Dear Course Applicant,

Thank you very much for your interest in undertaking the May 2018 NPLQ lifeguarding course. Please return the application form and pay a non-refundable deposit of £75 in order to confirm your place. The balance (£200) is due in full by 14th May 2018. The full course cost is £275.

All candidates must be able to meet the minimum pre-course competence requirements (see below) and be aged 16 years or older at the time of the exam (last day of course). If you are unsure that you will be able to do this please contact us in order to organise a 10-15 minute water test. If you do not have a water test and are subsequently unable to complete the course or assessment no refund will be offered.

Payment can be made by phone or by card, cash or cheque (made payable to ‘Bedford College’) brought to us in person. Alternatively you can send a cheque by post. Please keep this letter in a safe place for future reference. All dates and times are compulsory, so please ensure that you are able to attend before paying the non-refundable deposit.

For the course you will need:

•Swim Wear including T-Shirt, shorts and towel for water work

•Pad of paper & pen for notes

•Packed-lunch, snacks and drinks (Tea and coffee will be provided)

Course Dates:

•Monday 28th May 9:00-6:00pm

•Tuesday 29th May 9:00-6:00pm

•Wednesday 30th May 9:00-6:00pm

•Thursday 31st June 9:00-6:00pm

•Friday 1st June 9:00-6:00pm

Important information for the final day

Assessments start at roughly 2:00pm on the final day. Your trainer will give you more information on the first day of the course.

In the unlikely event of any candidate been deferred on the assessment day will be charged a fixed fee of £50 for reassessment within 28 days should you wish to complete the reassessment at Trinity Arts & Leisure; this is to cover the cost of the assessor. You are not obliged to complete a reassessment.

Please note that NO refund will be payable (for any reason) if a place is cancelled within TWO WEEKS of the course start date (Monday 14th May 2018 of after). Cancellations made over two weeks before the course commencement date will be refunded.

For directions on how to get to Trinity Arts & Leisure please visit and onsite parking is available.

If you have any questions please contact Trinity Arts & Leisure using the contact details below.

Yours Sincerely,

Jamie Hinckley

Senior Assistant Manager

01234 291777