Background 1 Answer Key

1 The Alphabet

1- 1apple 2 ball 3 cat 4 doll 5 egg 6 frog 7 glass 8 hat 9 indian 10 jam 11 kite 12 lemon 13 man 14 nose

15 onion 16Pen 17 queen 18 rain 19 star 20 train 21 umbrella 22 van 23 watch 24 x-Ray 25 yacht 26 zoo

2-a – c –e – h – j – l – n – p – s – u – w - y

3- B–D–F–H–I–K–M –O–Q–R–S –T–V–Y

4- 1 H, I 2 x,y 3 S,T, 4 E,F 5 m,o 6 u, w


6- 1 pen 2train 3frog 4egg 5doll 6cat 7nose 8zoo 9onion 10indian

7- 1onion 2hat 3ball 4watch 5star 6kite 7yacht 8cat

2 The Infinitive Article a-an

1-1an 2a 3 a 4an 5a 6 an 7a 8a 9an 10 an

2-1a 2a 3an 4 a 5a 6an 7a 8an 9a 10a 11a 12an

3-1an 2a 3a 4 an 5 a 6a 7an 8an 9a 10an

4-a-bag, pen, ruler, notebook an-eraser, ant, atlas, umbrella

5- 1 horse 2 umbrella 3 lemon 4 donkey 5ice cream 6owl

6-1a 2 an 3a 4 an 5 a 6 a 7a 8a




10-1a 2a 3a 4an 5an 6a 7a 8an

11- (a)lemon, banana, carrot, watermelon (an) apple, onion, orange

12-1an 2a 3an 4a 5a 6an 7a 8an 9a 10a 11an 12a 13an 14an 15a 16a

17a 18an 19a 20an 21a 22an 23an 24a 25a 26a 27a 28an 29a 30an 31a 32a

3 Numbers

1- one, two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine, ten

2- 11, 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,30,40,50,60

3- 1 forty 2 sixty three 3 seventy-five 4 fifty-five 5 eighty-seven 6 thirty-three 7 twenty- two 8 ninety-one

9 ninety-nine 10 twelve 11 nine 12 eighteen 13 forty-six 14 eighty 15 fifty-nine

4- twenty , thirty,forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty,ninety, a hundred,

5- fifty,thirteen,twenty,fifteen,seven,nineteen

6- 1 seventy-seven 2 sixty-five 3 forty-nine 4 twelve 5 thirty-three 6 eighty-four 7 thirteen 8 sixty-two

9 fifty-eight 10 seventeen

4 Plurals (Regular/Irregular)

1- 1 two zebras 2two frogs 3four elephants 4 three dogs 5two snakes 6 three lions 7three cows 8two tigers

9 three ants

2- 1 buses 2flowers 3dishes 4boxes 5 tomatoes 6brushes 7 glasses 8watches 9donkeys 10 butterflies

11birds 12dogs

3- 1 monkeys 2babies 3cherries4boys5keys 6ladies 7toys 8strawberries

4- stories,days,ladies,strawberries,boys,monkeys

5- s: zebras, lions,boats, es:buses,glasses,tomatoesies:ladies,stories,lorries

6- giraffes, tomatoes,leaves, knives, watches, wolves, glasses

7- 1 men 2 women 3 children 4people 5teeth 6feet 7mice 8fish 9sheep

8- 1 children 2mice 3men 4teeth 5sheep 6people 7feet 8women 9 fish

9- 1 three mice 2two feet 3three fish 4four men 5three sheep 6eight children 7two girls 8three teeth

10- Singular :woman,bus,fly,watch,box

Plural : ladies, women,children,gloves,scarves,classes,feet,boys,mice,teeth,friends,tomatoes

11- 1strawberries 2 knives 3 peaches 4 sandwiches 5 men 6 women


11- s: toys, cats,skateboards,lamps,shoes,boys,hats


ies:ladies,strawberries,butterflies, flies, parties


irregular :people,teeth,children,mice,women

5 Personal Subjects / Objects Pronouns

1- 1 I 2 You 3He 4She 5it 6We 7you 8 They

2- 1 he 2it 3it 4he 5she 6she 7he 8it 9 he 10it

3- 1 he 2it 3they4we 5he 6they 7she 8we 9it 10it 11they 12he

4- 1 it 2 they 3it 4he 5it 6she7they 8it

5- 1 they 2he3it 4he 5it 6you 7I 8she

6- 1d2b 3e/g 4a 5c/h 6e/g 7c/h 8f

7- 1 c 2b 3d 4f 5e 6a

8- 1she 2he 3you 4she 5we 6they 7it 8he 9it 10we 11 you 12they 13it 14they 15they

9- 1 he 2she 3it 4it 5they 6it

10- 1 rain 2 glass3 nose 4watch 5carrot 6 mouse7 kite 8lemon 9bird 10horse

11- 1 they 2it 3he 4it 5we 6you7they8it 9they10they11they 12we 13she 14you 15 he

16she17he18she19they 20it

12- 1 she 2it 3he 4it 5they 6we 7you 8I 9they

13- 1 she 2they3it 4he 5they 6he 7I 8she

14- 1 babies 2mice 3ostriches4trains 5women 6fish 7people 8children

6 The Verb ‘to be’

1- 1I’m 2Are you 3 it’s 4I’m/he’s 5We’re

2- 1 is, ’s 2are, ’re 3 is, ’s 4are, ’re 5is, ’s 6is, ’s 7am, ’m 8are, ’re 9is, ’s 10is, ’s

3- 1 am,are2 are, are3is,is, 4am, is 5am,are 6am, are 7am, are 8are, is 9am ,are10am ,is

4- 1 d- I am a student 2c-He is Jack. 3a-It is a box. 4b-She is Helen. 5e-We are singers.

5- 1 ’m not 2aren’t 3aren’t 4isn’t 5 isn’t 6’m not 7aren’t 8isn’t

6- 1 It isn’t 2 He isn’t 3I’m not 4They aren’t 5 He isn’t 6I’m not 7It’s not 8They aren’t 9It’s not

10 Theyaren’t 11I’m not12 I’m not

7- 1 She is a singer. 2 She is a teacher. 3 They are dancers. 4 They are dogs. 5 We are firefighters.

8- 1 am 2is 3is 4are 5am 6are 7is 8are 9is

9- 1 am 2am 3am 4is 5 is 6is 7is 8is 9is10are

10- 1 Are 2 Is 3 Are 4 Am 5 Is 6 Is 7 Is 8 Are 9 Is

11- 1 No, she isn’t. 2Yes, they are. 3Yes, they are. 4No, it isn’t. 5No, they aren’t.

12- 1 No, they aren’t. They’re dancers. 2No, he isn’t. He’s a pilot 3No, I’m not. I’m a singer4No, they’aren’t.

They are dancers. 5No, they aren’t. They are footballplayers. 6No, it isn’t. İt’s an ice cream.

13- 1 ’s 2are 3’s 4’s 5’s 6are 7’s 8’s 9’m 10’s 11’s 12’s

14- 1 f 2g 3e 4a 5d 6b 7c

15- 1 She is a nurse. 2 It isn’t an apple. 3 Is he a teacher? 4They aren’t lions. 5I’m a student.

6 You aren’t a doctor. 7Is it anelephant? 8 She is Elen.

16- 1 isn’t 2isn’t 3isn’t 4aren’t 5isn’t 6isn’t 7isn’t

17- 1 b 2a 3a 4c5c 6a 7c 8a 9b 10a

18- 1 isn’t / ’s 2isn’t/is3isn’t /is 4is /isn’t5are /aren’t 6isn’t / is 7aren’t, / are 8isn’t / is 9isn’t / is 10is /isn’t

11isn’t / is12isn’t / is 13is /isn’t 14is / isn’t 15is /isn’t 16is / isn’t

19- 1 Is it an elephant? -Yes, it is. 2 Are they girls? -No, they aren’t 3 Is she a teacher? -No, she isn’t.

4 Is it a car? -No, it isn’t. 5 Are they flowers? -Yes, they are.

20- 1 Yes, he is. 2No, it isn’t. It is a cat. 3No, They aren’t. They are elephants. 4Yes, I am. 5Yes, it is.

6Yes, he is. 7No, They aren’t. They are lions. 8Yes, I am.

7 This-These / That-Those

1- 1 That 2 This3 That 4 This

2- 1 That is a horse. 2Those are tigers. 3That is an elephant. 4 That is a donkey. 5 Those are rabbits.

6 That is a cow.

3- 1 That 2 This 3 That 4 These5 This 6 This 7 Those 8 Those 9 This 10 That

4- 1 This 2 Those 3 That4 These 5 Those 6 This

5- 1 this 2this 3those4those 5that 6these 7 this 8that9that

6- 1 these 2those3these 4these5those

7- 1 this 2those3that4this5those 6that7that 8these

8- 1 Is this an apple? 2 Are those bananas? 3 Is that a lemon?4 Are these carrots?

5 Are those strawberries? 6 Is this a pear?

8 Have / Has got

1- Long Form: 1 have got 2have got3has got 4have got5has not got6has not got7have not got8has not got

Short Form: 1 ’ve got 2 ’ve got 3 ’s got 4 ’ve got 5 hasn’t got 6 hasn’t got 7 haven’t got 8 hasn’t got

2- 1 have 2have3has 4have 5has 6has 7has 8have

3- It has got two eyes. It has got two arms. It has got two hands.It has got a nose.It has got two feet.

it has got twolegs.

4- 1 has 2have 3has4has 5have 6has 7have 8has 9have 10have 11has 12has

5- (suggested answer)

I have got a watch. I have got a school bag. I have got a pencil. I have got a book.

6- 1 ’s got 2hasn’t got 3’s got 4’s got 5hasn’t got 6’s got 7’s got 8hasn’t got 9’s got 10’s got

7- 1 You haven’t got a basketball. 2John hasn’t got a car. 3 They haven’t got bikes. 4They haven’t got a new

house. 5 She hasn’t got a computer. 6We haven’t got a big house. 7She hasn’t got a pen. 8Tom hasn’t got a kite.

8- 1have got 2has got 3haven’t got 4have got 5hasn’t got 6has got 7have got 8has got

9- 1 have got/ ’ve got 2have got/’ve got 3has got/’s got 4have got/’ve got 5have got/’ve got 7have not got/ haven’t got 8have not got/haven’t got 9has not got/ hasn’t hot 10has not got/ hasn’t got

10- 1 He has got a car. 2 He hasn’t got books. 3 They haven’t got hats. 4 It has got a long tail. 5 They have got an

umbrella. 6She hasn’t got black hair. 7 He has got a small house. 8 He hasn’t got a radio.

11- 1 We haven’t got books. 2 They haven’t got umbrellas. 3 We haven’t got a TV. 4 She hasn’t got a radio.

5 You haven’t got a parrot. 6 He hasn’t got a car.

12- 1 Has-Yes, he has. 2Have-Yes, they have. 3Has-Yes, he has. 4Has - Yes, she has. 5Has-No, she hasn’t.

6Has- No, he hasn’t. 7 Has-Yes, he has. 8Has-No, she hasn’t. 9Have-Yes, they have. 10Has-Yes, she has.

11Has - No, he hasn’t . 12Have-No, they haven’t.

13- Students’ own answers.

14- 1 Has she got a motorbike? -No, she hasn’t. 2Has she got a guitar? -Yes, she has. 3 Has she got a cat?

-No, she hasn’t. 4 Have they got hats? -No, they haven’t. 5 Has it got big cars? -Yes, it has. 6 Has he got a

horse? -Yes, he has,

15- 1 Has she got a bird? - No, she hasn’t. She has got a dog. 2 Has Tom got a guitar? -Yes, he has. 3 Have they

gothats? - Yes, they have. 4 Has he got a motorbike? -No, he hasn’t. He has got a bike. 5 Has she got a ball?

–Yes, she has. 6 Has she got a radio? -No, she hasn’t. She has got a laptop. 7 Has he got a sharpener? -No, he

hasn’t. He has got a pencil. 8 Have the boys got a ladder? -Yes, they have

16- 1 Have cows got long tails? 2I haven’t got a dog. 3 Have you got a book?4 We haven’t got a horse.

5 You haven’t got a snake. 6Jasmin has got five cats. 7Jam has got a camera. 8 Have they got a dog?

9 They have got a rabbit. 10 They have got umbreallas.

17- Students’ own answers.

9 There is / There are

1- 1 Yes 2No 3No 4Yes 5No 6Yes 7No 8Yes

2- 1 is 2isn’t 3aren’t 4isn’t 5isn’t 6are 7isn’t 8is

3- 1Is there a hat? No, there isn’t. 2 Is there a newspaper? - No, there isn’t. 3 Is there a ball? -Yes, there is.

4 Are there four books? -No, there aren’t. 5 Is there a lamp? -Yes, there is. 6 Is there a window? -Yes, there is.

7 Are there children? -No, there aren’t. 8 Is there a bed? -Yes,there is.

4- 1 c 2b 3a 4c 5d

5- 1 Are there -No, there aren’t. There are four horses. 2 Are there -Yes ,there are. 3 Is there –Yes, there is.

4 Are there -No, there aren’t. 5 Are there? -Yes, there are. 6 Is there -No ,there isn’t. There are two pigs. 7 Are

there -No ,there aren’t. 8 Is there -No, there isn’t. There are two birds.

6- 1 A: Are there three books in school bag? B: No, there aren’t.2A:Is there an orange in the fridge?B:Yes, there

is. 3A:Are there five lemons in paper bag?B:No, there aren’t. 4A:Are there ten students in the clasroom?

B:Yes, there are. 5A: Are there four cats in the garden?B:No, there aren’t. 6A:Is there dog at home?B:Yes,

there is.

7- 1 There are six apples on the table. 2There is on epen in the pencil case. 3There are two dogs in the garden.

4 There are three chairs in the living room. 5There is one mug on the table. 6 There is one student in the

Clasroom. 7There are two window in the room. 8There is one bedroom in the flat.

8- 1 Are there four pencils in the pencil case? 2 There isn’t a teddy bear on the bed. 3 There is a desk in the

clasroom. 4There aren’t three boks in my school bag. 5 Is there a dog in the park?6 Are there two mugs on the

table?7 There isn’t a computer on the desk. 8There are five desks in the clasroom.

9- 1 There is / There isn’t 2There are/There isn’t 3There are/There aren’t 4There are/there isn’t

5There is/ There isn’t

10- Students’ own answers.

11- Students’ own answers.

12- Students’ own answers.

10 Possessive Case -’ s

1- 1 b 2 d 3 a 4 c

2- 's:the lion 's, my dad's, my teacher's, your sister's

':the rabbits', our friends', my brothers', the monkeys'

3- 1 John’s and Mary’s 2 Tom and Tim’s 3 Paul’s 4girls’ 5 mouse’s 6 Sarah’s 7 father’s 8 boy’s

4- 1 a 2 b 3a 4a 6a 7b 8a 9b

5- 1 children’s 2 Sam’s 3 Mark’s 4 dogs’ 5 people’s 6 doctor’s 7elephant’s 8 Emma’s

6- 1 ’ 2 ’s 3 ’ 4 's 5 's 6 's 7 's 8 ’

7- 1 men’s watches. 2 women's hats 3 boys' games 4 babies' toys 5 Lisa's gift 6 Jake's bag

8- 1 Harry’s 2 Jenny - Harry’s 3 Jenny - Harry's 4 Sandra’s 5 William’s 6 Jenny’s

9- 1 womens’ 2 friends’ 3 Tina’s 4 boys’ 5 Mary’s 6 mum’s 7 children’s 8 girls’ 9 doctor’s 10 brother’s

11 Possessive Adjectives / Pronouns

1- Possessive Adjectives: 1 my 2 your 3 his 4 her 5 its 6 our 7 your 8 their

Possessive Pronouns: 1 mine 2 yours 3 his 4 hers 5 - 6 ours 7 yours 8 theirs

2- 1 His 2 My 3 Their 4 His 5 Our 6 My 7 Their 8 Your 9 Her 10 His

3- 1 her 2 my 3 their 4 his 5 its 6 their 7 your 8 our

4- 1 His 2 Our 3 your 4 Their 5 Her, her

5- 1 my 2 his 3 her 4 theier 5 my 6 our

6- 1 My 2 My 3 Her 4 His 5 your 6 Our 7 Its 8 Their

7- 1 their 2 his 3 her 4 their 5 my 6 your 7 its 8 my

8- 1 This is Tim’s cat. It’s his cat. This cat is his. 2 This is Rose's computer. It's her computer. This computer is hers.

3 This is Mike’s car. It’s his car. This car is his. 4 This is Mr Green's hat. It's his hat. This hat is his. 5 These are

the boys' books. They're their books. These books are theirs. 6 These are the girls ' bags. They're their bags.

Thesebags are theirs.

9- 1 my 2 their 3 your 4 its 5 his 6 her 7 our 8 his

10- 1 my 2 their 3 our 4 his 5 her 6 its

11- 1 This is herdress. 2 That’s their car. 3 These aren’t his toys. 4 This is our house. 5 This is not her hat.

6 Those are your schoolbags. 7 These are her shoes. 8 That’s its house. 9 That’s her umbrella.

12- 1’s 2’s 3’ 4’s 5 ’s 6 ’s 7 ’s

13- 1 his 2 ours 3 hers 4 hers 5 yours 6 their 7 yours 8 mine 9 yours 10 his 11 theirs 12 ours 13 theirs 14 hers


1- 1)can’t, 2)can, 3) can’t, 4)can’t, 5)can’t, 6)can, 7)can’t, 8)can’t

Unit 12-2

1)it can not, 2)he can, 3)he can, 4)They can, 5)he can, 6)he can, 7)it can not, 8)he can not, 9)he can, 10)it can not, 11)he can, 12)it can

Unit 12-3

2)Ann can not play the guitar, 3)can he cook?, 4) I can swim very well, 5) can they play basketball?, 6)Tony can ride a bike,

Unit 12-4

2)can it cook?/No, it can not, 3)can they fly?/No, they can not, 4)can he drive?/Yes he can,

Unit 12-5

2)fish can swim, 3)cats can not read, 4)dogs can not talk, 5)birds can fly, 6)elephants can not drive

Unit 12-7

2)can not, 3)can, 4)can not, 5)can, 6)can

Unit 12-9

2)Yes, I can, 3)Yes, I can, 4)No, I can not, 5)Yes, I can, 6)Yes, I can, 7) No, I can not, 8)No, I can not

Unit 12-10

1)can he play the guitar?, 2)can they wal?, 3)can he read?, 4)can he swim?, 5)can he ski?, 6)can they dance?, 7)can he ride a bike?, 8)can he paint?


Unit 13-1

2)colour, 3)sit, 4)listen, 5)write, 6)read,

Unit 13-2

2) don’t open the door, 3)doN’t wear your jacket, 4)don’t your homework, 5)don’t close the window, 6)don’t run, 7)don’t look at me, 8) don’t wake up, 9)don’t drink your milk, 10)don’t tidy your room, 11)don’t brush your teeth, 12)don’t go to bed, 13)don’t look, 14 don’t sit here,15) don’t fight ,16) don’t answer the question

Unit 13-3

2)don’t sign in class, 3)don’t drink cola, 4)count to ten, 5)jump down and up, 6)look at the Picture, 7)listen to music, 8)brush your hair

Unit 13-4

2)b, 3)d, 4)c, 5)a

Unit 13-5

2)go to bed, 3)wake up, 4)drink your milk, 5)don’t fight, 6)brush your teeth, 7)tidy your room, 8)don’t jump

Unit 13-6

2)look at the board, 3)doN’t eat in here, 4)be quiet, 5)doN’t look out the window, 6)don’t play football

Unit 13-7

2)eat your lunch, please, 3)doN’t talk, 4)brush your teeth, 5) don’t run

Unit 13-9

2)let’s play tenis, 3) be quiet, 4)please, look at the board, 5)don’t walk on the flor, 6) Let’s go to zoo.


Unit 14-1

1)swims, 2)says, 3)pushes, 4)likes, 5)catches, 6)runs, 7)flies, 8)enyojs, 9)tries, 10)plays, 11)watches, 12)does, 13)reads, 14)Works, 15)washes, 16)misses, 17)buys, 18)brushes, 19)gives, 20)sits, 21)goes, 22)cries, 23)tidies, 24)teaches

Unit 14-2

s/opens,looks,reads,writes,sleeps,surfs, ız/kisses,mixes,washes, z/does,plays,wears

Unit 14-3

2)does not/doesn’t, 3)does not/doesn’t, 4)do not/don’t, 5)do not/don’t, 6)does not/doesn’t, 7)do not/don’t

Unit 14-4

2)does/ it does, 3)do/they don’t, 4)does/he doesn’t, 5)do/They do, 6)do/I do

Unit 14-5

2)Victoria plays tennis and basketball/she doesn’t play football, 3)jason plays footbaall and basketball/he doesn’t play tennis, 4)tom plays tennis and basketball/he doesn’t play football, 5)We plays football and tennis/we don’t play basketball.

Unit 14-6

2)has, 3)goes, 4)has, 5)does, 6)brushes, 7)goes

Unit 14-7

2)A pilot flies the planes, 3)she rides her bike everyday, 4)he does his homework in the afternoon

Unit 14-8

2)do, 3)do, 4)does, 5)does, 6)does,

Unit 14-9

2)do you like chocolate?, 3)does your friend speak english?, 4)does kevin listen to music?, 5)do dogs run fast?, 6)does she playthe guitar?

Unit 14-10

2)do/like/I do, 3)do/walk/They don’t, 4)does/watch/she does, 5)do/play/they do, 6)does/eat/he do

Unit 14-11

1)does/No, she doesn’t, 2)do/Yes, we do, 3)do/No, I doN’t, 4)does/Yes, he does, 5)do/Yes we do, 6)does/Yes he does

Unit 14-12

2)play, 3)don’t play, 4)likes, 5)likes, 6)reads, 7)goes,

Unit 14-13

2)a/Works, 3)b/swims, 4)e/eats, 5)d/draws, 6)c/play

Unit 14-14

2)he has lunch at 12 noon, 3)he does homework at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, 4)he plays game at 7 o’clock in the evening,

Unit 14-16

2)doesn’t like fish, 3)doesn’t have lunch at one o’clock, 4)doesn’t watch TV in the evenings, 5)don’t live in Ankara, 6)doesn’t ridehis bike to school,

Unit 14-17

2)e, 3)g, 4)h, 5)a, 6)c, 7)f, 8)d,

Unit 14-18

1)Yes , I like, 2)No, she doesn’t, 3)Yes, he does, 4)Yes, she likes, 5)Yes, I do, 6)Yes he does, 7)No, he doesn’t, 8)No, I don’t

Unit 14-19

2) Tom Works in a school, 3)You like burgers, 4)Marry and Tony do their homework everyday, 5)Mother goes shooping on Saturdays, 6)they start to school at 9 o’clock,

Unit 14-20

2)does Andy play tennis?/No, she doesn’t, 3)Does Andy like fish?/No, she doesn’t, 4) do they g oto school? /No, they don’t, 5)do they like fish?/Yes ,They like, 6)Does tom play tennis?/No, he doesn’t, 7)does Tom go to school?/Yes, he goes to school.


Unit 15-1

2)saying, 3)writing, 4)dancing, 5)paying, 6)drying, 7)crying, 8)trying, 9)seeing, 10)flying, 11)having, 12)taking, 13)closing, 14)swimming, 15)sitting, 16)reading, 17)drinking, 18)doing, 19)making, 20)kicking, 21)playing, 22)sleeping, 23)fighting, 24)cleaning

Unit 15-2

2)are, 3)are, 4)is, 5)am, 6)are, 7)is, 8)are, 9)are, 10)is, 11)is, 12)are, 13)are, 14)is, 15)are

Unit 15-3

1)she is, 2)he is, 3)it isn’t, 4)they aren’t, 5)she isn’t, 6)he isn’t, 7)he is, 8)she isn’t, 9)they are, 10)he isn’t, 11)they aren’t 12)they are,

Unit 15-4

1)he is kicking the ball/he is, 2)she is playing tennis/she is, 3)he is drawing a Picture/he is, 4)it is sleeping in the house/it is, 5)he is working in the garden/he is, 6)they are dancing/they are.

Unit 15-5

2)are/’re, 3)is/’s, 4)is/’s 6)are not/aren’t, 7)is not/is not, 8)is not/isn’t

Unit 15-6

2)isn’t, 3)aren’t, 4)’m not, 5)isn’t, 6)aren’t

Unit 15-7

2)Can isn’t riding bicycle/Can is riding motobike, 3)She isn’t riding a camel/she is riding a horse, 4)He isn’t riding a motorbike/He is driving a car, 5)Tom isn’t dancing/Tom is having rest, 6)he isn’t painting a Picture/he is watching TV, 7)They aren’t swimming/They are dancing, 8)he isn’t reading a book/he is singing a song.

Unit 15-8

2)Yes, he is, 3)Yes, he is, 4)No, They aren’t, 5)No, he isn’t, 6)No, she isn’t, 7)No, They aren’t, 8)Yes, he is

Unit 15-9

2)is your mum cooking? /Yes, she is, 3)is Chris sitting in the garden?/No, he isn’t, 4)is your sister writing a letter?/No, she isn’t, 5)are the dogs sleeping?

Unit 15-10

2)am listening, 3)are swimming, 4)is eating, 5)is making

Unit 15-12

2)is jeff doing my homework?, 3)are the women talking in the kitchen?, 4)is maria eating an apple?, 5)are the girls riding bicycles?, 6)is the boy sleeping?

Unit 15-13

2)is linda talking on the phone?, 3)am I eating an orange?, 4)are they doing their homework?, 5)is my father reading a book? 6)are they dancing?

Unit 15-14

2)The men aren’t riding bicycles, 3)Bob isn’t reading a book, 4)the boys aren’t playing with the cat, 5)Pat isn’t wearing hat, 6)The teacher isn’t talking to Sam.

Unit 15-15

2)he is not reading a book, 3)he is reading the newspaper, 4)Yes, she is, 5)they are studying, 6)Yes, he is

Unit 15-16

2)are you eating an apple?/No, I am having lunch, 3)are they sleeping now?/Yes, They are, 4)is joe reading a book?/No, he is watching TV, 5)are they playing in the park?/No, They are doing their homework, 6) is she drinking coffe? No, she is reading newspaper, 7) is she drawing a Picture?/Yes, she is, 8)are they playing football?, Yes they are.

Unit 15-17

1)False, 2)False, 3)True, 4)False, 5)True, 6)False, 7)True, 8)False

Unit 15-18

1)is playing tennis, 2)are riding, 3)is taking, 4)are visiting, 5)is driving, 6)is repearing, 7)are collecting, 8)is riding.

Unit 15-19

2)is your brother working on his computer now?/No, he is having lunch. 3)are they listening to music at the moment?/No, they are playing a board game. 4)is mum washing the car now?/No, Mum is doing laundry. 5)are you doing your homework at the monet?/Yes, I am. 6)is jack sleeping in the living room?/No, He is watching TV

Unit 15-20

2) you are not the listening to teacher, 3)we are having a cup of coffe, 4)are you going to the bank now?, 5)isn’t she eating lunch?, 6)are they watching a football match?, 7)he isn’t wearing a raincoat, 8)The children are doing their homework.

Unit 15-21

1)d, 2)b, 3)e, 4)c, 5)a

Unit 15-22

1)is drinking, 2)is sitting, 3)he is looking, 4)is wearing, 5)is wearing, 6)is working, 7)is holding, 8)is cooking


Unit 16-1

2)eats/eating, 3)is reading/reads, 4)is washing/washes, 5)rides/is riding, 6)wear/is wearing