12/8/2018Photoshop 7-photo enhancing

Photo Enhancing—“Before and After”

  1. New Photoshop file: 10 wide and 8 high, resolution 72.
  2. File menu: page set up, page direction landscape.
  3. Save as before and after photo.
  4. Duplicate the background.
  5. File, open the dogs photo enhance image from the assignment photos folder on the student server/business education/photo editing.
  6. Image menu: image size, width: 4 inches and height: let auto adjust based on the 4 inch width Change resolution to 72 pixels.
  7. Duplicate this image layer.
  8. Save asdog enhance in your user folder.
  9. You should now have two windows/canvas open arrange them side by side.
  10. Click on the move tool and drag a copy of the dog image onto the new blank canvas. Place the image at the far right side of the canvas leaving room for text above the image. You will also be placing another copy of the original image on the left side of this canvas later in the assignment.
  11. At the new canvas use the photo enhancement tools taught in class to improve the quality of the old photo: layer menu/new adjustment layer: levels, curves, color balance, brightness/contrast, and hue/saturation. Each of these will add its own layer to your layer list. If you mess up and can’t undo you should be able to remove the eyeball so the layer does not show.
  12. Click on the text tool to add your name and hour in the lower right hand corner of the canvas.
  13. Return to the window of the original image and select the move tool. Drag a copy of the original onto the other canvas. Place it on the left side of the page trying to align the tops of both pictures. Remember to leave room above the pictures for text boxes.
  14. Choose the text box tool; draw a text box above the original photo. Adjust the font type, size, and color. Enter the word Before.
  15. To keep the same font formatting for the After text box, right click on the text layer and choose duplicate layer. Draw in a text box above the edited photo and enter the word After.
  16. DO NOT PRINT THIS ASSIGNMENT. GRADED FROM SCREEN. Get grading sheet from the table and have your instructor grade it. Turn in.

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