Melody Todd

Fun for dogs of all ages and their owners

Puppies - Starting at a low level to increase confidence

Adult pet dogs - Great fun, build confidence

Performance / Sports dogs - Agility, flyball, gundog training, etc

Elderly dogs - Increase balance, flexibility

Benefits to Exercise:

•  Improves balance & proprioception

•  Improves flexibility and endurance

•  Strengthens and conditions muscles, bones & tendons

•  Mental and physical stimulation

•  Builds confidence and increase human-dog bond

•  Helps with behavioural problems

•  Increases body awareness

•  Prevents injury

•  Slows down ageing

Handlers to bring:

Treats, clickers if usually used, crate or bed for rest periods

Please note:

•  Before starting any exercise program, if you suspect any injury (for e.g. hip dysplasia), it is advisable to consult your vet, physiotherapist or rehabilitation professional first to prevent further injury to existing or undiagnosed problem.

•  Dogs will be monitored to prevent stress, fatigue and injury.

Your Instructor:

Melody Todd Dip. CABT, MAPDT (01172), CCFT, TTouch

About Melody:

After completing the Think Dog! Intermediate course with Sarah Whitehead approximately eight years ago, Melody’s passion to learn more about dogs began. She started training to be a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, whilst assisting another APDT Trainer; and by 2013 Melody was a qualified APDT Member (01172) and Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1. Melody then started COAPE’s Higher Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training and completed Level 5 in 2015 and now a member of the CABPT Association.

In 2016, Melody also achieved the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer / FitPAWS Master Trainer qualification, this included practical training, examination and case studies through FitPAWS and intensive theory training on anatomy and body conditioning through the University of Tennessee. She is also a Registered Animal Training Instructor (ABTC) and a Be a Tree presenter (Doggone safe).

After studying for 8 years in canine related courses and working full time in advertising and recruitment for 14 years, Melody took the plunge in May 2017 to be totally self-employed and left her job and full time courses to focus on her passion of actually helping dogs and their owners. Melody is now running Springer Loaded Canine Fitness in her doggie gym in her cottage, based in Northamptonshire with her three English Springer Spaniels and husband. She is offering 1-2-1 TTouch workshops, puppy training, canine fitness sessions and special packages for rescue dogs, senior dogs, families and dogs participating in sports.

As well as offering a dog training service to clients, Melody is also bringing her passion of dogs and design together to run Springer Loaded Creative, a design services especially for dog businesses, designing logos, leaflets, posters and other marketing material to help her fellow training colleagues, dog walkers, groomers to promote their business stand out.