London Homelessness Outreach Network Meeting Minutes Jan 27, 2012

London Homelessness Outreach Network Meeting Minutes Jan 27, 2012

London Homelessness Outreach Network – Meeting Minutes – Jan 27, 2012


2)Review Purpose:

  1. We are a diverse group of individuals with diverse talents, but with a common desire to take action on issues around homelessness in London, Ontario. Recognizing the complexity of the issues, we seek to work at multiple levels, including policy, public perceptions, and personal relationships. Rather than creating infrastructure for the group, our desire is to partner with others, lending our time and talents to build upon the positive work already being done within our community.

3)Community Activities

  1. London Homeless Coalition – Memorial Fundraiser
  2. The London Homeless Coalition is raising funds for a memorial that will recognize those who have died in our community while experiencing homelessness. Anyone with fundraising skills is encouraged to contact Nancy Powers at .
  3. London Community Plan on Homelessness
  4. To keep in touch with London’s plans on housing and homelessness, go to
  5. YOU fundraiser Breakfast – Feb 2nd, 7-9am, London Convention Centre, tickets through
  6. Next London Homeless Coalition meeting – Monday Feb 6, City Hall, 10am-noon

4)Review of Current Projects:

  1. Grit Uplifted Magazine
  2. The second edition is coming out imminently. My Sister’s Place is now doing the graphic design with a program donated through Cheryl Wituik’s connections. Jeremy Jeresky and the New School of Colour are doing great for getting visual arts submissions. Abe will approach the London Food Bank about sponsorship and including the meal calendar.
  3. Street-level Health Care
  4. We are starting the second year of our project, and reviewing the report available at Those who would like to join the working group can contact Abe at .
  5. World Homeless Action Day, recap
  6. The video is online at Jeremy is connecting with Craig who made the video to talk about future opportunities. Jeremy is also still in talks with Museum London about displaying the event materials there.
  7. Mental health sub-committee
  8. We are still open to anyone picking this up as a direction.

5)Future Directions

  1. Exit Strategy
  2. James presented to us around his ongoing exploration of real opportunities for people to exit poverty. If you have ideas, connect with him at .
  3. Real Issue website
  4. Nadine pointed out that the Child and Youth Network is looking for assistance with keeping the Real issue website current and active. She will approach Trevor Fowler about this.

6)Next Meeting Date

  1. Next meeting will be in March, date TBA.