Social Studies Project

Social Studies Project

Social Studies Project
Distributed to students: Friday, April 17, 2015
Due Date: Friday, May 15, 2015

Ancient Times Newspaper Project

YOUR TASK is to produce a special 100 year anniversary Ancient Greek or Ancient Roman Newspaper. It must contain, at the least, all of the following elements.

1.Choose a name for your newspaper; make the Banner at the top of your paper. Place your name, date and section under the Newspaper Banner title.

2. The newspaper will have 2 lead articles, with the appropriate Headlines. You will choose the 2 in depth lead stories from the list below. Each story will be 4 to 6 paragraphs in length. Lead articles will introduce a subject and provide some background with specific examples. They will show some analysis of the subject, by pointing out the importance and/or consequences of what your topic discusses. Remember to include who, what, when, where and why in your treatment of the news story.

3. The newspaper will consist of two pages and may be either typed (8 ½ x 11; 12 or 14 point font) or handwritten (11 x 18).Be sure that you do not mix Roman and Greek events select only one of the two cultures and keep to a time frame that does not exceed 100 years. All the news stories would have to have occurred within the selected 100 year time span.

SPORTS: / This could be about the ancient Olympics, chariot racing or the events in the Colosseum, or other sporting event.
CURRENT EVENT: / This must focus on a specific newsworthy event: i.e.: battles, leadership change, natural disaster, etc.
GENERAL INFORMATION: / This might discuss articles of general interest, a biography, business/economic trend, etc.
TRAVEL: / This might include a highlight about a city, region or feature of the respective Greek or Roman empires.
CULTURE: / Greek or Roman painting, sculpture and/or architecture.
RELIGION: / Focus on one of the Greek or Roman gods, their importance to one of their cities, their contribution to the culture.
SCIENCE: / Focus on one of the advances in math, science, medicine, physics, engineering or astronomy
PHILOSOPHY: / This might focus on Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Marcus Aurelius or on ETHICS or rhetoric or the role of the citizen, etc.
GOVERNMENT: / Focus on the Greek democracy; some of the democratic reforms or some of the leading reformers. Roman republic or empire developments.

4. You will ALSO write 2 short articles that provide more background and understanding of these times. You may choose an item from the list above that was not yet used, or come up with your own idea. The short article will be from 1 to 3 paragraphs, with a very direct focus on a single theme.

5. The newspaper will have at least 2 pictures, with captions. They may be hand drawn, photocopied or from the Internet. If they are not your own, they must be included in the bibliography.

6.Provide a bibliography for the articles and pictures. It must follow the MLA format. There must be at least 3 different sources used throughout the newspaper [from print and/or Internet]. Attach the bibliography to the back of your newspaper.
7. Plagiarism will not be accepted. If there is any plagiarism in your newspaper, the project may receive a zero for a grade and place you in danger of failing the marking period. Nothing in your newspaper should be copied from any source without proper citation.

This assignment is due: Friday, May 15, 2015. This will require work on your own, outside of the classroom.

Remember the policy: ONE SCHOOL DAY LATE WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF TEN POINTS, AFTER THAT THE GRADE WILL BE ZERO. If you are absent on the due date the project must come in on the day you return to school.


  • This work is to be based on factual data. Avoid making up 'FLUFF' that is about the topic, but that does not contain real information about the topic.
    * Use words/vocabulary that you could explain to your teacher.
    * Be sure that the closing of each lead article contains an analysis that explains the topics importance, OR consequences.

Grading Rubric:

Lead Stories: (20 pts.ea.)40 pts.

Short Stories: (10 pts.ea.) 20 pts.

Pictures: (5pts.ea.)10 pts.

Bibliography10 pts.

Layout 5 pts.

100 Year time frame 5 pts.

Following directions 5 pts.

Creativity 5 pts.

Total:100 pts.

This will count as one test grade and one quiz grade for the 4th marking period.