For Example: the 3 Times Tables Are the 2 Times Tables Plus the 1 Times Table

For Example: the 3 Times Tables Are the 2 Times Tables Plus the 1 Times Table

November 2016

We have been off to a great year. It's hard to believe that the first marking period is almost over. The students have been working so hard. We seem to be into our routines and students know what is expected of them.

Students will be starting the White Reading Comprehension Folder this week. I will model the first story with them in school. They are to read 1 story and complete the 5 questions that go with it each week. They have already started the Weekly Yellow Math Folder. Only 1 question will be assigned each week. Remember, both assignments will be given on Mondays and either assignment can be turned in any day of the week, but it must be turned in by Friday. If they wait until Thursday night, they may end up with a lot of homework that night.

Don’t forget to practice those times tables. It is the most important thing they need to learn and memorize this year. Each week, I will go over strategies for them to get answers to certain times tables.

For example: the 3 times tables are the 2 times tables plus the 1 times table.

If they don’t know 3X4 they could do 2x4 plus 1x4. 2x4=8, 1x4=4. 8+4=12 so 3x4=12.

They need to practice a little each night.

Conference forms came home for those parents that did not sign up during Back to School Night. They are due by the end of this week so that I can work with siblings teachers to schedule conferences that are convenient for you. I will send home confirmation letters soon. I look forward to sitting with you and discussing your children. If you have not returned yours yet, Monday night is completely full and all times before 9:40 AM have been taken on Tuesday.

Now that Halloween has passed, remember candy can be brought in for a lunch time snack, but it may not replace a healthy morning snack.

Important Dates:

November 1 –24 Challenge Clubs Starts – 8:20 AM each Tuesday until Dec. 13

November 3 – Math Fluency Starts – 8:20 AM each Thursday until Dec. 8

November 7 – Kid Voting

November 8 – No School – Election Day

November 9 – Elf Fund Dinner – 5:30-7:00

November 11 – No School – Veteran’s Day

November 16 – Picture Retakes (I don’t know when they will be getting their pictures back)

November 21 – Evening Parent Conferences

November 22 – Daytime Parent Conferences

November 23-25 – No School – Thanksgiving Break