Part-Time Job Coach/Developer

Part-Time Job Coach/Developer

Part-time Job Coach/Developer

Step By Step, a community mental health agency serving Central Ohio and the surrounding areas, offering a variety of services designed to support the ongoing needs of our community.Offerings include customized and integrated care that combines behavioral counseling and therapy, pharmacological management, center-based educational service, speech therapy and other mental health services under one umbrella to help our consumers across all ages to achieve the best outcomes in school, home and work.

Major tasks, duties and responsibilities:

Primary job responsibility is to work with adults with disabilities who have been referred from BVR/OOD for vocational services. The job coach/job developer will work individually with clients to facilitate a job offer in a competitive employment situation and also ensure retention of employment by assisting clients with soft skill development, fitting into the corporate culture within their place of employment, developing good work habits, and other skills needed to obtain and retain employment. This person will work closely with the Vocational Services Coordinator to create relationships with local businesses to increase opportunities for employment for clients. Attend meetings as required. This is a part-time position.

1)Organizes and maintains service areas

2)Implements person-centered goals and daily activities outlined in the vocational plan

3)Provides community integration activities when needed

4)Collects and analyzes data accurately following SBSA procedures

5)Implements skill building per individuals’ vocational plans

6)Monitors designated client’s vocational plan and the progression of goals

7)Completes all required reports to OOD

8)Completes administrative duties as assigned

9)Completes documentation as needed

10)Demonstrates accurate implementation of specific skill sets as taught in initial and ongoing training sessions and based on feedback from supervisors

11)Identifies when interventions are needed for specific clients and/or programs

12)Communicates in a professional manner with coworkers, clients, parents/guardians, other professionals, and businesses.

13)Seeks, receives and applies feedback appropriately and professionally

14)Uses professional language when describing the clients and/or behaviors

15)Maintain safety of clients in the community and during activities at the center, when applicable

16)Participate in all fundraising activities through distribution of materials and information, when applicable

17)Participates in after-hours activities for clients as scheduled, when necessary



High school diploma/GED, College Degree (preferred)

Previous experience working with individuals with disabilities a plus

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Prior experience with MR/DD clients a plus

Exemplary attendance

Ability to complete trainings and utilize that information in daily therapies

Ability to perform emergency medical procedures when necessary

Ability to accurately document required therapy data

Communicates in a professional manner with coworkers, clients, family members, other professionals, and businesses

Proficient computer skills, i.e.: Microsoft Office, intranet, internet usage

Ability to maintain confidentiality and use appropriate judgment in handling sensitive information and records

Ability to work independently with general direction

Ability to exhibit excellent interpersonal relation skills when dealing with the public, clients, family members, co-workers, and staff

Flexibility and accepting of change

Professional telephone etiquette

Ability to write professional reports and meet deadlines


To apply submit resume to: or

Fax confidentially to 614-388-6473