June 22, 2007

Mr. Jim Troppman, Manager

Columbia Country Club

7900 Connecticut Ave.

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Dear Jim,

Confirming our discussions relative to the CCC using some WCCC parking spaces during the CCC 18-month renovation period, I have done some calculating and estimating and have arrived at the following suggested approach:

  1. Assuming use of the parking spaces at the rate of 6 days per week (no Mondays), the average use per month is 26.14 days (or 52.28 shifts at two shifts per day).
  1. Based on history of the WCCC parking lot use and projected use by both the WCCC and others (e.g., rentals), it is anticipated that there will be some days (or some shifts) when the WCCC will need to reserve the entire parking lot for its own use. Examples of this include the Antiques Show, Art Show & Sale, other major club events, full-house rentals, etc.

Across the 18 months, this “restricted” time looks like 47 first shifts and 81 second shifts for a total of 128 shifts, or 7.11 shifts per month.

  1. The anticipated average time available for CCC parking, therefore, is 52.28 shifts per month less the 7.11 unavailable shifts, which equals 45.17 shifts or 22.6 days per month.
  1. At $2.00 per space per day, $1,000 would permit an average of 22.12 spaces to be used. This number is in the right ballpark in terms of how many spaces we would be willing to set aside for CCC parking.
  1. Therefore, I propose that the CCC pay the WCCC $1,000 per month (on a month-to-month basis), for as long as needed, and plan to park cars in 22 spaces six days a week – one or two shifts, as needed. The following stipulations would apply:

a)The 22 spaces are to be considered an “average”. It is understood that there will be times when the CCC may need more or fewer spaces.

b)The spaces to be used are the ones on the far (east) side of the parking lot – away from the clubhouse.

c)In the event of snow accumulation requiring plowing, the lot would have to be free of vehicles.

d)Prior to the start of each month, The WCCC will inform the CCC of the “unavailable” dates (or shifts) as described above.

I will be happy to meet with you – and others at Columbia – to discuss this

proposal further.

Sincerely yours,

Anthony J. Glaser

Club Manager