Dreaming for Fun While Sleeping, Or Any Time

Dreaming for Fun While Sleeping, Or Any Time



I took a class from Patricia Garfield on dreaming years ago. The key thing I remember is that once you realize you are dreaming you can then take control of the dream – because it is YOU that is doing the dreaming.[1]

You’re being chased by a tiger, then you realize it is a dream, so you turn around and grab the tiger by the tail and fling him 100 yards, up in the air.

Something “bad” is happening, you make it good.

After all, it is just a dream, something you make up and you can make it up anyway you want.


If life is actually about experiencing life, then it would seem that you could add some good experiences by adding some good dreams. So, let’s create that! Let’s create some happy feelings, just from our wonderful capacity to visualize and make things up (what an incredible gift!).

What are some desirable experiences we would like to have in life?

Well, one of them was created at the EST trainings in the early ‘70’s in the form of a brief dream “on-demand” called “going to the beach”. The idea was that when one was experiencing a conflict or something unpleasant, one could still control at least a portion of what was going on in one’s head and emotions, by visualizing being on the beach, experiencing the warm sand, the sun, the sound of the surf, feeling the sun on your skin, smiling… We practiced it and visualized it several times, so that we could bring it up anytime we wanted to. (It would be a good idea to write it down, so that you are at least filling in all the details to make it as real as possible. Recall that “your perception is your reality”, so whatever you make up and perceive is as good as actual reality in terms of your mind and emotions experiencing it.[2])

So, let’s develop a library to select from. We can select from it any time we want to or simply before we go to bed (so keep a copy next to the bed). Also, we can read a visualization[3] or listen to one before going to sleep, so that it will start your mind going down a good feeling path. Write out 5 great visualizations that are pleasurable and keep them in your Reminders Notebook.

Flying and floating like a bird.

Being superman or superwoman.

Me as a panther or lion (nice ones)

Making love, being made love to

Walking in the forest or along a river or some beautiful view

Being in a beautiful home (even creating a beautiful home)

Receiving a million dollars

Enjoying your yacht

Playing golf, wonderfully, a hole in one, celebrating, getting a certificate

Going to Disneyland

Walking into a room and being applauded for ______

Going on a trip somewhere

Being healthy and powerful

Relive some great old memories

Now, you add some:


Put this in your Reminders Notebook, so you can refer to it and add to this section over time.


Here’s another thing to consider reading and doing:

A footnote about positive visualization included in the piece PROTECTING THE MIND FROM THE NEGATIVE:Not an earth shaking discovery, but a useful one! In the dramatically effective EST trainings, there was a technique called “going to the beach”, where, reputedly, those who developed this skill could be in any “bad” situation and simultaneously have their mind “at the beach”, experiencing pleasure. That’s one skill to develop – decide if it is to be “the beach” or another special place. Then recall and write out in detail 5 special memories and 5 made up great visualizations that are pleasureful. This is a vital, vital exercise. Having these available and practicing them for a period of time, such as the “standard” 21 days, is a “must” for your positivity process.

1C:\Users\Keith\Documents\Selfdev\Psychological\Methods\VisualizationDreamEtc\DreamingForFunWhileSleeping.doc© 2009 Keith Garrick

[1] This is analogous to what one learns in most philosophies. Once you realize that you made up most of the beliefs/fears/stories, then you can take control of them and make new, better ones

[2] After all, your mind experiences a lot of negatives from false beliefs that are constantly being run through the brain. Why not just create the opposite!?

[3] Keep them in a binder so they are readily available, possibly in your Reminders Notebook – See use search engine.