in Houston, Texas
Parental perspectives on recruitment and engagement for school-based research: a qualitative study / Breakout Session 12MCLENNAN 209
Potential Exposures to Pathogens Causing Diarrheal Disease in Children in Quito, Ecuador
The Incessant Investigation of Legionnaire’s Disease - Findings and Lessons Learned / Breakout Session 13BRAZOS SOUTH
Determine immunization priorities and legislative action in the state of Texas.
Teaching Physicians and Clinics to Identify and Treat TB Infection

3:45 pm-4:00 pmSession change

4:00 pm-5:00 pm(4) Breakout Sessions (1 HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 14MCLENNAN 207
Advancing the Oral Health Movement in Texas
Early Signs of Oral Manifestations Combined with Early Childhood Caries (ECC) or Severe Early Childhood Caries (SECC) as a Predictor For Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Children. / Breakout Session 15MCLENNAN 208
Just Ask! A community-first approach to improving women's and maternal & child health in a community
The Leveraging Project / Breakout Session 16MCLENNAN 209
Community engagement in population health: cultivating ideas from your own backyard
Characterization of Low Cost Sensors for Air Quality Monitoring / Breakout Session 17 BRAZOS SOUTH
Mobilizing the Majority: Engaging Vaccine Supporters in Texas
The role of transportation costs in WIC participation

5:30 pm-6:00 pmExecutive Board Meeting (incoming)

Free EveningVisit Waco on your own

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

6:30 am-7:00 amHealth Walk

7:00 am-2:00 pmContinuing Education Paperwork turn-in, Pick up Silent Auction Items

7:00 am -8:00 amBreakfast — Exhibit Area

8:00 am – 8:45 amSection Business Meetings (learn more about TPHA and meet others interested in Administration & Management, Aging, Environmental & Consumer Health, Epidemiology, Health Education, Oral Health, Public Health Nursing and Students)

9:00 am-10:30 amFUTURE LEADERS - Student Presentations Competition (Seating is limited)

Bullying in Relation to Current Substance Use among High School Students, Florida Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2011-2015

Exploring Trends and Risk Factors of Liver Cancer Mortality in Texas Counties, 1980-2009,

Longitudinal effects of depression and vascular risk factors on cognitive function in older US adults: results from the Health & Retirement Study

Association of Parent/Peer Support and Parental Rules with Dietary Intake of Adolescents in Texas

The Effects of Gratitude Intervention on Suicide Ideation in Maua, Kenya

10:30 am-10:45 amSession change

10:45 am-11:45 am(3) Breakout Sessions(1 HOUR EACH)

Breakout Session 18MCLENNAN 207
Prevalence of Pathogens in Companion Animals in a University Animal Hospital in Quito, Ecuador
Murine Typhus Increase in Bexar County, 2014-2016 / Breakout Session 19MCLENNAN 208
Implementing Health Goals Through Planning / Breakout Session 20MCLENNAN 209
Healthy Beats: A Local Effort to Prevent Congenital Syphillis in Bexar County
Improving Understanding of Public Health Nursing (PHN) Roles - 10 Ways PHNs Improve Health / Breakout Session 21 BOSQUE
Public Health Accreditation: Preparing Your Documentation and Pre-requisites

12:00 noon-2:00 pmClosing Session Plenary 5 and Awards Luncheon

Leading the Way to a Healthy Texas

2:15 pm-4:00 pm2019 Program Planning Committee meeting