On the Internet There Are Many Social Media Like :Facebook,Twitter,Hi5,My Space and Many

On the Internet There Are Many Social Media Like :Facebook,Twitter,Hi5,My Space and Many

On the internet there are many social media like :Facebook,Twitter,Hi5,My Space and many other.They are very popular with us, young people.

We spend much time on surfing on them,and this is not always good.

You and we are very quickly “fooled” by them and isn’t very good because of the time spent without realizing that there are some other important things to do like the housework,the homework and especially that we are very tired after one hour on the internet.

If it wasn’t this thing , children would be much relaxed ,they will have enough time for the homework and the free time spent together, going out, talking to each other which is important for us all.

The world without computers will be the worse, though, but we must be careful because theydestroy our eyes and we’ll need to wear glasses ; an example are our parents who work on the computer and some of us,too.

On the internet , there are different sites which aren’t for children, but for adults and sometimes we may access these sites just for curiosity or by accidentand this is also not good . We need information from our parents or older friends to tell us why they are bad for our health.

A survey says that three of the ten ten-year-old son had opened a porn site via your home computer and cell phone. Even for children ages 14 to 16 years, eight out of ten also has opened these special page for adults.

“This is very dangerous for them while growing up, because they will have a dangerous sexual fantasies,” said sociologist Michael Flood, who examined the study in the UK, told the Daily Mail, 2010).

Another interesting and controversed case of such a kind is Weakileaks.

This has posted secret information that everybody can have access at. Even if it is good for people to know certain things that politicians or the military do, we consider that it is dangerous to publish certain information that has connection to world peace and security. Especially with bad people and terrorists or teenagers like us who have some extraordinary computer skills and like to hack computers or files just for fun or out of curiosity. But this can be dangerous for themselves and their families; they can be even arrested or put in prison if they are old enough.

Mobile phones are very important to speak on: some alsolisten to music or take photos with. But again, there are some dangers if these things are in excess: students can listen to music during lessons and not to pay attention to them or worse, some can record the teachers or colleagues and post them on the internet which is also bad because they break the intimacy of our life. This was the case with some posts in Romania where some students have made films where they laughed at or even threatened the teachers, fought with/bullied classmates or indecent photos and became public.

a fight between classmates

a student threatening his teacher

So, in conclusion we have to pay attention to what is nice, good and fun and what is dangerous or unhealthy.And learn from others mistakes or from TV or the internet.