Category C visits : change of procedure

Currently visits which are Category A & B are authorised by the establishment from where they are being run and Category C visits require direct authorisation by the LA.

When the LA is satisfied that appropriate training has been undertaken the responsibility for approving Category C will also be delegated to the Headteacher in schools or, in other parts of the Directorate, the establishment / team manager. When the visit has been approved the LA should be notified of such visits using the form provided (not attached). This form will replace the current MA1 as the authorisation for OCC Insurance when required.

There is a process to undergo in order to change from approval to notification and this is indicated on the form below. The process will take approximately 45 minutes and will need evidencing as stated on the form.

In order to enable you to manage this changewe will be providing additional support in the form of training and advice. Our objective is that Headteachers and managers will have more autonomy in this process and that we will be able to focus our resources on providing specialist support rather than routine processing of information.

Some establishments will have staff that are sufficiently trained to take on this role immediately, while others will need some time to prepare and we will ensure that you are ready to take it on before requesting that you do so.

Training available is that of Visit Leader and can be undertaken in different formats ranging from full day to half day and twilight sessions. In addition we can offer specific whole / part staff options as well.

If you have read the form below and feel you are ready to apply for transfer please contact Jan Harding on to request a visit.

Notification of visits

Criteria for evaluation

To apply for formal transfer of delegated responsibility:

  1. Contact Jan Harding to request a visit
  2. A visit date will be agreed with you (approx 45 mins) during which you will need to provide clear evidence as listed below
  3. Following the visit the form will either be signed off and delegation transferred or further action requested

Criteria / Examples of evidence required / Met / Not Met
Current EVC in post / Named person matches LA record; is current with EVC trg and is using current guidance materials
Policy document for management and leading of visits / Written policy in place, linking into other policies as applicable
Benefits and aims of visits clearly stated and communicated / Clear evidence that these are in place and parents are informed. These should inform high quality delivery of the visit
Assessment of leader competence / How is this defined? What training has been put in place? How is experience verified? Does the leader have current knowledge for the visit? Are there CPD records? Induction procedures for new/inexperienced staff?
PLANNING - clear evidence is in place to demonstrate:
  • Use of EGO site / similar
  • Provider verification
  • Risk management plan
  • Plan B
  • Value for money
  • Transport
  • Inclusion
  • Emergency plan
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Evaluation and actions arising
/ A sample of records will be scrutinised for evidence of:
  • appropriate checks have been made eg Badged providers; AALS licensing; transport etc
  • How will risks be analysed and managed? Are they balanced against benefits?
  • Does the provider represent the best value? How is this demonstrated? Does the visit surcharge for supply?
  • Who is the visit for? Inclusion also refers to ability to pay – how is this handled?
  • Who monitors? How and when?
  • Is the visit subject to an evaluation procedure? What happens if there is a complaint from a parent? What happens if there is a complaint about the provider?

Evaluation visit carried out by ……………………….. Date …………Signed………………...

Delegation of notification of visits has been approved / not yet approved

Recommended actions