Fast Food Nation

Health Related Assignment

Naomi Greenberg

1.  Choose one or two of the following as you reflect on the impact of fast food on health:

-What might be particularly unhealthy about fast food?

-Which specific medical concerns or disorders might result from long term use of fast food? Why?

-What societal changes have you noticed related to the concept of a Fast Food Nation? What is their impact on health or disease?

-How would you describe the psychological health of a person who literally “eats on the run?”

-Contrast spiritual aspects/rituals related to food in comparison with the concept of fast food.

-Discuss cultural diversity in fast food use and abuse in two places where you or your family have lived.

-If you had to select a healthy fast food, what would it be? Why?

-How does the actual process of eating change with fast food? Consider utensils vs. fingers, sequence of steps, context, functional abilities needed, etc.

-If you were asked to teach a fast food addict about healthy eating, how would you approach the task?

-How do you feel about the recent decision regarding sodas in New York City public schools? How does it relate to the book, Fast Food Nation?

-What sanitation and/or environmental concerns are related to fast food vendors? What do you suggest be done about them?

-Why do people choose fast foods? Is there really a health issue?

-Where are fast foods most often eaten? Is there an impact on healthy life style?

-Do food labels enable people to make choices? Does it make a difference with regard to fast foods?

-What is the impact of the technology of vending machines on fast food? Have you used the vending machines at LaGuardia CC? What choices do you make? Does the fact that you are enrolled in a health course make a difference?

-What is meant by junk food? How do you feel when you hear that term used? Why?

2.  Take a quote from the common reading, Fast Food Nation and link it with a quote from the textbook.

What is each author trying to emphasize? Why did you choose the quotes that you did? What are the similarities and differences? What is your position regarding your chosen content?

3.  State a full and accurate fact that can be read from a fast food chart that contains quantitative data. You may use an alternative or:

Compare and contrast a minimum of two items on the chart. Calculate at least one quantitative difference between them.