Proposal Modifications That Need to Be Addressed

Proposal Modifications That Need to Be Addressed


> Scott Throop 11/10/200911:25 AM


I attached the maps I put together for you for Plains Creek, Whiskey Creek, I-75 Harvest, and Highlands Oak proposals. I did not redo the Half Moon Harvest map. Unless I hear otherwise fro you these are the maps I will attach when I forward the correct proposals to Lansing.

Proposal modifications that need to be addressed.

For all proposals ( Plains Creek, Whiskey Creek, I-75 Harvest, Highlands Oak, and Half Moon Harvest).

Area Calculation: Change the Standard to HDOP <=3. (We do not want to promote PDOP anymore.)

Timber Cruising Specifications: Cruise Special Instructions: please add tot eh last bullet point ("Plot center locations...") Imagery & shapefile

information for Solo as well as TCruise cruising template upon request.

Timber Marking Specifications: Minimum DBH for Sawlogs is 9.1" and Pulpwood is 4.6"

Timber Marking Specifications: Special Marking Instructions: Remove the first sentence ("For all stands Michigan DNR retention guidelines must

be followed.") . This is statement is too generic and the retention is covered appropriately in the Prescription section.

Proposal Specific Comments:

Plains Creek:

Legal Description: In Sec 33 it should be the SE1/4 of the SE1/4 of the NE1/4(not SW1/4). The rest is good.

Treatment and Objective: Stands 34, 37, 38, 54, 76--Treatment should be changed to Seed Tree w/ Reserves. Drop the Shelterwood portion.

Prescription: Stands 34, 38, & 76: You have "Favor the retention of Oak, but also include a mix of other species as well to meet retention

guidelines." What aspect of retention/criteria are they to target with the "other species"? If you give some general rational this

would be general diversity, soft snags, long term canopy, super canopy, etc.

Whiskey Creek:

Prescription: Stand 59 & 62: change the following sentences to include (xxxx) "Mark to cut Red Pine (Rows) with orange paint." "The end 3

trees in each (cut) ro need to be marked."

Half Moon Harvest:

Prescription: Stand 109, 130, & 131: What are you doing with any hardwoods within these stands? Is it to be left, marked, cruised? Or is

there none in the stands?

I-75 Harvest:

Legal Description: MISSING. Please fill out.

Treatment & Objective: Acres: Stand 19--You have 60 acres and OI explains the change from the original 93 acres, but can you try to identify

on the map the general location of the NO CUT areas of the stand? I will redo the map if you get me a roughed in version. We

should show on the map the general area to be treated vs not treated in the stand.

Prescription: Stand 19: At the DO NOT cut list from OIPC--oak, white pine, hemlock, yellow birch, and cedar of any size.

Highlands Oak:

Legal Description: Sec 34 should be the W1/2 no the SW1/4

Treatment & Objective: Treatment: Stand 25 should be Seed Tree w/reserves

Treatment: Stand 79 should be Shelterwood w/reserves

Prescription: Stand 14: IFMAP has do not cut any Red Pine, White Pine, and White Oak. You have "of average or better quality". I either need

a justification for the change OR it should be changed.

Stand 33: IFMAP says to do a 3rd row thin. Why the change to" mark to cut with orange paint"? Seems to be adding more

work than needed or are the rows not straight? Can you use the Rx from Whiskey Creek Pine Stands 59 & 62?

Stand 79: You have "Mark to retain all Red Pine. Why not just say..."All Red pine are to be left", and then protect them with a TS


DNR Preparation work to be done prior to contract work...You have a date to be completed but nothing listed as task to be completed. Need to

either identify the task or remove the date.

Thanks Mike. Looks like a lot but mostly minor changes.

Scott Throop, TMS

MDNR-Cadillac OSC

(231)775-9727 ext 6041



I have a few minor revisions to Scott Throop's sale package which Courtney pointed out to me.

1) On the I-75 Harvest stand 19 should be 59 acres instead of 60.

2) I have included a Plains Creek map that has the sale name on it...Scott's did not

3) I have included a sale map for the Half Moon Harvest Sale.

Mike Hanley

Private Land Service Forester