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Course Description:

The aim of Spanish IV is to enable students to understand and use the language in a range of contexts presented on a variety of topics for a variety of purposes while encouraging through the study of texts and through social interaction, an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures. The course focuses on the continued development of communicative competence in Spanish and understanding of the culture of Spanish speaking people. Students use basic language structures with accuracy and will be able to recombine learned materials to express their thoughts. They are exposed to more complex features of the language, moving from concrete to some abstract concepts. The major means of communication will be in Spanish.

Performance Standards/Objectives:Spanish III is based on the Georgia Performance Standards. The Georgia Performance Standards are available online at

Anticipated Classroom Format: TheSpanish IV course strives to help students develop their communicative competence in Spanish. This course is primarily student focused. Small group and pair activities, guided and independent practice that reinforces grammatical structures, student led oral presentations and listening activities will all be used in class.

Assessment/Evaluations/Required Student Products: Students will be evaluated throughout this course using announced quizzes and tests, unannounced short quizzes (pop quizzes), written and oral presentations as well as daily class participation.

Grading Plan: The course grade will be determined as follows: Major Assessments (common assessments, tests, projects, notebook, oral assessments) 45%

Minor Assessments (daily work, quizzes, homework, class work) 30% Participation 10%

Final Exam – Written 10%

Final Exam – Oral 05%

Strategies for Student Learning: In order to help students maximize their achievement inSpanish IV this course will include the use of paired and small group activities, songs, mnemonic devices, kinesthetic and oral activities.

Academic Honesty: Students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity at all times. Therefore any student caught or suspected of cheating on assignments or assessments will earn an automatic zero on that assignment or assessment. For the purposes of this course cheating is defined as but not limited to copying another student’s assignment or test, using outside resources during a test or using an electronic translator either hand held or internet based.

Required Readings:Spanish IV will use the textbook DIME, PASAPORTE AL MUNDO 21, authentic texts and other readings as assigned.

Lost Book Policy: Board Policy Descriptive Code: IFAD The student will be charged full replacement cost for any textbook lost regardless of condition. The amount to be charged for a textbook damaged by a student will be the responsibility of the principal.

Resources: This course will use resources found on the Georgia Learning Connections website as well as authentic texts and materials.

The Foreign Language Seal will be awarded to the student who has 4 units of high school credit for the same language. Research shows that SAT-Verbal scores of students who had taken 4 to 5 years of foreign language were higher than those of students who had taken 4 to 5 years of ANY OTHER SUBJECT. Economic background did not affect student performance.

The Douglas County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, national origin, disability or age in educational programs or activities, or employment practices.