Leisure Lake Membership Association

Leisure Lake Membership Association



JULY 9, 2017

President Dale Cannon asked Brenda Lallathin if a quorum was established. Brenda related that there is a quorum. The meeting is being recorded for accuracy.

Roll Call: President: Dale Cannon, Vice President: Gary Kratz, Treasurer: Joanne Mociolek, Secretary: Lynn Barbee. Trustees: Joe Mociolek, Steve Phillips, Spike Smith, Dave Simons, Quentin Childers. All present.

Reading of Previous Membership Meeting April 9, 2017:

Secretary: I came aboard the middle of May 2017 and the meeting minutes from April 9, 2017 were not done. I could not get the minutes off the recorder as the minutes had been erased. I had to take minutes from other members notes. Minutes were read. Motion to accept: Julius Toth second. Motion passed.

Presidents report: Trees: I know everybody is excited to get trees down, so Dale had Bowman come in. Bowman wants $14,385.00 for immediate trees that need to come downnow. There between campers etc. So, I want to buy our own bucket truck and I know I can do that for somewhere in the vicinity of $10,000.00. We have $6,000.00 of it dedicated to the trees to come down So what I need is a few dollars more to get one (bucket truck) at the auction I could have got one last month for 9,500.00, but I need the memberships approval so I cango to the nextauction. I need avote to okay this. Or we spend $14,000 this year just to get the ones down that mustcome down. Gwen Carlson asked what the insurance is for this? Dale related that he doesn’t think we need to worry about this as he knows how to take trees down anyways that we can cut down. So, our insurance covers that if he drops one. If we rent a bucket truck the same thing, our insurance has to cover it and so either way, and this way we don’t have to have$ 6,000.00 every year for trees. Once it’s done, it’s done and we can take our own trees down. Gary made a motion that we purchase bucket truck. Doug Miller asked if we are going to license the truck, Dale sated that we are not and that it is going to be on this land, and this is where it is staying. Bucky seconded the motion. Lori Miller asked if we can raise to 12,000.00 tops? Have to re-do the motion. Gary amended motion: to purchase a bucket truck not to exceed 12,000.00 and use the 6,000.00 that is already allocated to the trees to be used for the truck, Lori Miller 2nd. Vote: Quorum all agreed with one member against. Motion passed.

Gary: Trustees positions – doesn’t understand how positions are assigned. In the past, you run for a position as a trustee and you don’t know what you’re going toget, no clue, what slot you’re getting put into. It doesn’t make sense that qualified skilled people run for trustee and get a position that their totally un-qualified for. So were going to change it so that it makes a little more sense and that being, if your running for a trustee, we want you to fill out your forms for the position that you’re looking for. We’ll go down with the highest vote count. Highest vote counts gets that position, if two or more are running for the same spot. We would like you to put down an alternate position. That way if there is a position that no one is running for we can fill that spot by vote count. We would look at those alternates and pluck you into one of thosespots.

Joanne – The account closed the fiscal year ending April 30, 2016 and ispresently working on the tax return. as soon as thetax return is done, she will post a copy for everyone to see. The first quarter of our fiscal year ends July 31, 2017 and at thattime I will have 2 trustees look everything over and send that on to the accountant. Theproperty taxes arepaid, $12,75.59. Thesummary report for the month of June is posted where it belongs. There was also a question at the last board meeting as to what type of organization we are. I checked with theaccountant and were a corporation in the state of Ohio.

Secretary – Still trying to catch. Would like some help in the office next weekend

Trustees Report:

Spike Smith– Carnival July 15, 2017. Need donations, raffle baskets, if anyone would like tohelp, tents for shade. Basketball court – to re-do the asphalt will be $6,000.00. Halloween – we would like to do the hay ride through the woods again. Get people to come out andparticipate for sites this year. It was awesome last year. The date for the Halloween weekend will be determined later. A member brought up the issue about a few years back, that money that was raised during this weekend, was to be earmarked to buy Halloween decorations. After further discussion, Joanne was unaware that this money was to be earmarked for Halloween. She will dedicate an account for money raised for Halloween so that this money will be used just for the Halloween weekend. It was also agreed that if you have an activity, and you are raising money for a specific area/activity in the park, that you need to let the Treasurer know so that she earmarks where the funds are to be put. Example: Wood raffle funds are to go to sand for the new volleyball court.

Joe Mociolek: Nothing

Quentin Childers: Steve and I are working on the water. We noticed that the water is getting better. Karen has tickets for the wood raffle. Money from the wood raffle is going for the sand for the volleyball court.

Steve Phillips: The Health Department was in the park. One of the issues was the trash/dump station. It was noted that cans are littering the area around the trailer. We need to put all cans into the trailer. Steve will be turning the trailer around so that you can open the door and put your cans in there. If this isn’t done, then the park will dispense of the trailer. Dale stated that we have a new Health Inspector and he is following the rules to the letter. The old inspector was giving us leeway. We also mustput backwash valves on all spigots. Park is going to purchase and we will pass them out to the members, then you must put this on your spigot. Also need to put up a fence around dump area. If you also have scrap, please put itinthe scrap area that is fenced. Scrap does not belong in the dumpsters.

Dave Lindeman requesting ifwe can put in a recycle bin. Will check into this.

Dave Simon – have an issue with golf carts running wide open. Please follow the rules and regulations, if you don’t we will have to shut you down.

Committee reports – Constitution committee is work on it.

Internet – It is $18,000.00. Brenda L. doesn’t understand why membership dues must pay for theinternet. Dale gave the figures as to what it will cost us, $17,795.69 plus tax of $1,304.09, annual maintenance is $1,795.00 a year. That’s after we paid for it. Brenda made motion that the campground does not pay for campground internet. Vote taken. Against: 33, For: 33. Motion passed. We will still have internet in the clubhouse.

Nominations: Vice President – Al Toth nominated Gary Kratz – Gary Accepted, Doug Miller nominated Adam Borlie – Adam accepted, Joanne Mociolek nominated Jim Marshall – Jim accepted (electronically)

Treasurer – Beth Boggs nominated Joanne Mochiolek – Joanne accepted, DianaDarrah nominated Nancy Denmire – Nancy declined, Lori Miller nominated Diana Darrah – Diana declined, Doug Miller nominated Cheryl Ferrell, Cheryl declined.

Trustees - Karen Childers nominated Leonard Bittner, Lenard accepted, Dave Simon nominated Steve Phillips, Steve accepted. DaleLindeman nominated Joe Mochiolek, Joe accepted, Tammy Kratz nominated Frank Smith, Frank declined, Lori Miller nominated Shawn Robinson, Shawn accepted, Doug Miller nominated Rex King, Rex declined.

Nominations closed – All nominees need to see Lynn after the meeting to pick up a resume and needs to be returned to the office by July 22, 2107

Questions from Members:

Laura Snyder made a suggestion that for Board meetings if members can write down their questions, comments or concerns to the board at least two weeks before a board of directors meeting so that the board is not blind-sidedand total disruptionat the meeting.

Motion from Tom Raudonaitis: That anyone member wishing to address the board with new business would need to submit to the board secretary, either electronically or in writing one week in advance of the meeting: 1. Their name, 2. Nature of business and 3. Supporting documentation. Purpose of this motion is to allow the board/trustees an opportunity to better address members concerns. This would allow the member to potentially get an answer in a week’s time as opposed to tabling the issue until the following board meeting one month later. This complies with Robert’s Rules allowing members to present new business to the board. I am presenting this at a membership meeting as opposed to a board meeting as it applies campground wide as opposed to a single individual. Patty Dietrich 2nd. Vote taken for 79, against 4. Motion carried.

Lori Miller – Key cards –Has a decision been made. It is in theprocess now. Everybody isgoing to get their letter and application for the card. Last minutes said that every member is entitle to key card. Why do members have to fill out an application to get a key card. This is in process as weare consulting an attorney to makesure that what we’re doing is right.

New Business:

Kathy Hanko – Wants toknow when her lot can be measured. See the office after the meeting.

Jim Lozier – Sold his camper and lot – is he due a refund? He needstogoto the office to see Joanne after the meeting

Lori Miller – Thanked the board for covering up the anklebreaker at the dump station (gravel)

Beth Lewis – Thanked the Board for all their work in the park and we appreciate you

Dave Simon made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Steve Phillips 2nd, motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 11:16AM