Power Skating Clinic

Power Skating Clinic

18th Annual
Power Skating
Puck Skills
Power Skating Clinic
Okotoks, Alberta
Aug 30 Sept 6,7,8 &10th
Puck Skills Clinic
Okotoks, Alberta
Aug 27,28,29 & 31st /



Kevin Knibbs (K2)Director of K2 Hockey
Clinics. Kevin has directed or instructed hockey
schools for the past 40 years. He played
professional hockey in the Premiere Division in
Germany, Varsity hockey at the University of
Manitoba, Senior A and Junior A. He has
coached male and female hockey teams at the
AAA level and was a member of the
Hungarian U-18 coaching staff at the
2015 IIHF Pool A Div 1 World Championships.
He has a Bachelor of Education Degree and has
taught and been an administrator at Junior &
Senior High Schools.
Ryan Olynyk (Head Instructor)
Ryan played Varsity hockey and has
instructedhockey schools for the past 27 years.
He has coached female hockey teams at the
AAA level.Ryanhas a Bachelor of Education
Degree and teaches in Calgary.
Danika Knibbs(Head Instructor)
Danika played Alberta Major Midget Female AAA,
Tier 1 in the Southern Alberta Women's Hockey
League, and three years in the City of Saskatoon
in the ASHL. She has been a head instructor of all
agesand levels for 13 years with K2 Hockey Clinics
andBlack Elk Hockey School.Danikahas a Bachelor
of Education Degree and teaches at Oilfields High.


Name: ______
Parent’s Name: ______
(c) ______
Emerg. Contact: ______
Phone: ______
Participant’s year of birth: ______
Participant’s skating ability: (circle)
1 2 3 4 5 [beginner to exceptional]
Last yrLevel: (Init, Novice House A or B, Novice T_,
Atom House A or B, Atom T_,PW House_, PW T_,
Bantam, Midget, AA, AAA etc.)L: _____Tier:_____
Medical Problems we should be aware of: ______
(Power Skaters must be born in 2011 or older)
 Power Skating Clinic $150 (includes GST)
 Puck Skills (Pee Wee & up)$150 (includes GST)


I, ______, being the parent/guardian of ______
accept all responsibility of ensuring this
applicant is medically fit to participate in the
K2 Hockey Clinics Program. I/we do
hereby release and forever discharge any and
all claims, demands, actions, causes of personal injury, damage or loss of property, however
caused while enrolled in this program. I/we being
the parent/guardian of ______,
do hereby indemnify and agree to hold harmless
the K2 Hockey Clinics and staff from all claims.
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Date: ______/

5 Engaging & active ice sessions!

3 Instructors on the ice at all times
(must be born in 2011 or older)
Aug 30 Sept 6, 7, 8 &10th
Youngest Group starts at 5:30 pm
Power Skating participants are assigned to
their group by K2 Hockey Clinic staff. You will
be contacted with your assigned ice time in
mid/late August.
The Power Skating Clinic assists players in
developing and improving skating skills by
focusing on the following:
  • Balance, agility, glide and stroke
  • Acceleration and Power
  • Forward and Backward Skating
  • Starting & Stopping
  • Crossovers – forward & backwards
  • Mohawk turns and tight turns
  • Quick feet drills
Minimum registrations must be achieved in each
level in order for clinics to run.
Equipment: Full hockey equipment is required for
both clinics including sticks and a personal water
bottle (name on bottle please).
K2 Hockey Clinics conducts hockey
development clinics which emphasize skills,
safety and fun.
Inappropriate behavior will not be
tolerated. A skater will be given a warning
and if the behavior persists, will be asked
to leave the program with no refund. / Maximum 25 Skaters per Clinic!
3 Instructors on the ice
(Pee Wee and up)
Aug 27th, 28th,29th & 31st
One group Only(Pee Wee age and older)
Clinic runs from 5:30 – 6:30 pm
The Puck Skills Clinic allows the players to
“get their hands back” before evaluations by concentrating on the following:
  • Stickhandling
  • Puckhandling
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Timing Drills

Each head instructor has a Bachelor of Education degree and extensive experience in hockey
as players, coaches and instructors.
K2 Hockey Clinics has provided specialized
hockey clinics taughtat elite hockey schools
in theCzech Republic, Australia, Hungary,
United States & Canada.