No.DNW/Tech-2/2004January 12, 2005


All NIB Node Incharges and SDE(Tech), DNW

Sub:- Aggregation of static routes in the router at ‘A’ & ‘B’ NIB nodes.

The number of static routes have been increased drastically at NIB main routers located at ‘A’ & ‘B’ locations due to growth in leased line customers and number of services like DIAS, CLI, corDECT etc.

Keeping in view of this growth in static routes, the schedule for aggregation of static routes at NIB main router is planned as per annexure-1. This is to be implemented from Data Network office in following manner with necessary precautions and procedures.

Responsibility of Data Network:-

  • Mr Rajesh Narain, SDE(Tech) will implement this as per schedule at Annexur-1, in case of his leave or training, Mr Deepak, JTO(Tech) will do the same.
  • IP address plan of different services is to be referred for each concerned node/region before implementation.
  • An aggregate static route template on the basis of connectivity of C-type nodes and their leased line and other services is to be prepared for each node before actual implementation.
  • Configuration backup of each router must be taken before the implementation.
  • Every concerned Node Incharge is to be informed well in advance for the activity and feedback from the node incharge is to be taken after implementation
  • In case of any problem the same will be intimated to DGM, Data Networks.

Responsibility of NIB Node Incharges:-

  • NIB Node Incharges must take the backup of their router one day before as per schedule at Annexure-1 for their node, the procedure of backup is given at DNW website.
  • They must take the feedback from their leased line customers and connected C-type nodes, the same is to be intimated to this office at Ph No-011-23323525, E-mail- .

Ashok Kumar

DGM, Data Networks

Copy to:-

GM(T/P) Data Networks for kind information


Schedule of Aggregation of static routes at NIB ‘A’ & ‘B’ Nodes

Sl No

/ Locations /
Date of Execution
Ernakulam / 17Jan-05
Trivandrum / 17Jan-05
Hyderabad / 18Jan-05
Visag / 18Jan-05
Bhubaneswar / 18Jan-05
Kolkata / 20Jan-05
Guwahati / 20Jan-05
Shillong / 20Jan-05
Patna / 20Jan-05
Mumbai / 24Jan-05
Pune / 24Jan-05
Nagpur / 24Jan-05
Nashik / 24Jan-05
Ahmedabad / 27Jan-05
Rajkot / 27Jan-05
Surat / 27Jan-05
Vadodara / 27Jan-05
Indore / 31Jan-05
Bhopal / 31Jan-05
Gwalior / 31Jan-05
Jabalpur / 31Jan-05
Jaipur / 02 Feb-05
Jodhpur / 02 Feb-05
Lucknow / 04 Feb-05
Allahabad / 04 Feb-05
Kanpur / 04 Feb-05
Varanasi / 04 Feb-05
Agra / 07 Feb-05
Meerut / 07 Feb-05
Noida / 07 Feb-05
Ghaziabad / 07 Feb-05
New Delhi / 09 Feb-05
Faridabad / 09 Feb-05
Gurgaon / 09 Feb-05
Jallundhar / 11 Feb-05
Chandigarh / 11 Feb-05
Amritsar / 11 Feb-05
Ludhiana / 14 Feb-05
Simla / 14 Feb-05
Jammu / 14 Feb-05
Bangalore / 16 Feb-05
Mysore / 16 Feb-05
Chennai / 18-Feb-05
Coimbatore / 18-Feb-05
Madurai / 18-Feb-05