Gi Special Notice

Gi Special Notice

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Traveling Soldier

In Trouble:



Dear Traveling Soldier readers,

Over the last few weeks, many people have sent contributions to keep Traveling Soldier going. Without your help, we would not be able to keep being the voice and the organizer of the troops who hate this war.

When I sent out the first appeal, I didn't think we would get our $1,000 goal. Unfortunately, Dell's prices have changed in the last month (in time for the Christmas season in all likelihood) and the XPS 200 I would like to get has gone up to about $1,500. If anybody can find a better price, let me know.

I would also like to be able to buy a back up 150 GB USB hard drive, which would allow me to backup files in case (god forbid) anything should happen to the computer. They run for about $150.

I would also like to get a good color printer/scanner for about $150.

So we still have a ways to go.

People who were planning on sending money should continue to do so. Any money left over will help offset the cost for the domain name and the webspace, which I have been paying out of pocket since summer of 2003.

Thank you,

Pham Binh

Traveling Soldier production staff

Checks should be mailed out to Pham Binh and mailed to:

Pham Binh

954 Lexington Ave

New York, N.Y. 10021

You can also use PayPal. Just click the "donate" button at the bottom of the About Us page:

Heartfelt thanks to:

JG and CCohn - $200

WR - $20

DC - $15

RS - $25

AS - $30

AM - $40

WK, VN vet - $100

RP - $150

Displaced Films - $100

MS- $50

DN and LW– $100

L $10 (cash)

CW – $20

Citizen Soldier – $35

MW – $50

DP– $20

TEB $25.00

JAS $20.00

LP $25.00

RG $25.00

JS $35.00

JM $10.00

NEW TOTAL AS OF 11/8/05: $1,010



Glenn Pilipski - $50

Total minus Paypal's fee: $96.50

The Original Appeal 10.16.05

When I found your site, I became excited to find a military paper, more precisely a soldier’s paper, that will cut through the bullshit. ... I would like to join your organization and help if educate if I can.

– Sgt. C.C., FOB Kalsu, Iraq

I’m an OIF vet that spent time in Fallujah, Ramadi, and downtown Baghdad while on active duty with the 1st Armored Division. It looks like I’ll be deploying with the National Guard now. I’ve really enjoyed reading your issues and applaud you guys on your efforts. I would greatly appreciate it if you sent me the subscription. I’m trying to open the minds of the soldiers around me.
– SGT C.M.

ThankyouThankyouThankyou. I’m leaving for OIF 3 in five weeks with the 56th BCT TxArNG. It sucks. The next year (or two) is about to suck a lot more. Glad I found you.
– J.G.D.

Dear Traveling Soldier readers,

The above are from letters that we've gotten from soldiers who appreciate what Traveling Soldier is doing. And it's for them that we are making an appeal to help out with raising money to help buy a new computer for Pham Binh, who edits and produces Traveling Soldier on his PC.

The last time we appealed to readers for money, many people gave very generous contributions and fortunately, we were able to get the computer fixed.

With the money left over, we were able to pay off the bills for the domain name and for the webspace that have been coming out of pocket since 2003. The former runs $79 a year, the latter is $50 a year.

This time, the PC is beyond repair.

It's almost 6 years old, and all the files for Traveling Soldier - interviews, articles, PDFs, pictures - need to be salvaged onto another hard drive.

The replacement we would like to get is a Dell XPS 400, which is about $1000. Left over funds will be used to pay for the website, a Dell printer, and a CMS 80GB backup system which is on sale right now for about $100.

We won't be able to produce the new October-November issue of Traveling Soldier until this get resolved.