Mechanical Efficiency

Mechanical Efficiency

Robot design


When the robot’s attachments are in action, it does not break and has rarely any problems. When in use by group members, the robot and attachments withstands sufficient damage; therefore very durable and play worthy.

Mechanical Efficiency:

The usage of time and parts are efficient, however there are sporadic errors that occur occasionally, but for the most part there are appropriate use of parts and time to repair.


The robot mechanisms, attachments, are exemplary in their balance of speed, strength, and accuracy on every task. Our robot works most of the time.

Programing Quality:

Our robot’s programs worked almost every time we sent it out. However, our programs needed to be modified some timesto be able to get them to work more efficiently.

Programing Efficiency:

The programs our group create for the robot work most of the time on certain missions. This allows for us to spend more time on programs that don’t work as well. Even though some don’t work as well, continuous work brought us a good amount of success.


When the robot is in action, it does everything it supposed to do with minor human intervention. We are accomplished at navigation and automation by lining up the robot in the exact same position for running the programs.

Design Process:

Our team improved the robot design and attachments if the parts broke or if the attachments did not work, however some of the biggest trials and modifications were in programming.One example was that when we were working on the demolition. We programmed it, but it went too far. We changed the amount of rotations; however it would still not work successfully. After many attempts and changes in the program, our group was successful and was able to incorporate another mission in that program. The design process is iterative, which means it can go forward and backwards, and which is why we modified several times.

Mission Strategy:

Our team divided and conquered to get all the missions done faster and more efficiently. However, it changed into programmers, builders, and presentation workers to make things run more smoothly.


One of the new features was the rotating wheel, which activated the sorter by spinning the sorter’s wheel. Another new feature we have made is the new programs that we have used to do the robotics course.

Team 9006

Robot Design

Collierville Middle School

Philip, Jason, Abhilash, Miles,

Gage, Joey, Preston, Subhash, Jacob.