Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle


Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

Worksheet Three

  1. A child’s viewpoint Pages 42-44

Find evidence of the following:

Technique / Example
Paddy’s fascination with facts.
Paddy’s desire to learn about new things.
Paddy’s mind jumps from one subject to another.
Paddy is manipulated by Kevin.
Paddy enjoys showing his father that he knows things.
  1. Religion: Father Damian – page 46-52
  1. Why is Paddy so interested in the story of Father Damian and the lepers?
  2. Look at the end of this section on page 52-53. Paddy’s parents argue but we only see this from Paddy’s viewpoint. Why do you think they have argued? How does this make Paddy feel?
  3. Look at all of this first part from page 1 up to page 112 – how is religion shown to be important in Paddy’s life?
  1. Paddy’s relationship with his parents.

Look at the following quotations and comment on them:

  1. Page 55: “He was always interfering… He never put them back properly.”
  2. Page 61: “My da said nothing. My ma said nothing.”
  3. Page 61: “I counted back the number of pages she’d read the night before.”
  1. Childhood. Read the following pages 61 - 83

Note down some of the things the children get up to or the things they enjoy doing.

Look at how they treat each other. Comment on their behaviour towards each other.

Look at how they use the world around them.

Pick out examples of the stories they make up and invent.

  1. Paddy’s parents – more tension Page 90-95

Explain in your own words what happens in this scene.

  1. Theme of Change – page 110-120

Look at the description of how the world around Paddy is changing. Pick out some key phrases. Could this be a metaphor for what is happening to Paddy’s family?

Think about:

PLOT: you might be tempted to think that there is no plot BUT from page 1 -120 things have changed. What do you think are the major plot developments?

CHARACTERS: what have we learnt about the following characters? Can you sum them up in one or two sentences?

Characters / Summary
Paddy / Paddy is an intelligent child who loves learning things. He is also a sensitive child as ….
Paddy can also be a bully because he
Liam and Aiden / These two boys are often treated harshly by the other students as they are considered different due to their dead mother.
Paddy’s dad and mum
Kevin / Kevin is a bully as shown by …

Creative Activity: Writing Letters

  1. Imagine that you are Mr Clarke. Write a letter to the local council or to the local newspaper complaining about the destruction of the local area. Focus on all the building work and how traditional ways of life are being replaced by these urban developments.
  2. You are one of Paddy’s neighbours and you are angry about all the naughty things that the children get involved in. Write a letter to the local newspaper complaining about the “children of today” giving examples of some of the things the local children have done. Ask for a youth centre to be built – a place where children could play instead of playing outside. In your letter you could also criticise parents who allow their children to roam around and play outside.