Ste. Genevieve Middle School

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

Ste. Genevieve Middle School

6th Grade Choir/Advanced Choir


Instructor: Michelle Jokerst

Phone: 883-4500 ext. 2141



Course Description:

6h grade choir is a semester choir for 6th grade students. Advanced Choir is an auditioned choir for 7-8 grade students. As a member of these choir you will be expected to perform in a variety of required concerts. This is a performance-based class and the majority of the grade will be based on the final performance. Failure to participate in performances will result in the students’ grade being lowered by one letter grade.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Be in your assigned spot with your music and pencil, ready to sing WHEN the bell rings.
  2. Leave all food, gum and drink outside the rehearsal room.
  3. Show respect for others and their property.
  4. Demonstrate a positive attitude and keep criticisms to yourself.
  5. Demonstrate a desire to learn and a willingness to succeed.
  6. Permit the director to direct:

-Respect the opinion and discretion of the director

-No disruptive talking

Discipline Procedures:

1st incident: Verbal warning in class, after class conference with student to clearly state the problem and discuss solutions. A discipline referral will be prepared to record the incident and discussion.

2nd incident: A student/teacher conference with appropriate consequences and contact with parent/guardian. The conference and consequences will be added to previous document.

3rd incident: Immediate referral to the Assistant Principal’s Office with previous documentation sent with the student.

Supplies and Concert Attire:

1You must have a pencil in class everyday,

26th grade students will need to bring a single folder for music to be left in class.

3A folder with music will be provided for Advanced Choir students.

Women Concert Attire:

Women will wear a white shirt, black skirt or pants, and black shoes-NO FLIP-FLOPS!!! School dress code applies to concert attire.

Men Concert Attire:

Men will wear white button down shirt with tie, black pants, and black shoes with black socks.

***If the clothing worn the night of the concert is not school appropriate or,if the dress requirements given above are not met, the student will not be allowed to perform in the concert and will receive a zero for the concert. ***

Choir Grading Policy

Choir grades are based on objective assessment in three areas: knowledge, skills, and attitudes (including attendance). Each of these areas will be assessed during the grading period and averaged as shown below for the student’s grade. Music is an academic subject and carries academic credit. All students are expected to study their music, practice, contribute positively to the whole group, and attend rehearsals and concerts. Missing a concert is the same as not showing for an athletic event-it is not excused. Choir is a team effort!!!

A 96-100C 77-79

A- 92-95C- 74-76

B+ 89-91D+ 71-73

B 86-88D 68-70

B- 83-85D- 65-67

C+ 80-82

  1. Knowledge (15%)
  2. Quizzes and Tests
  1. Skills (35%)
  2. Singing Evaluation
  3. Sight Singing Assessment
  1. Attitudes (50%)
  2. Cooperation and Interest (as reflected in daily participation)
  3. Attendance (Attendance at all extra rehearsals and concerts is expected. Failure to attend extra rehearsals and/or the concert will result in a deduction of points from the students’ grade).