Sponsorship & Funding Guidelines

Sponsorship & Funding Guidelines


MELLOHAWK has been very pleased to play a part in many cultural and community events across Canada, through sponsorship, donations, or services. Due to the sheer number of requests we have had to institute guidelines and an application process.Unfortunately, MELLOHAWK cannot participate inevery event, but we are willing to consider events that share MELLOHAWK’s values, business philosophy, target audience and goals.

Please note that funding is NOT generally provided forart shows,birthday parties, CD production, medical treatment, trips to Brazil, engagement parties, wedding showers, grandparents’ anniversaries, or funerals.

Sponsorship requests must be received before the annual deadline of April 15and 3 months prior to the event.

All submissions must consist of a completed Sponsorship Request Form in addition to any reports, pictures, videos, and sponsor or audiencetestimonials from previous events.

ATTENTION: Your project MUST have a link to our message or business.

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Tel: 416-465-3459 / Fax: 416-465-6206

Event General Information
(Attach any relevant additional information about the organization and event)
Project or Eventname: /
Produced by (legal entity): /
Country: / / City: / / Prov.: /
Date from: / / Date to: /
Sector: / Artistic event
Children’s event
Community event / Music event
Trade show / Other:

Funding type: / Charity/donation / Sponsorship / Advertising
Investment requested: /
Expected Attendance[1]: / / Reached Audience[2] /

2740 Matheson Blvd East Unit 5, Mississauga ON Canada L4W 4X3

Tel: 416-465-3459 / Fax: 416-465-6206


General description
i.e. funding type (event, media, internet, association, humanitarian cause, etc.), planning-lead time, business model (for-profit, not-for-profit), and etc.( Please be as specific as possible)
Scope of Project
International National Provincial Regional Local

Audience Profile
Target group (families, disabled, community, ethnic group, etc.), type of audience (consumers, corporate, or both), gender, age, socio-economic, and education ( Please be as specific as possible)
In case of business to business audience, the corporate attendees are mainly:
CEOs Senior Executives Shipping Managers Employees Other:

Marketing Opportunities( Please be as specific as possible)
MELLOHAWK logo and or name will be incorporated in
TV ads Print ads Radio ads Outdoor ads Internet On-site visibility Public appearances

Specify the link between the event and MELLOHAWK business interests( Please be as specific as possible)

Additional information
The more information you can provide, the better chances your event has to be considered
Name: /
Phone/Cell: / / e-mail: /

Please note that while we understand that your event is very important, MELLOHAWK is unable to participate in every event. We do have to refuse some submissions.

[1] It is the estimated number of people who are going to attend the event or project.

[2] It is the estimated number of people, including through media, who are going to see MELLOHAWK as a sponsor.