Gospel of Luke Grade 8 Christian Studies

Gospel of Luke Grade 8 Christian Studies

Gospel of Luke Grade 8 Christian Studies

Reading Assignment 2017/2018

Luke explores the story of Jesus (his life and teaching) starting with before his birth and ending with the resurrection and ascension of Christ. You will read through the WHOLE Gospel of Luke by reading two chapters every week. Once we get started, this will be an independent “at home” assignment.

The assignment that accompanies the reading has TWO parts.

  1. Complete a notes page for the chapters as you read. Write down the main events in EACH chapter, your favourite passage, and some themes you think are important.
  1. Follow the table below to complete a response assignment to those chapters. It’s a different kind of response each week! Use the back of your note page or a separate sheet.

Place both parts of the assignment (the notes and the response) in your Luke folder. These duotangs will stay in a bin in your homeroom during the week, and Ms. Thiessen will check them every few weeks.

One SUGGESTED routine to complete the assignment:

Sundaya. Note what type of assignment is required for the particular week.

b. Read the chapters and record date and brief notes. Consider reading the chapters aloud or with an adult or older sibling to help in understanding. This is a lovely addition to SABBATH rituals. Should take you 15 minutes.

Monday c. Spend 20 minutes working on the rough or research portion of the

OR Tuesdayassignment.

OR Wednesday

d. Take the other two nights off, do other assignments, go to youth… ponder that portion of the Jesus story… IF you need editorial help maybe these might be the days to ask someone else to look over your work.

Thursdaye. Edit, recopy, type up or create the final good copy. This should take no more than 15 minutes.

Fridayf. Bring your assignment to class and insert it into your Luke Journal WHETHER YOU HAVE CLASS OR NOT!

NOTE: Some weeks I may provide time to work on the Luke assignment in class, BUT overall it is your responsibility to keep up with the schedule and due dates.

Chapters / Due Date / Type of Assignment / Description of Assignment
1 + 2 / Nov. 17 / Notes
3 + 4 / Nov. 24 / A Change of Perspective
(A & E)
Notes / Choose a background character from the story or an “imaginary character” that could have been in the story and write a journal entry interacting with the story from his/her or its perspective. (minimum 200 words)
5 + 6 / Dec. 1 / Write Wonder Statements(CT)
& Notes / Write 10 unique “wonder statements” as you read the chapters. Not silly stuff like“I wonder if Jesus was wearing a pink top that day” or vague things like “I wonder why Jesus said that” but specific wonderings, like “I wonder why Jesus treated ____ like _____ but treated _____ like ______”
7 + 8 / Dec. 8 / Study Bible Themes
& Notes / Look up Luke 7 & 8 on Bible Gateway. Use the “Study This” section to find the Dictionary of Bible themes. Choose 3 themes that are important in these chapters. Read the definitions and write an explanation of the theme in your own words.Also, explain how the theme connects to the stories in these chapters.
9 + 10 / Dec. 15 / Find Artwork
(A & E)
& Notes / Find a piece of art (like a painting or stained glass window) that’s directly connected to one of the stories in Luke 9 & 10. The art must be more than 200 years old. Print out a copy of the piece, and write out a short paragraph that clearly explains:
1)how the art connects to the Bible
2)who the artist is
3)where the artist is from
4)when the piece was created
5)where the painting (or stained glass) has been displayed for all these centuries!
If you can’t find this information, choose a different work of art.
There will be a brief in-class quiz on the events and characters in Luke 9 & 10.
11 + 12 / Dec. 21 / Discuss with an Adult;
(A & E, CT)
& Notes / Have a conversation with an adult in your life about what you read.It would be ideal if you invited them to read the two chapters first. Consider what’s surprising or confusing, your favourite and least favourite passages, or maybe some connected stories you’ve heard.
After the conversation, write a note that describeswhat you talked about and have them sign it, confirming that the chat took place, its date and their name and relationship to you.
13 + 14 / Jan 12 / Research Old Testament Connections
& Notes / Look up Luke 13 & 14 on Bible Gateway. Use the “Study This” section to find the Dictionary of Bible themes. Choose 3 themes that are important in these chapters. For each theme, find an Old Testament passage that also relates to that theme. Read that verse in the Old Testament and describe the connection between that Old Testament passage and Luke 13 & 14. Be detailed!
15 + 16 / Jan 19 / Find Music
(A & E)
& Notes / Find a piece of music that clearly connects to one of the events or parables included in these two chapters. Use the hymnals we have at school, or a song we sing in chapel. Or if you want, choose a different song you know. Submit a copy of the piece of music, or at least the lyrics. Include a short paragraph explaining:
1)how the music connects to the Bible
2)who the writer is (for both text and music)
3)when it was written
17 + 18 / Jan 26 / Create a Comic Strip
(A & E)
& Notes / Create a comic strip of a conversation or encounter Jesus has with someone in these chapters. Show the reactions of the crowd.
19 + 20 / Feb 2 / Notes / Read and take notes. Make sure you have detailed notes about Jesus’ ACTIONS in this story.
Response is combined with Luke 21 & 22.
21 + 22 / Feb 9 / Write a News Report on Luke 19-22
(A & E)
& Notes / Pretend you are a news reporter living in Jerusalem at the time. Write a headline and a news report on the events that took place in ALL FOUR chapters. Be sure to have a title, include the the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ of the events, and include the perspective of the writer. What would they have seen? What would be puzzling? Remember, there’s much that a regular Jerusalem resident WOULDN’T know.
23 + 24 / Feb 15 / Letter to God
& QUIZ!!!
(CT, BL)
& Notes / Write a letter to God, respectfully asking questions and making comments about the stories found in Luke 23 & 24. Be honest and sincere; this is a pretty intense part of the Bible! (minimum 200 words)
There will be a brief in-class quiz on the events and characcters in Luke 23 & 24.