“There is nothing more important than an idea whose time has come.”

The human species has been in existence for a comparatively short time. Its record is extremely mixed. On the one hand there have been remarkable, positive developments on the journey from caveman to modern city dweller. On the other hand the scale of destruction - to the earth and its ecosystems, to other life forms and to fellow humans - is appalling.

As a species we currently face immense and increasingly serious problems. Here are a few:

destructive weather worldwide...anytime...anywhere

pollution of our air, water, soil and bodies

unhealthy lifestyles, addictions, obesity...

financial & cultural extremism

over population

a fragmented and fearful man-made world

The underlying reason for these problems is simple. For far too long we have regarded ourselves as separate from and superior to Nature. We are neither. Nature, in its entirety (including the history of the human race) is imprinted within each of us. Our separate uniqueness is balanced by an underlying unity with Nature - We are Nature. Awareness of this ancient wisdom is of vast significance in terms of how we face the future.

The entrenched idea of human's being separate from and superior to Nature has led us to the brink of disaster. The monster we have created is rampant materialism – a more powerful global force than any previous or current religion. It has brought with it the false Gods of money, status and intellectualism, along with the shallowness of celebrity cultures and instant everything. Inevitably this has meant the domination of the vices (the character weaknesses) rather than the virtues (the character strengths).

The need to remedy this sorry state of affairs is obvious and urgent. All of us should try to live by the virtues – a simple ideal yet formidable in practice!

These character strengths are priceless gifts that make up the “universal values”. They lie within us like dormant seeds ready to spring to life through our actions. Used together in their entirety they become universal love. So important are the virtues, they should be central to all human actions from cradle to grave.

Taking up this personal challenge is, or should be, a lifelong process. The more we try, the greater the growth and feelings of well-being.

The good news is that around the planet there are countless individuals, groups and NGOs, who strive to live in this way and wish to leave a better world for future generations. The bad news is that whilst they win many battles they cannot win the war against rampant materialism. This can only be achieved by them all – in their millions – coming together as a vibrant “unity”.

This is the purpose of The Spirit of Adventure Foundation, a global movement, whose vision is to work towards the human race living in harmony with Nature through accepting the wisdom and common sense of shared universal values.

The Foundation aims “to celebrate and promote all that is positive and noble about being human.”

In that process it aims to become a major global force for good.

It is also a movement that accepts the “likely truth of the Wilderness Message”:

This “message” needs to become the basis of human civilisation because it creates a level playing field for the well-being, not only human beings, but everything in Nature. It is the true interpretation of the great virtue of justice or fairness. It asks each of us to journey through life with maximum awareness and, using our common sense, with minimal destruction of our surroundings.

The universal values – the virtues – the character strengths – are relevant to all age groups in all situations – or should be. They should be basic to every community: every family, every school, college and university, every sport, pastime and religion.

Finally they should be basic to every business – from single entrepreneurs to chief executives of transnational corporations.

There is a natural progression from awareness of, to respect for and finally to love of Nature. We need to accept we are Nature with a sense of awe and wonder, and act accordingly.

I/We the undersigned pledge to adopt this ideal with every action I/we take.