Minutes from MOCC Call of May 6, 2005

Present: Ranny Jones, Peggy Hallstrom, Rick Davis, Don Ticknor, Rosie Jamison, Veronica Paulson, Sandy Anderson, Mark Lee

Absent: Bill Jones

Minutes by SDSM&T (Barb Dolan substituting for Bill Jones)

1. MCR 10 - Commitment – Rose

a. Is everything ready to go to begin sending letterson May 10?

  1. Any questions?

We are ready to go with MCR 10.

2. MCR 4 -

  1. BAC approved changes to BOR Policy 5:5 - will be on the Board agenda May 12-13. (three attachments)

Ranny confirmed that this policy will be addressed at the BOR Meeting on May 12-13.

  1. Status of restriction change email sent to Dr. Alley, Dr. Perry, and Monte Kramer (one attachment)

This will need to be addressed at a BAC Meeting. It is an issue that MOCC requests be cleaned up by Fall.

c. Resolution of Common Message to Students

1.Each student will receive a common message (printed at the top of the XRST, Registration Statement) as follows:

(1)All students are required to make payment in full, or make financial arrangements to pay for all charges for the term no later than mm/dd/yy or be subject to a late fee or cancellation of courses.

(2)The Board of Regents has approved a of the FY05 General Activity Fee increase to be used for Title IV – Equity in Athletics.

  1. A student may receive additional messages on the Registration Statement that are unique to their HomeUniversity.

Module groups seemed fine with this since the Home Universities have the flexibility to add their own unique messages.

  1. MCR 4, Data Definitions, and Common Business Practices will be updated after the May 13 BOR meeting.

After the BOR passes Policy 5.5 at their May 12-13 meeting, Ranny will update MCR 4, the data definitions and Common Business Practices.

  1. Regional Pament FA Fact Finding Results (Rosie to Dr. Alley) (two attachments).

Rosie Jamison, David Martin, and Deb Henriksen conducted a survey with regional colleagues on their practices regarding payment of fees and late fees. Rosie forwarded the results to Dr. Alley.

3. Dr. Alley is requesting input for a tuition review committee (he is a member) - Mike Merrill will join us

Mike Merrill confirmed that Dr. Alley would like as much input as possible from as many groups (MOCC, module groups, etc.) as possible on this issue.

4. IASU Data Cleanup - Consensus to go back to Spring 2004 rather than 2003 (Any questions?)

Ranny confirmed that the consensus by MOCC was to go back to 2004 spring rather than 2003. Ranny believed that Carla said this was completedbut the group was not in agreement – thought it had not yet been completed.

5. CEEB Codes - RIS will set up the CEEB table in RIS - it will be maintained centrally (Any questions?)

The CEEB code is the high school code and Bill Jones of SDSM&T will provide the group with the complete list so that all high schools can be recorded. The CEEB table will be maintained centrally but all the universities will be able to use it. This project needs to be done sooner than later.

6. Web Advisor Grading Screen Parameters (note email attached - for Registrar Module Review and recommendation to MOCC)

BHSU asked why three terms couldn’t be available at all times and then update them according to whichever time we are in…so once summer 05 starts, then summer 04 would drop off. Ranny asked the Registrar’s group to review this request and make a recommendation to MOCC. She will put it on the May 20 agenda.

7. MCR 27 – Degrees –I will send a recommendation to MOCC/ASCC next week - to address transcripting/IPEDS concerns.

There is a complexity of degrees among the universities, which affects how to code double majors and/or double degrees. Registrars need to discuss what do they consider a new degree and recommend a solution to MOCC. Need to put together all the definitions of what a new degree might be and talk to their technical staff . Another question is how these degrees are addressed in the IPEDS Completions Report.

8. MCR 26 – Certificates/Certifications -deferred to May AAC (one attachment).

MOCC will get AAC’s final decision on this after their May meeting. One of the issues was that when the description of the CERT degree was changed on Colleague the system went back into history and changed it there, too. If AAC doesn’t act on this until the May meeting, the universities will already be doing awarding. The Registrars would like this changed back ASAP and have new titles take affect in 2005 summer. Ranny will try to move the timeline on this issue.

9. Tech/UDA Report – Don reported.

  • Minimum Progression - Have made some refinements to the Minimum Progression process and the universities are testing.
  • ACT/COMPASS - Also making some changes to ACT and COMPASS for SDSU and BHSU.
  • General Education – The 2005 fall sections will need to be fixed manually before copied. Want to track general education requirements by just looking at course types.
  • Degree Audit – Been discussing how the universities need to enter general education requirements in system so they work for degree audit.
  • Patches – RIS has 20 patches that will be loaded into TEST soon and the universities will need to test them.
  • New Version of Download – The universities are testing the new version of Download.
  1. Other Issues that Need Resolved This Summer are:
  2. WebAdvisor Grading Enhancements – Grading with zero credit placement courses for spring 2005 grading has been approved with an S/U or CR for the course. Ranny will ask the Registrar’s to come to a consensus on what grade to use beginning Summer 2005. S/U can only be used if the course is listed P/F, the section is listed P/F or the student elects the P/F option. Were problems with this for Mines and their thesis classes so Suzanne removed the parameter/rule on this for this spring. Will need to be revisited and fixed for the graduate level. Registrars had to do some cleanup on sections so that this enhancement would work.
  3. Post – Secondary Name Changes – Need to revisit if there is a significant university name change, can there be two names in the database so that the transcript really reflects the right name? This needs to be addressed soon. Also, are we going to issue anew policy from this day forward or are we going to do some historical clean up?
  4. System Processing Calendar – Ranny asked the group to look carefully at the calendar and make any recommendations. Some issues are AR update, Registrars’ recommendation on Minimum Progression, earlier date for billing, and what is the final summer extract date?

Ranny updated the group on her work schedule this summer. She will work as many hours as possible until June 6 but from June 7 through July 4 she will be on sick leave. Her effective retirement date has been changed from June 30 to July 31 so insure that there is a smooth transition for the new hire.

The next MOCC meeting will be held at 10:00 CT on May 20. The number to call is 605-773-6140.