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WCH-200X Wireless Camera Hunter Manual

<A> Feature:

(1)Full Range Frequency Scanning from 900~270 0MHz

(2)2.5” color TFT High Resolution Monitor Featured

(3)FullRange Video protocol auto-switching for PAL/ NTSC, CCIR/ EIA

(4)Duel Internal Power (AA-3 x 4 pcs) & External Power supply Unit designed

(5)Auto & Manual Scanning Mode Designed

(6)LCM indicator show the frequency allocation & setting details

(7)Alarm Signal output makes more extended application.

<B> Instruction:


  1. Plug in the antenna according to the frequencies indication.
  2. Plug in the AC power or battery then turn on the power.
  3. The unit will start to scan the frequency range orderly.
  4. As long as there is RF signal being scanned, push the smart key once to lock the picture.
  5. Scroll the smart key up or down to micro-adjust the frequency for tuning to the best picture receiving quality.
  6. New SC-0825 scan both audio and video.
    For the video , can see it on the screen of SC-0825 directly.
    For the audio, connect to the MONITOR , then you will hear the audio.
    On the side of the SC-0825, is A/V OUT connect to the MONITOR with the AV cable , and you can check the audio.

<D>Setting & Operation

Other Parameter setup

Push the Smart key & hold it for 3 seconds then the symbols showed on the LCM will flash in turn. The parameter below each symbol will be ready to be edited while their symbols above flash. Scrolling the smart key up & down to edit the parameter. Below listed is the definition of each parameter details.

Dwell Time while receiving every video signal / Receiving Sensitivity
/ Alarm Audio Switcher

8 / 2 Seconds
4 Seconds
8 Seconds / L / -20dBm / ON
OFF / Switch On
Switch Off
ML / -30dBm
M / -40dBm
MH / -50dBm
H / -60dBm

7. shows the left battery power of the unit which located on the up-right side of the LCM while means the level of the antenna receiving sensitivity which located on the up-left side of the LCM.

<E> Notification:

1.Trouble Shooting: Make sure the Antenna, Battery & Power switcher being settled properly.

2. Should there be any further problem or question about the operation please consulting with us in any time.