Packet by Joe Nguyen and Eric Mukherjee & Friends

Packet by Joe Nguyen and Eric Mukherjee & Friends

Penn Bowl Trash II

Round 7

Packet by Joe Nguyen and Eric Mukherjee & friends

Edited by Joe Nguyen and Ben Frank


1. He was voted the seventh greatest Canadian on a 2004 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television special, putting this person just behind Nobel Laureate Lester Bowles Pearson but ahead of former Prime Minister John MacDonald and Alexander Graham Bell. The Hershey Bears first signed this player when he dropped out of high school, while Boston would call him up during the playoffs to play in his only professional hockey game. After his long minor league hockey career, he would coach and eventually become general manager .the Rochester Americans. He would then become head coach of the Boston Bruins in the mid-1970s and end his coaching career as the head coach of Canada's 1981 World Championship squad. Later known for his “Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey” videos and analysis in the “Coach's Corner” segment with Ron McLean, FTP, name this controversial hockey commentator, a mainstay on the Canadian show “Hockey Night in Canada”.

A: Donald Stewart “Don” Cherry

2. Spring break episodes of this show saw contestants on the show leave by falling into a swimming pool. Boomer Esiason, David Cone and Ron Greschner appeared on a “World Class Athlete's Day” episode of this show, while LL Cool J, Julie Brown and Weird “Al” Yankovic played for charity on a season two episode of this show. Comedian Denis Leary would imitate Andy Warhol during a recurring “Andy's Diary” segment of this show, and fellow comedian Colin Quinn got his start being the announcer on this show. Regular shows saw the “Snack Break” where food would usually drop from the ceiling and the “Off the Air” elimination where last-place contestants left the show in creative ways. Ken Ober was the host of, FTP, what 1980s game show on MTV named for a hand-held device meant for changing television channels.

A: “Remote Control”

3. Originally sung by the Temptations in 1969, this song would be number one for three weeks in 1970 until it was replaced by Diana Ross' “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band would cover this song in 1986 while acts who sampled this song include Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony and Pearl Jam. It was used in the “Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire” episode of “Xena: Warrior Princess”, Cory and Topanga sang this song at a karaoke night on one episode of “Boy Meets World” and Agent Carter teaches Detective Lee how to dance to this song in the movie “Rush Hour”. In the second verse, the singer claims to despise the title entity, because “it means destruction of innocent lives.” The singer asks the question of what the titular event is good for, which he immediately answers with the phrase, “Absolutely nothing”. FTP, name this protest song made famous by Edwin Starr about the conflict in Vietnam.

A: “War”

4. This actress played the teenage girl Jade in the 1998 film “Bride of Chucky”, and she plays Leo Grillo's love interest Marissa in the 2006 independent film “Zyzzyx Road” which is noted for having a total box office gross of $30 in the United States. Her first major film role came in 1992 at the age of 13 in the romantic drama “That Night” as Kathryn. She starred as Romy in the television movie “Romy & Michele: In the Beginning” and she played Special Olympics volunteer Lynn in the movie “The Ringer”. She would be known for her roles in romantic comedies such as “27 Dresses” opposite James Marsden, but she may be best known as Seth Rogen's baby mama in the film “Knocked Up”. FTP, name this actress who plays Dr. “Izzie” Stephens on the TV show “Grey's Anatomy”.

A: Katherine Marie Heigl

5. In eight meetings, this team has yet to lose a game against the Arizona Cardinals, including seven wins and one tied game. This franchise had the worst overall record throughout its entire existence in the AFL, and their poor performance led to first round draft picks like Dick Butkus and Merlin Olsen to leave for the NFL. However, this team's 1967 first round draft pick running back Floyd Little led his team in offense. This team has won a total of six conference championships since its merger with the NFL, though this team has not reached the playoffs since 2005. This team acquired Correll Buckhalter before the 2009 season, who would split time with its first round draft pick out of the University of Georgia. Currently having players like Knowshon Moreno and Eddie Royal, this team would be led to two straight Super Bowl wins in the 1990s by a quarterback out of Stanford University, John Elway. FTP, name this NFL franchise based in Colorado.

A: DenverBroncos (Accept either)

6. He collaborated with the artist Canibus on the first track of the “Office Space” soundtrack called “Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee”, and his song “The Vapors” appears on the “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” track list. On an episode of “The Andy Milonakis Show”, this person plays the Rap Fairy who bestows onto Andy the powers of rapping. He made a cameo in the movie “Men in Black II” as an alien, and he makes regular appearances on the Nickelodeon show “Yo Gabba Gabba” giving his “Beat of the Day”. He released five studio albums, most recently “Weekend Warrior” in 2003, while his first album “Goin' Off” came out in 1993. His second album featured his most famous song that details his situation with “a girl from the U.S. nation”. The music video for that song featured the rapper at one point wearing a powdered wig while telling a female “You, you got what I need” and later finds that girl cheating on him, prompting the rapper to say “Oh, Snap! Guess what I saw!”. FTP, name this beat-boxing one-hit wonder who sang “Just a Friend”.

A: Biz Markie (accept Marcel Theo Hall)

7. A notorious 1999 murder in Hong Kong saw a 23-year-old night club hostess get decapitated and have her head get stuffed into a doll depicting this character. This character has a twin sister named Mimmy who wears a yellow ribbon instead of a red one. This character's last name is White, and she lives in London, England, though the character was created by a designer named Yuko Shimizu. Her boyfriend is named Dear Daniel, and she has a hamster named Sugar. Video games released under this character's name include “Cube Frenzy”, “Roller Rescue” and “Big City Dreams”. This character first appeared on a vinyl coin purse in 1974 but has continued to appear on various merchandise like clothing and school supplies. Created by the Sanrio company, FTP, name this Japanese feline cartoon character commonly addressed with a greeting.

A: Hello Kitty (accept Kitty White)

8. In 1992, this country earned sixth place in the first baseball competition in the Olympics. During the 2006 World Baseball Classic, this country's team was managed by the former manager of the Washington Nationals whose poor performance led to his termination in the middle of the 2009 season. Currently managing the Cleveland Indians, Manny Acta took his squad to a fourth place finish in the WBC in 2006, while Felipe Alou coached his son Moises and the other players of this country to a disappointing first round exit in 2009 despite having over 20 Major League Baseball players on its roster. Players from this country include the first Latin American pitcher to have 3,000 strikeouts and the youngest player to hit 500 career home runs. FTP, name this baseball powerhouse, the home country of Pedro Martinez and Alex Rodriguez.

A: Dominican Republic

9. This word is the nickname of DC superhero Citizen Steel's alter ego Nathan Heywood. This is also the name of a chocolate and peanut butter confection made to look like the nut of its namesake tree. It is the name of a breed of chicken that has a distinct small “pea” comb, and its name derives from its color of the seeds of the state plant. The leaves of this plant are often given to football players at a certain Big Ten school as stickers to place on their helmet, an idea started by an athletic trainer named Ernie Biggs in 1968. The mascot of that school, Brutus, has this last name, and his head is in the shape of the nut of this tree. FTP, name this state tree of Ohio which appears in its state nickname and the nickname of the sports teams of the Ohio State University.

A: buckeye

10. Cuba Gooding, Jr. has a non-speaking role in this film during an argument about Joe Louis' age. A young Alex Rodriguez was an extra in this film as he appeared in the scene where Samuel L. Jackson's character robs a local fast food restaurant. The conclusion of the film features the starring actor dressed as a Jewish man telling a story about a waiter and a bowl of soup, while the starring actor also plays the owner of the My-T Sharp barber shop. Paula Abdul choreographed one of the major dance scenes in this film, while Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy have a cameo as two homeless men. Shari Headley plays the daughter of Cleo McDowell of McDowell's Restaurant, as she has trouble with her boyfriend Daryll, the son of the inventor of Soul Glo. Played by Arsenio Hall, Semmi accompanies Akeem to his trip to a New York borough to find his future wife. Directed by John Landis, FTP, name this 1988 film starring Eddie Murphy as the prince of Zamunda traveling to the titular country.

A: “Coming to America

11. The drummer of this band left the band in 2005 to play drums for Nickelback. That drummer Daniel Adair would be replaced by Puddle of Mudd founder Greg Upchurch. This band got its name from a broken sign on a building on their way to Foley, Alabama. They released their first album in 2000 which went platinum six times in the U.S., while its following albums “Away from the Sun” and “Seventeen Days” were also successful. The movie “American Pie 2” featured this band's song “Be Like That” while another song by this band was used in a Geico commercial showing the cavemen in a bowling alley. The debut album “The Better Life” had this band's most successful single in which the singer states, “If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?” Fronted by Brad Arnold, FTP, name this band most famous for its song “Kryptonite”.

A: 3 Doors Down

12. One film starring this person acted alongside Andy Dick and David Alan Grier as soldiers specializing in water purification in the middle of a conflict in Libya. Another film sees this person play a resident advisor named Crawl at UCLA, guiding Carla Gugino's character through her first year of college. In addition to the movies “In the Army Now” and “Son in Law”, this actor stars in his own 2003 mockumentary film whose title claims that this actor “is Dead”. He voiced Max's friend Bobby in “A Goofy Movie” and starred across Stephen Baldwin in the notable flop “Bio-Dome”. His most notable acting appearance may be for his role as Stoney, a high school outcast who helps resurrect a frozen caveman. Known as the “Weasel” for his distinct voice, FTP, name this comedic actor who starred in “Encino Man” and made his mark as an MTV host in the early 1990s.

A: Paul Montgomery “Pauly” Shore

13. In the movie “Four Christmases”, it is revealed during this board game that John Grisham is the only man with whom Susan is allowed to cheat on her husband. Chris Wylde hosted a short-lived game show in 2002 based on this board game of the same name. A “Big” version of this board game was released in 2008, which involved other rules and actions including drawing clues and using a stuffed toy animal named “Bendy Bob” to act out the clues. 1990 saw the addition of the “pink hooter” to this board game, a buzzer that signaled when the clue giver has said one of the restricted words. Featuring a smiling face with a hand over its mouth on its box, FTP, name this word-guessing board game created by Hasbro, where five words for each clue are forbidden.

A: Taboo

14. This player chose his college and professional jersey number in honor of his childhood AAU coach who died at that age. During his AAU days playing for PG Jaguars, he would win multiple national championships along with fellow player Michael Beasley who would also compete in the Big 12 conference. There was controversy as to whether his alma mater would retire his number in 2007, as he had only played for the school for one year. He was named MVP of the 2009 Freshman-Sophomore Game and beat out Joe Johnson in during last year's HORSE Competition during All-Star Weekend. Now coached by Scott Brooks, he plays for a team that drafted him as the second overall pick. This player would then follow the team with NBA teammate Russell Westbrook after its change of city in 2008. A six-foot, nine forward out of the University of Texas selected immediately after Greg Oden, FTP, name this player for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

A: Kevin Wayne Durant

15. In an interview, this woman stated that she wanted “H” size breasts to match her name, while in another interview she claimed to be the “modern Mother Theresa”. This actress went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she would meet her friend who would eventually help her get a television role. She would be a regular on the show she was on for five seasons before leaving the show in 2009. She guest starred in the “Benefits” episode of “How I Met Your Mother” and competed in the 2009 reality show “I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!”, both times with her husband. Her husband would also appear on her debut song “Body Language”, which this actress would perform at the Miss Universe 2009 competition. Recently undergoing roughly ten plastic surgery procedures, this actress debuted her new look in a 2010 People Magazine cover. FTP, name this woman who appeared as Lauren's friend on “The Hills” and is currently married to fellow celebrity Spencer.

A: Heidi Blair Montag (accept either, also accept Heidi Pratt and “Herpes 2”)

16. This character had an identical cousin named Emma, a former sergeant in the Women's Army Corps who took this person's place in one episode. She would be portrayed by Henriette Mantel in the 1995 film parody of the show on which this character is famous. The original actress who played this character appeared in that 1995 movie as a truck driver named Schultzy. It would be revealed in one of the spin-off made-for-TV movies that this character would marry her long-time boyfriend, an owner of a butcher shop named Sam Franklin. When her employer re-married, this woman would continue to work for Mike in addition to serving the Martin family, composed of Carol and her daughters Marcia, Jan and Cindy. Played by Ann B. Davis, FTP, name this housekeeper on “The Brady Bunch”.

A: AliceNelson (accept either)

17. In this game, you can receive a Demonsbane sword by defeating an optional Demon Wall boss with 20,000 HP. The main party in this game crosses the rainy Ozmone plain to consult with the indistinguishable Garif warriors in Jahara. At one point in this game, the protagonist must gain support from the city of Bhujerba by telling the citizens not to believe Marquise Ondore’s lies. In this game, Venat struggles against the Occurians, who regularly use the Sun-cryst, composed of deifacted nethicite, to select a Dynast king. During this game’s tutorial, the protagonist’s brother Reks is wounded by Judge Gabranth, who is impersonating Captain Basch. VGCats mocked this game, which takes place in Ivalice and was followed by Revenant Wings, for forcing characters to gain “licenses” in order to wear hats. This game was the first in its series to employ the Gambit system. Other characters in this game include the protagonist Vaan, the sky pirate Balthier, and Princess Ashe of Dalmasca. For 10 points, name this installment in the Final Fantasy series. A: Final Fantasy 12 [MB]

18. Towards the conclusion of this film, it is revealed that the title character in the film was at on point housed at the Saarne Institute. CCH Pounder plays one of the victims of the title character, as her disparaging description of the main character leads to her bludgeoning with a hammer. Jimmy Bennett plays the son of John and Kate Coleman, who have a deaf daughter played by Aryana Engineer. Bennett's character is nearly killed in a treehouse fire and was almost smothered to death by a pillow in this film. John, played by Peter Sarsgaard, is stabbed to death before finding out that the main character's secret. After waking up in the hospital, Kate learns from Dr. Varava that the main character is not a young girl but a 33-year-old woman named Leena Klammer who has stunted growth. Esther poses as a child in, FTP, what 2009 scary movie where Vera Farmiga played the titular adopted child?