Lyle Rader Agricultural Scholarship

Lyle Rader Agricultural Scholarship

Lyle Rader Agricultural Scholarship

2018 Information Sheet

Lyle Rader was born on September 21, 1937 in the Pierce County town of Fife, Washington. His love for farming started early in his life. He raised a variety of crops on the family farm during his school years and involvement with the local FFA chapter. He became a state officer and at the age of 22, Lyle was selected as the Star Farmer of America, the highest honor the FFA organization can bestow upon a member. His recognition was primarily in the field of agriculture mechanization. Lyle continued to farm in the fertile Puyallup Valley as he focused on the improvement of techniques in the harvesting and processing of his farming operation.

Lyle moved his family and farming operation to Lynden, Washington in 1988 where he knew the climate and available acreage would enable him to continue the successful expansion of his berry operation. During his career in agriculture, Lyle was a leader and innovator. He developed and implemented practices at Rader Farms that have been replicated throughout the entire industry. Although he did not have the opportunity to go to college, Lyle strongly believed in higher education as a key that can open many doors for today’s youth.

Over the past 25 years, Rader Farms has provided summer employment for thousands of young people. Lyle’s passion for supporting and employing the younger generation formed a strong bond with the hard working families in the Lynden community. Many have used their earnings to further their education and several have returned as full time employees of the farm.

The goal of the Rader Family is to help support students who have plans to continue their focus in the agricultural industry. Participation in the Future Farmers of America organization is necessary for this scholarship as well as meeting specific Lynden Christian School requirements. The family intends to honor Lyle’s legacy with the awarding of this scholarship to a carefully chosen student who will have the opportunity to learn and hopefully return to the agricultural industry.

Distribution of Scholarship

One (1) $2000 scholarship will be awarded annually to a graduating LCHS senior who wishes to focus his/her education in the Agriculture industry. The recipient may renew the scholarship for an additional year as long as grades are maintained at a minimum 2.75 GPA. Scholarship funds must be used for tuition or room and board at an accredited/listed 4-year, 2-year or vocational/technical college.

Complete and submit all of the information on the “Application Form” to Mrs. Anita VanLoo by Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

Selection Process

Mrs. Lyle Rader, Mrs. Julie Newell, and Mr. Brad Rader will evaluate the applications and make a selection. All applicants will receive a written response following the selection.

Scholarship Award Criteria:

*The following guidelines govern the disbursement of scholarship funds:

1) Academics: cumulative GPA, academic honors, and PSAT, ACT, and/or SAT scores

2) FFA involvement.

3) School and Community Involvement: extracurricular activities, church and community activities, and employment experience

4) Academic and Life Goals: Describe in 200 words (or less) “Why you desire to pursue a career in agriculture.”

The Lyle Rader Agricultural Scholarship

Application Form


Full Name:Date of Birth:

Street Address:Citizenship:


Telephone Number:

II.Applicant’s Academics

Please attach your 2017/2018 first semester transcript that includes your GPA and standardized test scores.

III.Applicant’s School and Community Involvement

Describe your participation in and awards received in each of the following areas:

*Academic honors or awards

* Extracurricular Activities/Particularly FFA

What have you done outside the classroom for your class and school in the areas of FFA, visual arts, athletics, drama, music, publications, clubs/organizations, vocational programs, service, leadership, etc?

* Church and Community Activities

In what ways have you contributed to your church and community in activities, events, projects, memberships, clubs/organizations, awards, leadership positions, missions, etc.?

* Employment Experience

VI.Applicant’s Academic and Life Goals

*List the college you plan to attend.

* Academic and Life Goals: Describe in 200 words (or less) “Why you desire to pursue a career in agriculture, what experiences led to this decision, and how you believe your faith will affect your career and personal goals as a Christian adult.”