Held in the Council Chamber at 7.00Pm

Held in the Council Chamber at 7.00Pm



Held in the Council Chamber at 7.00pm

In Attendance: Cllrs: R P Ashton, A Bridge (Chair), S Carter, Ms L D Cox, C Cutting, S D Freeborn, R Emmas-Williams, Mrs S Emmas-Williams. D Farrelly, Mrs J H Gregory, T Holmes, A Johnston, Mrs L Joyes, P Lobley, P C Moss and D A Williams.

Also 3 members of the public, Police PC Sarah Allcock, L McCormick Town Clerk and K Hall Community Officer


7102. To receive apologies for absence– Cllrs I Fisher, M Jones, M Missett, M Wilson and Mrs C Worth

7103. Variation of Order of Business – None required

7104. Declaration of Members Interests

Cllr D Farrelly declared a personal interest in the following items as a member of the Derbyshire Community Bank and would remain in the meeting – 11) Derbyshire Community Bank and Further Bank Account

Cllr Ms L D Cox declared a personal interest in the following items as a member of the Derbyshire Community Bank and would remain in the meeting – 11) Derbyshire Community Bank and Further Bank Account

Cllr D Williams declared a personal interest in the following items as a member of the Derbyshire Community Bank and would remain in the meeting – 11) Derbyshire Community Bank and Further Bank Account and item 8k) Heage Windmill Funding Request as a trustee of Heage Windmill and item 8a) Bus Shelters as a member of Derbyshire county Council

7105. Public speaking

PC S Allcock introduced herself as she is now assigned to the Ripley area and spoke of the previous years where she had a close working relationship with another Town Council, and she hoped this would continue with Ripley.

Cllr Freeborn spoke of looking forward to a close working relationship between RTC and PC Allcock and welcomed her to Ripley.

7106.To confirm the Non-Confidential Minutes of theTown Council’sMonthlyMeeting January 19th 2016, Finance Committee Minutes & Recommendations January 29th 2016, Allotment Committee Minutes February 5th 2016and Events Committee minutes February 12th 2016- Planning Committee February 12th 2016(all previously circulated)

RESOLVEDto agree and sign the minutes as a true and accurate record

7107. To determine which items if any part of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded. None required

7108. Town Mayors Announcements – (Reminder of the Ripley Civic Dinner March 19th 2016 – noted) – January 17th 2016 attended Heanor Civic Service

7109. Report of the Town Clerk on: -

a)Bus Shelters –

RESOLVEDtoconsider the proposed sites due to the possible changes in the bus services

b) Addition to Standing Orders regarding Planning Committee meetings

RESOLVEDto accept the recommendations and all Cllrs to be informed when there is a planning

meeting to allow local members to attend

c)Accessible Taxis – Amber Valley Access had written asking for support to keep accessible taxis in Amber Valley

RESOLVEDto write to AV Access and AVBC supporting the desire to to keep taxis fully accessible to all, including wheelchair users in their own wheelchairs..

d)Grosvenor Road Parking (Cllr R Ashton)

RESOLVEDto take no action regarding this matter

e)Christmas Lights new tenders for 2016 / 2019

RESOLVEDto add to the tender documents detailed penalties for poor displays or lack of working

lights or motifs

f)Notice Board Heage location review –

RESOLVEDto consider Old Road and the junction with Park Road near to the bus stop

g)FP69 (near to Scout Hut Ripley) – it is overgrown and needs clearing

RESOLVEDthe Clerk to organise clearing of the footpath and add to the DCC Minor Maintenance invoice to DCC.

h)Play Areas Annual inspection report - work is neededat both Cedar Avenue and Porterhouse Road sites

RESOLVEDthe Clerkto obtain further quotations for the work needed to be carried out, and the work to be ordered in consultation with Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Leader.

i)Discussion about a Ripley Town Information Bi-Annual Guide and update on the RTC website – see report (previously circulated)

RESOLVEDthe Clerkto go ahead with the bi-annual guide and noted that the additional resources RTC now has, has improved the website and social media for the Town Council

j)Ripley Toilets – Gents toiletsinstallation of infra-red controlled taps

RESOLVEDthe Clerk to obtain further quotations

k)Heage Windmill Funding Request

RESOLVEDto contribute £1,000.00 to the fund

l)Defibrillator – funding from the British Heart Foundation funding oversubscribed and none available – April 2016 there will be an opportunity for £400 grant towards the cost of a public access defibrillator but will not include an outdoor cabinet

RESOLVEDthe Clerk to produce figures for all costs relating to the defibrillator

m) Butterley Trust – Heritage Lottery Funding to be applied for

RESOLVEDto agenda for the March 15th 2016 meeting

7110. Financial Income and Expenditure Reports – Recommendation from the Finance Committee for a hard copy of the Summary to be distributed to the Councillors with the monthly agenda and previous months minutes – a detailed copy to be distributed to the Finance Committeeon Pink Papers due to personal information about employees.

RESOLVEDto agree the recommendation.

7111. Accounts for paymentandIncomecheques to be approved and signed

RESOLVEDto agree and sign the cheques

Cheq No / Payee / £ / VAT / Total
504250 / AVBC Annual Playground Inspection / £70.00 / £14.00 / £84.00
504251 / Nether Heage Play Group replacement grant cheque / £100.00 / £100.00
504252 / L McCormick 504253K Hall 504254 HMRC PAYE / £2602.07 / £2602.07
504255 / AVBC Contested Elections May 7th 2015 / £14690.28 / £14690.28
504256 / AVBC Office Rent February 2016 / £300.00 / £60.00 / £360.00
504257 / Konica Minolta Copier costs 14/07/2015 to 13/01/2015 / £17.80 / £3.56 / £21.36
504258 / RAD Play Area Inspection replacement chq 504199 / £60.00 / £60.00
DD / Severn Trent Water Heage Toilets / £184.86 / £184.86
DD / Unicom Clerk’s telephone and Broadband January 2016 / £50.78 / £10.16 / £60.94
504259 / Harrison’s Packaging Dog Bags / £500.00 / £100.00 / £600.00
DD / Pitney Bowes Franking machine ink cartridges and postage refill / £199.85 / £29.97 / £229.82
504260 / Phase Print February 2016 Newsletter / £699.08 / £699.08
504261 / Shelter Maintenance repairs to Victory Avenue and clean all / £297.50 / £59.50 / £357.00
Total / £19,772.22 / £277.19 / £20,049.41
Income / AVBC Refund of Bond for Christmas Lights Switch On / £250.00
Heage Road Allotments Annual Rent / £30.00
AVBC Mayor and Mayoress Civic Dinner / £40.00
Cllr R Emmas-Williams Civic Dinner / £40.00
Cllr M Missett Civic Dinner / £80.00
Heage Allotments / £30.00
Cllr B Gration Civic Dinner / £40.00
Alfreton TC Civic Dinner / £40.00
Greenhillock’s Allotments / £30.00
Payments received from Cllrs and attendees for Ripley Fair Dinner / £550.00
Total / £ 1130.00

7112. Derbyshire Community Bank and a further Bank Account – Recommendation from the Finance Committee to open an account and deposit £15,000 with the Derbyshire Community Bank, and to open a further account at Lloyds Bank due to the Government’s Bank Guarantee scheme now being reduced to a limit of £75,000.

RESOLVEDthe Clerk to open a further bank accounts at Derbyshire Community Bank £15,000.00 and Lloyds bank £75,000.00

7113. Planning Applications – previously circulated

AVA/2016/0055 Marehay Garage 300 Derby Road Ripley Outline Planning Application for the demolition of existing buildings and proposed residential redevelopment for 20 houses - Comments submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council by the Planning Committee and agreed in the minutes

7114.Items for Information in the Information Folder:Trent Barton Red Arrow to remove free travel for OAP’s in the Nottingham City area –Scope house to house collection dates March 28th 2016 to April 17th 2016 – Bloodwise working together to beat cancer –DALC Circular 02/2016 – DALC Information on HM Treasury Budget – DALC Circular 03/2016 – Ripley Hospital Minor Injury Unit – live waiting times–Notedthe Clerk to write to Trent Barton regarding any possible changes for this area

7115. Town Clerk and Community Officer’s Annual Review – employee documents being considered by the Employment Committee

7116.Meeting closed at 7.56pm

Date for the next monthly meeting March 15th 2016 at 7.00pm