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Students will follow the California Visual and Performing Arts Dance Standards, by learning movement skills, principles, and the Elements of Dance. Students will create, perform, and participate cooperatively while creating dances based on their own ideas. Students will be introduced to technical vocabulary as it pertains to dance and learn an array of traditional, current, and cultural dances. Finally, students will collaborate with their peers in preparing a dance presentation.

Units of Study

  1. Ballet Basics5. Modern
  2. Latin Dance/Cultural Dances6. Hip Hop
  3. Interpretive Dance7. Themes
  4. Ballroom Dance


The appropriate uniform must be worn at all times to earn full credit. Students may use their P.E. attire for dance class, or a CCMS P.E. shirt and black cotton leggings. If students do not have proper attire on any given day, loaner P.E. clothes can be issued from the P.E. locker room (students MUST have CCMS Agenda Book in order to check out loaner clothes). Students are expected to wear a choice of attire from the stated list below.

CCMS P.E. Shirt

CCMS P.E. Shorts/Sweats

Plain Gray/Blue/Black T-Shirt (No Logos)

Plain Gray/Blue/Black Shorts/Sweats (No Logos)

Black Leggings

Dance Shoes/Tennis shoes with laces (socks must be worn at all times)


AttendanceStudents are expected to arrive to class on time, dressed, and prepared to dance.


Participation and dressing appropriately for class accounts for 60% of a student’s grade. Students are required to participate in activity for the entirety of class, in order to obtain full credit. Water and restroom breaks will be provided for resting time.

Skills Assessment/Written Tests/Homework

Students will demonstrate knowledge of a unit through individual and group performances, written critiques/assignments and tests. These forms of assessment account for 40% of a student’s grade.

Locker Room

Every student will use their P.E. locker in which to store his or her dance attireduring the week. Students are assigned their own lockers and are NOT to share with peers. Students are not allowed in the locker room without adult supervision. Food and gum are prohibited in the locker rooms at all times, in addition to the Dance Studio and P.E. Blacktop

Dance Excuses

Students may be excused from participating in dance or have a modified program for up to two consecutive days with a written request from a parent that must be submitted to the School Nurse.Excuses lasting over two days REQUIRE a physician’s note indicating the diagnosis and the length of time the excuse is needed. Physician excuses must be given to the school nurse to be documented.



  1. Students will be on-time, prepared (with necessary AND required materials), remain on task, and actively engaged daily.
  2. Students will respect themselves, peers, facilities and the teacher.
  3. Students must use equipment and facilities safely and as instructed.

***Additional Supplies Required***

-3-prong folder (write Student Name, Teacher Name & Period) – Note

-30 pieces of lined paper

- 1 pen black or blue/pencil (just for DANCE Class)

- Toiletries (i.e. deodorant (no spray), hair brush/comb, lotion, feminine

hygiene products)

+++++++++++++++++++cut along the dotted line and complete and return the bottom portion+++++++

I have read and understood the above listed Dance Class policies.

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