Job Description Life Skills Trainer (LST)

Job Description Life Skills Trainer (LST)


Job Description Life Skills Trainer (LST)

The role of the employee will be to provide an environment where each consumer in the program can realize his/her maximum physical and mental potential and achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency and social citizenship. Also, to make available the patterns and conditions of everyday life that are as close as possible to the norms and patterns of the mainstream of society.

The LST must be at least 19 years of age and willing to submit to a criminal background check and a driver’s licensing check. Results may disqualify the individual from employment. This is a driving position.

She/he should have experience or training in working with people with developmental disabilities and should be knowledgeable in training and behavioral intervention techniques. The LST will be directly responsible to the Administrator/QDDP and/or their designees.

The primary responsibility of the LST is to provide training in living skills as determined by each person’s individual needs. The LST is responsible for setting up arrangements and implementing the program for each person assigned to the LST.

The following list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.

Essential Functions:

Orientation and Ongoing Training:

  1. Become fully acquainted with and adhere to the philosophy, policies, procedures and operation of Oakridge Homes. This is done through:
  1. Conference with Administrator and QDDP
  2. Orientation and in-service training.
  3. Reference material provided by the program.
  1. Become acquainted with the consumer’s background information and treatment plan. Understand the level of each consumer’s ability.
  1. Assure that no information that pertains to the program/consumers and staff be released without prior authorization.
  1. Complete time sheets/Billing Sheets accurately and in a timely manner.
  1. Complete Life Skills Trainer (LST) Bi-Weekly Report in an accurate and timely manner.


  1. To assure that a clean, attractive, safe and healthy environment is kept for the people involved in the program.
  1. Take appropriate action in case of emergencies and notify the proper personnel.
  1. Follow through with safe, healthy food-handling practices (includes not leaving food or supplies on counters).
  1. Staff may be required to operate ORH vehicles to transport consumers or supplies safely.
  1. Promptly report any problems with the physical plant, ground or vehicle(s) to the Administrator/QDDP. Fill out the applicable form and submit in a timely manner.

Unique Responsibilities to this Job:

  1. Demonstrate honesty, self-motivation and responsibility.
  1. Realize that many of the Consumers we work with are in school or at work during the normal workday.
  1. Realize that LST hours are not guaranteed. They are fluid and are determined by the needs of the Consumer.
  1. Develop (with QDDP) an organizational system for keeping records.
  1. Contact Consumers (through phone calls, visits, flyers mailed out and email) to set up and arrange transportation and times of activities.
  1. Plan groups/events as requested by Administrator/QDDP. This includes:
  1. Logistical Arrangements
  2. Activity Planning
  3. Shopping
  4. Overseeing Details
  1. Be flexible and be able to adjust accordingly to situations.
  1. Discuss concerns, challenges and questions with QMRP/Administrator.
  1. If planning a Day Trip, fill out a Trip Planner at least two weeks before the event.
  1. Remember the LST is part of the company as a whole.


  1. Follow Consumer Objectives, Goals and Outcomes with appropriate documentation on Progress Reports and LST Bi-Weekly Reports.
  1. Provide Active Treatment at all times.
  1. As determined by each person’s program, provide training through discussion, worksheets or role-modeling in the following areas: Hygiene, Home Maintenance, Laundry, Personal Needs, Finances, Cooking, Shopping, Recreation and Leisure, Socialization, Dining and Etiquette and Menu Planning. This list may be added to.
  1. Represent the program/Consumers in the community in a responsible and favorable manner.
  1. Use approved behavioral modification techniques in working with consumers.
  1. Staff will closely monitor and have frequent contact with assigned Consumers as they are working with them (length of time determined individually for each person). In case of accident or incident, the Consumer or staff must receive medical attention and/or first aid promptly. Report the accident/incident to the person listed in the Emergency Procedures instructions in a timely manner and completes the appropriate documentation.
  1. Follow current schedules and activity calendars and menus as written.
  1. Attend appointments with people living as requested and take forms and turn into the QDDP/Administrator.
  1. Be responsible for writing quarterly and annual staffing reports and turn into QDDP/Administrator at least one week prior to each meeting.
  1. Be responsible for generating/typing up an Annual Medical Summary (AMS) for each Consumer worked with. The AMS should be turned in at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. In order to obtain information for the summary, the LST will need to contact parents/guardians/foster providers.
  1. Encourage people to make choices whenever possible.
  1. Promote good relationships with Consumers and staff.
  1. Follow through with training rather than caretaking, allowing for participation according to the individual’s ability. Training and active treatment will occur both individually and in group situations.
  1. Initiate checking for community activities that are appropriate and would be of interest to the Consumers.
  1. Function effectively with the Consumers on a one-to-one basis and in groups.
  1. Deal effectively with behavior challenges that arise.
  1. Take prompt/appropriate action in the event of emergencies. Complete appropriate forms.


  1. Communicate with coworkers, QDDP, Administrator to ensure the smooth, consistent delivery of services. Never assume someone else will communicate a given situation. If you are involved in any type of situation or are a witness to said situation, you are required to communicate it in a timely manner. Ideally, this communication would be in writing or in person.
  1. Give full cooperation to the people on each Person’s IDT.
  1. Be prompt and reliable rather than exhibiting tardiness and absences.
  1. Respect the rights and integrity of coworkers, Consumers and their families.
  1. Positively accept suggestions and constructive criticism.
  1. Positively offer suggestions and constructive criticisms (creativity, time saving, cost efficiency).
  1. Be a positive role model by effectively communicating with others about consumer issues.
  1. Perform responsibilities in a professional manner.
  1. Attend Med Training only if requested by Administrator/QDDP. Staff trained by consulting nurse will follow policies and procedures.
  1. Attend and participate in staff meetings and in-services when indicated. Attend all mandatory in-service training.
  1. Obtain and fill out forms as needed.
  1. Display good time-management skills.
  1. ** Initiate responsibilities without direct supervision.
  1. Demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, patience and consistency.
  1. Carry out any and all job related duties as assigned by the Administrator/QDDP.
  1. Work effectively as part of a team by displaying adaptability and flexibility (do fair share and be willing to help out coworkers without being asked).
  1. Give accurate follow-up information as needed.
  1. Attempt to work out differences with coworkers before involving others.
  1. Follow lifting and transfer guidelines.


  1. Document objective/pertinent information in program record.
  1. Know how to implement consumers’ programs using methodology procedure as a guide and document appropriately.


Employees are required to satisfy the essential functions of their job description.

Physical Requirements

Employee must be able to lift/push a minimum of 50 pounds.

Equipment Used

Normal Consumer-related equipment (may vary with each person).

Other duties may be assigned as deemed necessary by the Administrator/QDDP or their designees.

It is understood that this job (or any other) description is subject to change at any time, without prior notice, and that this (or any other) job description is not intended to create, nor is it to be construed to constitute a contract, expressed or implied, between Oakridge Homes, Inc. or any of its employees.

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