Induction and General Information

Induction and General Information

The Highland Council

Training Agreement

Reference: WBL/Fin/Inv 29

Service: Finance

Job Title: / Business Support
Trainee Clerical Assistant (26 weeks duration)
Grade and Salary: / HC01-04 £8.33 per hour (living wage)
Hours: / Nairn
35 hours per week
Responsible to: / Claire Wishart
Training Purpose: / To provide trainees with opportunities to learn about and experience business support functions to support the Council. It is expected that the trainee will -
-Learn about the business support functions of the Council and areas of work that may be of interest to them for future training or employment
-Have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their abilities, competencies and ability to work with others
-Undertake relevant ‘off the job’ training
-Build a personal portfolio / c.v. that will assist them in obtaining future employment
Training Opportunities:
Closing Date: / The trainee will be provided with opportunities to observe and provide assistance with business support within the Council. Training will be provided in a range of business support functions which may include:
  • Information management support, including assistance with storage and retrieval of documents
  • Administration duties to support Personnel and Payroll functions
  • Financial transactions including supporting the processes for purchasing goods and services; paying for goods and services, raising invoices and internal transactions
  • Facilities management, including set-up and support in the use of meeting rooms and other facilities
  • Scheduling, including organising meetings, note taking
  • Assist with customer contact which may include dealing with visitors to Council premises
  • Assist with service specific business support processes
The trainee will be required to comply with the relevant Council policies and regulations, including personnel, financial regulations and information management.

Highland Council

Trainee Person Specification

Job Title:
Reference: / Business Support
Trainee Clerical Assistant,
WBL/Fin/Inv 29
Grade and Salary:
Location: / HC01-04 £8.33 per hour (living wage)
Essential Attributes:
Interest and motivation to learn about the work of the Council and Business Support functions as a means of obtaining skills and experience for further learning or employment.
1. / -Adaptable and willing to learn
2. / -Ability to listen and follow instructions
3. / -Ability to Communicate and relate to others
4. / -Ability to work in a team
5. / -Reliable and honest
6. / -Good timekeeping
7. / -A sufficient standard of education including literacy and numeracy skills required for the work setting.