English III Semester II, 1st Quarter Project

Mr. Rodriguez

Date introduced: ______

Turnitin.com and in-class due date: ______

WARNING: This Quarter Project is 5% of your overall grade and will be checked for original ideas and original content in your writing. To ensure that no quarter projects are plagiarized, the written portion of the project will be submitted to Turnitin.com. Any plagiarized paper will receive a “zero” and the student will be reported to the Dean for disciplinary action as explained in Lancer Life pg. 20

The Great Gatsby movie Quarter Project: Now that you have read the novel The Great Gatsby, watch Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby movie (2013) or Jack Clayton’s version of The Great Gatsby movie (1974) movie. Watching any movie after you have read the novel makes the experience completely different in both positive and negative ways.

Important Note: Even though the movies are rated PG and PG-13, get your parent’s permission before renting/downloading/streaming either version of the film.

After watching either version of the movie, type two full pages (12 point, times new roman font, double-spaced) responding to the following questions:

·  What did you like and not like about the movie?

·  What scenes did you think were better or worse in the movie vs. the book?

·  What parts of the book were changed in the movie and what parts were added that weren’t in the book?

·  How did the changes/additions in the movie make the story better or worse?

·  Were there any important scenes in the book that were left out of the movie?

·  Did the characters in the movie accurately portray the way you pictured them in your imagination?

·  How did watching the movie change your overall opinion of the book?

·  Ultimately, did the movie meet your expectations?

·  Feel free to add more opinions/commentary about the film.

This is not a formal essay but you should write in paragraphs. Any papers that are 1 ½ pages or 1 ¾ pages will not receive full-credit. Anyone who begins the body of their essay ¼ of the page down should write another ¼ page to be safe.

This Quarter Project must be submitted to turnitin.com and also be printed out and handed in to Mr. Rodriguez. Failure to do either will result in an automatic zero for your quarter project grade.

***Not following the instructions for the Quarter Project will result in a huge grade reduction!