Team Academic All-State Awards

Team Academic All-State Awards

Team Academic All-State Awards

Fall, 2016Girls’ Season


1.The team GPA will be determined by the cumulative GPA of the five players submitted as your roster for the WIAA regional tournamentduring the fall of 2016.

2.The team GPA will be based on a 4.0 scale. For schools who assign grade points higher than 4.0 for a grade of ‘A’, an official school representative must convert those GPA’s to a 4.0 scale.The second page of this formcan be used as worksheet prior to your entering the data via an online form. All GPA’s must be on a 4.0, unweighted scale.

3.‘Team’ will be defined as the roster submitted for the WIAA regional tournamentheld Sept 28-29, 2016.

4.The coach must be a paid member of the Golf Coaches Association of WI. Check your membership status at . Check with Jeff Schmidt if you have questions about your membership.

5Three teams will be honored for the team academic award in each division. The team with the highest cumulative GPA in each division will be recognized and will receive a certificate for their school, and each team member will receive a gold medal. Second and third place teams will receive a certificate for their school, and the team members will receive silver and bronze medals respectively. Teams with at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA will receive a certificate for their school.

6.Use this worksheet to start the process. The submission of the data on the online form must represent a complete and accurate representation for your team.

7. An email was sent out on Sunday Feb 19, 2017to all coaches on the current membership list, with links to the worksheet and online form included. If you did not receive an email, you need to cut and paste the following address to access the online form:

Worksheet form to prepare your data is at:

Link to Google document to submit your team is at:

GirlsTeam Academic All-State Submission Form

(All final information & data will be entered online.

Note: You do not mail this worksheet. This is to aid you in entering the data online.


(Official WIAA regional tournament roster from Sept, 2016

9-12 / Player Name / Total Credits
(Cumulative at end of 1st semester, Jan/2017) / GPA
(Cumulative at end of 1st sem, Jan/2017

Note: Credit and grade point data is from entire high school career, through the end of Semester 1, Jan/2017.

This data will be entered into an online form (see page 1 of this form).

Verified by: ______

Principal or designee namePrincipal or designee signature

Date: ______

Contact Bob Sullivan with any questions:

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