EKYA 200Hr Yoga Techer Training FAQ

EKYA 200Hr Yoga Techer Training FAQ

EKYA 200hr Yoga Techer Training FAQ

Can I do payment plans? - Yes these can be arranged in 3 -5 payments. Tuition must be paid in full 3 weeks prior to start of the training or earlier if Early Registration applies.

View 10 Classes Pre-Requirements – We will have a video sequence class you will need to practice. This will be the template for module 1 or the first half of the training. Please practice this sequence at least 10 times. The more, the better, as you will feel it in your body and have an easier time learning the poses when we break them down in training and you will be able to teach it with more ease.

Book – Heart of Yoga purchase & read(must be read prior to Start Date)– This book will take you approximatley 7 hours to read. You do not need to read the Sutras at the end of the book. This is to introduce you to concepts we will be discussing in lecture. Please higlight or note any areas that may either interest you or want clarification on. It can be purchased online or a bookstore

Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Martin Kirk & Brooke Boon– purchase book – this book will be used in reference for lesson plans

Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga (scientific keys volume 1) by Ray Long - purchase book – this book will be used in lesson plans and anatomy sessions

Book work in workbook (will be mailed to you) approximately 30 hours of assignments – along with bookwork you will be required to watch short videos on breathing / pranayama techniques. You will need to start practice teaching these on friends or family and document them. There will be some anatomy questions and some assignments along with some general questions related to the course we will be going over in class.

18yrs of age with at least one year of a yoga practice – You do not need to be an expert in yoga to come to training! You are coming to learn and we know this. You may be coming to teach or to deepen your practice. We do not expect you to be intermediate or advanced in any postures or have a certain degree of physical flexibility.

What Certification will I get? - If you do your pre-requirements and attend all dates you will get a certificate from EK Yoga Academy. You will have to pass a written test at the end of the course that you will be participating in creating. You will also have a final 20 – 30 minute practical exam. If you meet all the requirements you will be eligible to get certification through the Yoga Alliance as a 200hour RYT. This is recognized all over the world and the curriculum has met their standards.

We are here to support you in a safe and fun learning environment.