Locality Approach to Reducing Childhood Obesity (LARCO)

Locality Approach to Reducing Childhood Obesity (LARCO)

Locality Approach to Reducing Childhood Obesity (LARCO)

Guidance and Application for Grants

  • Sale Moor

Closing Date: 23rd May 2014

The Trafford Partnership is looking for local people to develop innovative projects that will tackle childhood obesity in Sale Moor.

We are looking for projects that:

  1. Benefit children, and families that live in Sale Moor
  2. Encourage physical activity and/or encourage healthy eating
  3. Will be delivered in or around Sale Moor
  4. Respond to the following local priorities:
  5. That the projects build on existing knowledge and skills and resources and networks.
  6. How to cook healthy, family friendly food.
  7. Encourage physical activity
  8. We are happy to accept joint applications from groups workingtogether.

The key thing is that you can tell us why your idea/project is important for children living in the area and how you think it will help to reduce childhood obesity.

Children from local schools, parents, and nutritionand physical activity experts will be involved in choosing which projects receive funding.

Who Can Apply?

The aim of the Trafford Partnership LARCO fund is to promote and support local projects that will reduce childhood obesity in Sale Moor.

The fund is targeted at community and voluntary groups based in or working with people from the Sale Moor area.

Anyone can apply, as long as the project aims toreduce childhood obesity. This includes:

  • Voluntary or Community groups
  • Tenants and Residents groups
  • Not for profit social enterprises and local charitable organisations
  • Schools

Grants cannot be used for general running costs.

How much can you apply for?

The maximum grant is £1,000.


If you want to apply

  • Read the guidance notes and complete every section
  • Ensure the form is signed by both named applicants
  • Take a photocopy for your own records and send all the required information to by post to Celia Hooson, Trafford Council, Trafford Town Hall, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 OTHby the closing date of 5pm 23rd May 2014

If you need help

Trafford Partnership is keen to encourage people to apply who may not have applied for funding before. Therefore Thrive Trafford will be offering independent guidance and training with grant applications. If you would like further information on the support available please contact Thriveon 0300 777 0145 or email at see more at

What we will consider when assessing the application

Applications will be asked to show how their project will:

  • Encourage physical activity and/or encourage healthy eating for children aged 5-11, and their families that live in Sale Moor.
  • Specifically benefit children who do not normally access healthy physical activity or healthy eating
  • Show commitment to including children with different needs including disabled children
  • Show commitment to equality of opportunity and inclusion
  • Be sustainable in the future and represent value for money

Application Criteria

It is important that applicants read this section carefully before completing the application form. Priority will be given to projects / activities that,

  • Provide the opportunity for primary school age children fromSale Moor, to take part in activities or projects that promote physical activity and/or healthy eating.
  • Encourage the involvement of Sale Moor residents in identifying, designing, implementing and improving community activities.
  • Promote voluntary participation, social inclusion and community involvement.

The fund cannot support

  • Organisations and projects outside Trafford
  • Organisations trading for profit or intending to redistribute grant awards
  • Major capital requests, i.e. building and construction work
  • Requests that will replace or enhance statutory provision
  • The promotion of religious or political beliefs as the organisations primary purpose
  • Retrospective grants, i.e. projects / activities that have already taken place
  • Projects that fall within statutory sector responsibility
  • Sponsorship or fund raising events
  • Contributions to large / major appeals
  • Holidays and social outings, except in the case of specific disablement or proven benefit to a community or group of people
  • Local branches of National charities unless locally managed, financially autonomous and not beneficiaries of National marketing and promotion

Working Together

In order to reduce duplication, it is important to check that the project that you are proposing is not already being provided by someone else. Trafford Leisure Trust lists physical activity programmes currently running and is a good place to check.

Also, there are local, regional and national organisations that could help you with ideas, and planning. For example, the Children’s Food Trust has practical advice/tips for setting up community based cookery programmes which may help with planning.

For Further Information

For more information, or if you have any questions or would like to discuss any ideas that you may have for an application, please contact Celia Hooson (Working Day: Fridays and by email on or phone on 0785 266 9955.

Locality Approach for Reducing Childhood Obesity (LARCO)

Sale MoorApplication Form

Contact Information
What is the name of your group?
Provide details of two members of the group that we can contact about this application. Applicants should not be related to each other
Name (main contact):
Daytime telephone:
Email: / Name (main contact):
Daytime telephone:
1. Tell us about your Project
Please describe the project that you want the grant for?
Please include where the project will take place, and who will benefit.
2. Tell children about your Project
Please describe your project for local school children so that they can help to decide which projects they like the best.
Please think about what language you are using and making sure that you keep this short, appealing and simple.

If the project involves the use of a park, land or buildings do you have permission to use these?

YesNo N/A 

Where an organisation applies for funding to work with children, a Child Protection Policy is needed. Do you have a Child Protection Policy (CCP)? If yes, please include with your application. If no, contact the Partnerships team (in guidance notes) who can provide advice on what you need to do

YesNoN/A 

3. Why is your project needed?
Please tell us why the project is a priority for where you live?
It is important that you demonstrate how the need for the project / activity has been identified. Please refer to the guidance for local priorities.
4. What will be achieved by your project?
Please tell us how your project will improve the lives of local children and their families?
In particular, how will your project improve physical activity and/or healthy eating for primary school age children?
How many people do you expect will benefit from your project, and how will you know it has been successful?
5. How will your project involve local people?
Please tell us how your project will involve local people, including promoting volunteering?
How will you ensure equality and inclusion of members of the community in your project?
6. What will happen after the grant ends?
Please tell us what will happen to your project once the Council’s grant has been spent?
How will your achievements keep going in the future?
7. How much will your project cost?
Please tell us how much grant you require from the Council and what you will spend it on.
If the total cost of your project is more than the grant, where else are you getting money from?
What other resources are involved in the project e.g. volunteer time? Support from other local organisations or businesses?

You need to provide estimates/quotes of anything above £300. Please ensure costs include VAT. Have you provided these?


Please note that if a grant is approved you must keep receipts of all expenditure

You do need to be an organised group with accounts and a constitution to apply for a grant. If you currently are not, Thrive Trafford can support you in becoming one. Please contact 0300 777 0145 or email at see more at

Have you previously has a grant from Trafford Council?

If yes, please give details

Year of grant / Amount £ / Awarding department
8. Financial Information
Please provide details of the organisations bank account into which a grant can be paid. We cannot make payments to personal back accounts.
Name of organisations bank account:
Name of bank/building society:
Bank account sort code:
Bank account number/building society roll number:
Who can sign the cheques on the bank account? Please give names of at least 2 unrelated signatories
9. Declaration
On behalf of the group submitting the application, we confirm that the information contained in this form is accurate. We also certify that any grant received will only be used for the purpose described in this application
Signature (main contact):
Name (BLOCK CAPS please):
Signature (Second contact):
Name (BLOCK CAPS please)

Please return to the LARCO Project Worker at Trafford Council by e-mailing

Or post to Celia Hooson,

Trafford Council,

Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road,

Stretford, Manchester, M32 0TH

All applicationsfor the Sale Moor Area must be received by 5pm on 23rd May 2014. Applications received after this will not be accepted