The Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter is pleased to report the following activities and actions during the past year.


§  The Chapter held its Semi-Annual Meeting on 08-Oct-2015. The guest speaker was Emmy-Award winning Historian Chris Haugh who spoke about the Stamp Act and the unique events that led to the repudiation of the Stamp Act in Frederick County on 23-Nov-1765.

§  The chapter held its 96th Annual meeting on 21-Apr-2016. The following officers were selected for the 2016-2017 term:

·  Donald A. “Don” Deering – President

·  Martin L. “Pat” Barron – 1st Vice President

·  Eugene Ralph “Gene” Moyer – 2nd Vice President

·  Martin L. “Pat” Barron – Secretary

·  Douglas Carroll “Doug” Favorite – Treasurer

·  Charles Lawrence “Larry” Bishop – Chaplain

·  Carroll Ronald “Ron” Harbaugh – Registrar

·  Charles Lawrence “Larry” Bishop – Historian

§  During the past year the following new compatriots were inducted into the chapter:

·  Marvin Ray Parker

·  Michael Wayne Clabaugh

·  Douglas Lee Sine

·  John Thomas Loesch

·  Albert Ellwood Werking

·  Norris Hammond Gearhart

·  Christopher Norris Gearhart

·  David Ernest Fleming

§  It is with deep sadness that the chapter reports the passing of two compatriots, Franklin Saltzman Gladhill and Chapter Past President Reverend Frederick Wallace Pyne.

§  The chapter is honored to report that current president, Don Deering, has moved up to MDSSAR 1st Vice President. Chapter chancellor, Chris May, will continue to serve as chancellor at the State level. Compatriot Dustin Hedrick has been selected to fill a new position as assistant webmaster. Compatriot Gene Moyer continues to serve as the state chairman of the Flag Committee. Compatriots Pat Barron, Ron Harbaugh and Bob Higdon will serve on the MDSSAR Board of Managers.

·  Several chapter members attended the George Washington Luncheon. Past Presidents George Lewis, Rick Stup, Larry Bishop, and Bruce Champion were joined by current 1st Vice President Pat Barron and 2nd Vice President Gene Moyer.

§  Members of the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter joined in a wreath laying ceremony with Antietam Camp No. #3, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) as part of the 8th Annual Medal of Honor Ceremony. Compatriots in attendance were Chapter President Don Deering, 2nd Vice President Gene Moyer, Acting Registrar Ron Harbaugh and Compatriot Woody Woodcock.

§  On 23-Mar-2016, several chapter members attended a ceremony at Frederick City Hall where Mayor Randy McClement issued a proclamation naming 30-Mar-2016 as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”. The event was put together by the Carrollton Manor Chapter DAR. Members in attendance were Chapter President Don Deering, 1st Vice President Pat Barron, Past Presidents George Lewis and Larry Bishop and Compatriot Ron Harbaugh pictured at right.

§  On 16-May-2015 several compatriots worked with the American Legion Post 11 to place flags at St. John’s Cemetery in Frederick, MD.

§  Treasurer Doug Favorite reports the chapter is on a sound financial footing. The 2016-2017 Operating Budget was approved at the Annual meeting on 21-Apr-2016.

§  The Chapter holds its Executive Committee meetings on the third Thursday of each month at the chapter office located at 19 E. Church St. in Frederick. All are welcome to attend.


§  Awards Committee: Chair Pat Barron reports the following compatriots and members of the community were recognized by the chapter during the past year.

Linda R. Brown / Carrollton Manor DAR / Martha Washington Medal
Ruth M. Bielobocky / Ion Design / Martha Washington Medal
Lt. Eric C. Byers / Frederick County Sheriff’s Dept. / Law Enforcement Commendation Medal
Christopher N. Gearhart / Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter / War Service Medal (Afghanistan)
Norris H. Gearhart / Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter / Military Service Medal
Richard A. Foot / Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter / Certificate of Appreciation
George B. Delaplaine, Jr. / Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter / Certificate of Appreciation
Samantha Buckman / Linganore High School / JROTC Award
Henry C. Lane / JROTC Instructor, GTJHS / Certificate of Appreciation
Kara Norman / Downtown Frederick Partnership / Certificate of Appreciation
Tom Delaney / Chapter IT Support / Certificate of Appreciation
George B. Delaplaine, Jr. / Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter / Chap. Distinguished Service Medal

In addition, several chapter members were recognized by MDSSAR and NSSAR.

C. Philip Nichols / War Service Medal (Global War on Terrorism)
Robert P. Higdon / War Service Medal (Vietnam)
Marvin Ray Parker / Military Service Medal
Marion D. Carmack / Lamplighter Award
Donald A. Deering / Patriot Medal
Eugene R. Moyer / Silver Color Guard Medal / Bronze Color Guard Medal
Carroll R. Harbaugh / Bronze Color Guard Medal
Charles L. Bishop / Bronze Color Guard Medal

§  Essay Contest Committee: Chair John George reported 26 entries from this year’s essay contest. The topic for this year’s essay: “Explain how the Stamp Act may have led to the American War of Independence and include information about Repudiation Day in Frederick County”. Eight finalists were selected and then ranked. The winners were:

Ryan Puthumana First prize $100 Walkersville M.S.

Anna Mortenson Second Prize $75 Frederick Classical

John Yang Third Prize $50 West Frederick M.S.

Bailey White Fourth Prize $35 Frederick Classical

Sabrina Sutter Fifth Prize $25 Governor Thomas Johnson MS

Gloria Asante Sixth Prize $20 Frederick Classical

Jude Abijah Seventh Prize $15 Frederick Classical

E. Crockett Eighth Prize $10 Frederick Classical

§  Membership Committee: Chair Ron Harbaugh reports several new applicants in the pipeline.

§  Eagle Scout Committee: On 16-Jan-2016, Chair Ryan Bass presented the SAR Eagle Scout badge and certificate to four new Eagle Scouts from Dragon Patrol, Troop 1023:

John Daniel Galuardi

Justin Erin McConnell

Beau Connor Marwaha

Tyler Christopher Weddle

The ceremony was held at St. Ignatius Loyola Church in Ijamsville, MD and was attended by Chapter President, Don Deering, 1st Vice President Pat Barron, Compatriot Ron Harbaugh as well as Compatriot Bass who made the presentations.

§  Flag Committee: Chair Gene Moyer, joined by compatriot Ron Harbaugh, presented the Flag Certificate of the SAR to Criswell Chevrolet in Thurmont, MD.

§  Color Guard Committee: Chair Gene Moyer and the color guard unit participated in several events.

Grave marking of Patriot George Poe

Woodsboro, MD Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day Commemoration at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, MD

Grave marking of Patriot Peter Beard

250th Anniversary celebration of Repudiation Day

Frederick’s Kris Kringle parade

Frederick’s Bell & History Day

Grave marking of Patriot John Welty

§  Chairman Moyer earned another flag streamer for his participation in the Battle of Cowpens events earlier this year.

§  Outstanding Citizenship Award Committee Chair Tom Sherald reported the names of the Frederick County high school seniors selected to receive the SAR Outstanding Citizenship Award for 2015.

School / Recipient / Presenter
Brunswick HS / David Charles Nelle / Dr. George E. Lewis
Catoctin HS / Michael Andrew Pittinger / Tom Sherald
Frederick HS / Anilson Javier Posadas Gomez / Dr. John George
Gov. Thomas Johnson HS / Jasmin Siomara Tirado Viscalla / Larry Bishop
Linganore HS / Robert Henry Milburn / Bill Robertson
Middletown HS / Daniel Finn / Dr. George E. Lewis
Oakdale HS / Jaqueline Noelle Courtney / Dave Schrodel
Urbana HS / James Edward Mack / Fred Pyne
Walkersville HS / Valentina Torres Whelan / Dave Schrodel
Tuscarora HS / Christopher Culp‐Cano / Fred Pyne
Frederick Christian Academy / Alixandra Dupuy Hunter / Pat Barron
New Life Christian Schools / Andrew Benjamin Zerbe / Fred Pyne
St. John's Catholic Prep / Brennan Wight / Fred Pyne

§  Frederick Town Fife & Drum Corps: Chair Don Deering has started the next round of recruiting for members of the Corps. Twenty new students from the Frederick County school system have applied. The Frederick Town Fife & Drum Corps performed during the Repudiation Day celebration, the Kris Kringle parade and the MDSDAR State conference. The unit also performs in downtown Frederick as part of the city’s 1st Saturday celebrations.

The May, 2016 issue of the Frederick Magazine carried a five-page article about the Frederick Town Fife & Drum. The story included interviews with Chapter President Don Deering and several of the Corps members.

§  Fund Raising Committee: Chair Don Deering’s fund raising efforts for the Frederick Town Fife & Drum Corps (FTFD) resulted in several generous donations during the past year. These contributions from Compatriots and entities in the community helped to purchase uniforms and equipment.

§  ROTC Committee: Chair George Lewis presented silver ROTC medals to two Frederick County cadets on 22-Apr-2016 in ceremonies at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.

Cadet Alexander Mateo (Mount St. Mary’s University)

Cadet Zachary Peck (Hood College)

§  JROTC Committee: Chair Dave Schrodel has announced the winner of this year’s JROTC award. The recipient is Cadet Lt. Samantha Buckman, a junior at Linganore High School. Cadet Buckman wrote an outstanding essay which she read at the chapter’s annual meeting. The chapter was elated by her first place finish in the state competition.

§  Grave Marking Committee: Chair Larry Bishop led a joint ceremony with the Frederick Chapter DAR in a ceremony on 26-Apr-2015 at the grave of Patriot George Poe at Israel Creek Cemetery in Walkersville, MD. The ceremony was well attended and included the Chapter Color Guard as well as members of the MDSSAR Color Guard. The chapter was honored to have the participation of MDSSAR President Jim Engler.

The Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter conducted a grave marking ceremony on 13-Sep-2015 at the grave of Patriot Peter Beard at Grace Rocky Hill Lutheran Church in Woodsboro, MD. The ceremony was well attended and included the Chapter Color Guard as well as members of the MDSSAR Color Guard. The chapter was honored to have the participation of MDSSAR President Jim Engler and MDSDAR Regent Carol Larkin. The Frederick Chapter DAR and the Carrollton Manor Chapter DAR also participated in the event.

On 23-Apr-2016, the chapter participated in a joint ceremony with the Westminster Chapter to mark the grave of Patriot John Welty who is buried in Emmitsburg, MD. The ceremony was attending by representatives from both SAR chapters, three DAR chapters, the MDSSAR Color Guard and the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart chapter Color Guard.

§  Public Relations Committee: Chair Richard A. “Dick” Foot continues his tireless efforts to promote the chapter, the State society and the NSSAR. The following articles, centering on current and future chapter activities, appeared in various county, state and national publications:

Media / Published / Title /
Frederick News Post / 18-Apr-2015 / DAR, SAR Host Genealogy Workshop /
Frederick News Post / 29-Apr-2015 / SAR Honors Mannix With Martha Washington Medal /
Frederick News Post / 05-May-2015 / Frederick Historian Speaks at SAR Annual Meeting /
Frederick News Post / 07-May-2015 / Dirndorfer Receives Eagle Scout Award /
Frederick News Post / 11-May-2015 / SAR Welcomes New Members /
Frederick News Post / 11-May-2015 / Local SAR Chapter Elects Officers /
Frederick News Post / 23-May-2015 / Hessian Descendants: SAR Wants To Talk To You /
Frederick News Post / 25-May-2015 / Gratitude To Pat Barron For SAR Chapter Service /
Brunswick Citizen / 04-Jun-2015 / Distillery Lane Plans A Cider To Honor The Repudiation Act /
Frederick News Post / 05-Jun-2015 / SAR Honors Compatriot For War Service /
Frederick News Post / 07-Jun-2015 / Descendants Wanted: The SAR Is Seeking People With Local Hessian Ancestry /
FSK Post No. 11 American Legion Bulletin XXXXIII, No. 3 / 09-Jun-2015 / Memorial Day Flags /
Frederick News Post / 11-Jun-2015 / Bringing History To Life: Frederick Town Fife And Drum Recruiting Members /
Frederick News Post / 16-Jun-2015 / SAR Presents George Lewis Chapter Meritorious Service Medal /
Frederick News Post / 21-Jun-2015 / Fife and Drum Corps Receives $2.4K Grant /
Frederick News Post / 25-Jun-2015 / Beer To Honor Repudiation of Stamp Act /
Frederick News Post / 01-Jul-2015 / SAR Honors Pat Barron For Service /
Frederick News Post / 02-Jul-2015 / SAR Presents Chapter Meritorious Service Medal /
Frederick News Post / 04-Jul-2015 / Linganore High School Cadet Honored By SAR /
Frederick News Post / 14-Jul-2015 / SAR Honors 13 With Outstanding Citizenship Awards /
Frederick News Post / 29-Jul-2015 / Distillery Lane Ciderworks To Introduce Commemorative Cider /
Frederick News Post / 07-Aug-2015 / Students Win Awards in SAR Essay Contest /
Mid-Atlantic Brewing News / Aug/Sep 2015 / Craft Beer In Maryland /
Frederick News Post / 08-Sep-2015 / Brew Day Tests Trial Batch of Twelve Immortals Ale /
Frederick News Post / 16-Sep-2015 / Chris Haugh To Be Keynote Speaker At Oct.8th SAR Meeting /
The Congressional Record / 01-Oct-2015 / Observing The 250th Anniversary of the Repudiation of The British Stamp Act /
Frederick News Post / 19-Oct-2015 / Sons of Liberty Cider to Commemorate Repudiation of British Stamp Act /
Frederick News Post / 13-Nov-2015 / Patriot Peter Baird Honored With Grave Marker /
Frederick News Post / 15-Nov-2015 / Frederick’s Act Of Rebellion /
Frederick News Post / 15-Nov-2015 / Sons Of Liberty Cider To Commemorate Repudiation of British Stamp Act /
The Congressional Record / 16-Nov-2015 / Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Repudiation Act in Frederick County Maryland /
Frederick News Post / 18-Nov-2015 / Three Members Join Sons Of The American Revolution /
Frederick News Post / 18-Nov-2015 / Frederick Town Fife And Drum Receives $10,000 Donation /
Comcast Channel / 21-Nov-2015 / Live broadcast of Repudiation Day Celebration events /
WFMD Radio / 21-Nov-2015 / Live broadcast of Repudiation Day Celebration events /
Frederick News Post / 22-Nov-2015 / Frederick Celebrates Stamp Act Repudiation 250 Years Later /
The SAR Magazine / Nov-2015 / “The Repudiation Act” – Article By Pat Barron and Ryan Bass /
Frederick News Post / 01-Dec-2015 / Recognizing Bravery /
Frederick News Post / 02-Dec-2015 / SAR Honors Robert Higdon With War Service Medal /
Frederick News Post / 02-Dec-2015 / Linda R. Brown Receives Martha Washington Medal From Sons of the American Revolution /
Frederick News Post / 24-Dec-2015 / SAR Inductee /
Frederick News Post / 31-Dec-2015 / Ruth Bielobocky Receives SAR’s Martha Washington Medal /
Frederick News Post / 10-Jan-2016 / Delaplaine Honored For Support of Frederick Town Fife & Drum /
Frederick News Post / 15-Mar-2016 / SAR Honors Criswell Chevrolet of Thurmont With National Flag Award /
Frederick News Post / 06-Apr-2016 / SAR Honors Eagle Scouts /

Several other articles are in the queue. The Haversack, newsletter of the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter, is published on a monthly basis.