Minor Subdivision, Minor Buildings and Works, Painting Or Tree Lopping in a Heritage Overlay

Minor Subdivision, Minor Buildings and Works, Painting Or Tree Lopping in a Heritage Overlay

Minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a Heritage Overlay

A pre-application meeting is strongly advised for applications within the Heritage Overlay. Alternatively, advice can be sought from prior to lodgement.

VicSmart is a streamlined planning permit process. This checklist can be used as an indicator for eligibility and application requirements.

Once this checklist is completed, please confirm the application prior to lodgement with council’s VicSmart Planner either in person at 100 Brougham Street, Geelong, or via email at

Applications must have all of the required documentation set out in this checklist when lodging. If you do not supply all the documentation or correct documentation, your application will not be accepted. You will be asked to re-submit at a later date once all the required information is prepared and ready.

1.Which of the following are you seeking approval for:

Subdivide land to realign the common boundary between 2 lots where the area of either lot is reduced by less than 15 percent and the general direction of the common boundary does not change.
Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space where:
  • The buildings or car parking spaces have been constructed in accordance with the provisions of this scheme or a permit issued under this scheme.
  • An occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection has been issued under the Building Regulations in relation to the buildings within 5 years prior to the application for a permit for subdivision.

Subdivide land into 2 lots if:
  • The construction of a building or the construction or carrying out of works on the land is approved under this scheme or by a permit issued under this scheme and the permit has not expired.
  • The construction or carrying out of the approved building or works on the land has started lawfully.
  • The subdivision does not create a vacant lot.

Demolish or remove an outbuilding (including a carport, garage, pergola, verandah, deck, shed or similar structure) unless the outbuilding is identified in the schedule to the Heritage Overlay.
Demolish or remove a fence unless the fence is identified in the schedule to the Heritage Overlay.
Externally alter a non-contributory building.
External painting.
Construct a fence.
Construct a carport, garage, pergola, verandah, deck, shed or similar structure.
Construct and install domestic services normal to a dwelling.
Construct and install a non-domestic disabled access ramp.
Construct a vehicle cross-over.
Construct a domestic swimming pool or spa and associated mechanical equipment and safety fencing.
Construct a rainwater tank.
Construct or display a sign.
Lop a tree.
Construct or install a solar energy facility attached to a dwelling.

*If you ticked a box, please continue with the following checklist.

*If you did not tick one of the above, your application is noteligible for VicSmart.

Note: If a proposal falls into more than one VicSmart Class of application, the information requirements of each class apply and the corresponding checklist should be completed.


Have you attended a pre-application meeting? / YES NO
If yes, who attended the meeting?
...... Date......


For all Vic Smart planning applications the following MUST be provided: / Provided
A completed VicSmart application form
Signed declaration on the application form
A full current copy of Title for the land, including current ownership details, title plan and a full copy of any registered covenants, restrictions or Section 173 Agreements that apply to the land. (The Copy of Title must be clearly legible and no older than 30 days.) A copy of Title can be obtained from .
The prescribed application fee (refer to fee schedule)


Note: The council may reduce the information that you need to provide but cannot ask for more information than listed. Please check the information requirements with council. The following information must be provided as appropriate.
3 copies of a plan drawn to scale and fully dimensioned showing::
  • The location, shape and size of the site.
  • The location of any existing buildings, including fences, and trees.
  • The location, height and design of the proposed building or works including details of proposed materials.
  • Any buildings to be demolished.
  • An elevation of the proposed building.
  • The size and design of any proposed sign, including details of the supporting structure and any proposed illumination.

A written statement that describes:
  • Any impacts on the significance of the heritage place.
  • How the proposal responds to any relevant local heritage policy set out in the scheme.
  • If lopping of a tree is proposed, the reason for the lopping, the extent of lopping and an aborist report.

The proposed colour schedule and nature of any materials and finishes
A photograph of the area affected by the proposal including any building, outbuilding, fence, or tree which may be affected by the proposal.
A photograph of the subject site and adjoining properties along the street frontage.
If subdivision is proposed, the location, shape and size of the proposed lots to be created.
If a sign is proposed:
  • The location, size and design of the proposed sign on the site or building.
  • The location and size of existing signage on the site including details of any signs to be retained or removed.


If you have any further queries, please contact the Statutory Planning Unit directly on the contact details below or visit 100 Brougham Street, Geelong between 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and ask for the VicSmart Planner.

Telephone: (03) 5272 4456