Save This to Your Flash Drive First!

Save This to Your Flash Drive First!

03a MS Word primerName:

Save this to your flash drive first!

As you go through this ‘primer’ exercise. You can click and try a few different things.

If you make a mistake … hold ‘ctrl’key and click ‘z’ to UNDO it.

If you change your mind and want it back click ‘ctrl’ ‘y’.

Save often with ‘ctrl’ ‘s’ ---- but only after you’ve FIRST saved with F12 or “Save-as”.

What to do / How to do it
1)Make this instruction page take up the top ½ of you computer screen by dragging this window down 1-2 mm from top of screen.
2)Adjust what you see so you can see the whole page but still read it. / 1)Click and hold on very top of window, where there is space and nothing else. Then drag down 1-2 mm.
2)Make sure cursor is ‘in’ the window, hold down <ctrl> key and roll mouse wheel.
3)On Weebly webpage, find and open the <HORSES> sample document from weebly webpage and make it take up the bottom 1/2 of the screen. / 3)Do same as above.
4)Save the HORSES document on your flashdrive with a newname: 03a-MS Word primer-horses-name [where ‘name’ is your name] / 4)Click ‘FILE’ then ‘Save as’. Click ‘Browse’ and find your flashdrive by scrolling the ‘bar’ at left up and down. Type the new name in and click ‘OK’
5)First, fix the misspelled words  without typing them. / 5)Click on each word with WRONG mouse button [e.g. right-click] and select the correction from the drop-down box.
6)Now find the word “pastime” [without reading document] and select a synonym to replace it with. / 6)Hold ‘ctrl’ key and tap ‘f’ key. Type ‘pastime’ and hit ‘enter’.
Right-click on the word “pastime” once, then again, and hover over “synonyms” from the drop-down box. Pick one.
7)Save often!! Save now. / 7)Hold ‘ctrl’ key and tap ‘s’ key … or click the blue square save disc at top left of page. whichever you are faster at. DO NOT CLICK ‘file’ THEN ‘save’. It’s slower.
8)Make the title larger, give it a new font, centre it, and highlight it. / 8)a] double click the title, so it’s highlighted, then a drop-down will show up.

Click a larger size here or here.
This makes it smaller.

b] Now click the tiny down triangle beside “Calibri (Body)” and select a new font.

9)c] Next look at top of window and click here to centre it.

d] Finally, click here and pick a colour … to highlight it. If you click the ‘yellow’ you’ll get yellow. If you click the tiny triangle you can pick a color.

9)Now, make a copy of the title and put it BELOW the original title. Then put a LONGbox around the 1st title. Next put a SHORT box around the 2nd title.
This will look silly, but I’m just showing you something that will make your documents look professional. / 10)Double click the title: Horses and click ‘ctrl’ + ‘c’ to copy it.
Hit enter once or twice to make space and hit ‘ctrl’ + ‘v’ to paste the 2nd title in place.
Select the first title, by double-clicking it, and go up to top of screen and find this box. Click the tiny triangle … then click “outside border”.

To make the SHORT box on 2nd title, select the word and EXCLUDE the space after it. This is nearly impossible. You might have to select only the word “HORSE” then do the box by clicking again on tiny triangle to make a box. THEN you just erase the ‘s’ not in the box and add another ‘s’.
10)Italicize and underline paragraph 1 / 11)Select paragraph 1. Click the italics button and the underline button

11)Strike-out paragraph two. / 12)Select paragraph 2. Click the strikeout button.

12)Indent each paragraph of the ‘body’. But not the titles. / 13)Select the body of the document.
You might have to click “View” and “ruler”
Then you need to move ONLY the top tiny arrow slider to the 1.5 cm [or 1inch] mark.

13)Number each paragraph / 14)Keep the body selected.
Click here to put in numbers
If you click the triangle, you can
pick a style you like.

15)Changed my mind, put a bullet by each paragraph. / 15)Keep the body selected.
Click here to put in ‘bullets’.
If you click the triangle, you can
pick a style you like.

16)Now find a nice picture to put in the document / 17)Go to Google and type in “horse images” and click on one.
Wait a second or 2 for it to come in to focus, then right-click on it. Select “copy image” … after you read all the things you can do with the image.
Go to top of page on Horses document and click below the titles.
Right-click the space and “paste” the picture in.
Centre it.

That was just a quickie primer to give you some ideas for what we’ll learn in the MS Word section. Save again. You can submit it to now … then do the next thing, below. Do not submit this instruction document, just the 03-ms-word-primer-name document.

Hold [ctrl] key and click to go to:

Learn the flashcards by scrolling down and reading.

Click MEMORIZE the flashcards and learn them.

Click GAMES and play a game or two – if you like.

Click TEST. Pick ‘Written” or “Multiple Choice”. Take the quiz a few times. Aim for 100%.

Show teacher your quiz score for recording. 

Don’t forget to:

Save the document you worked on to your thumb drive[CTRL-S]. And to your Dropbox.

Then upload it to teacher via: