Cooperation Agreement


Friedberg Genizah Project, Inc., (hereafter “FGP”)


(Name) ______

(Affiliation)______hereafter “the Undersigned”

  1. In the following, “Genizah creations” (in short: “G-creations”) shall mean original writings related to the Cairo Genizah, specifically:identifications, descriptions, cataloging data, transcriptions, translations or “joins” of Genizah fragments, that are considered by their author to be academically sound and fit for presentation to the peer scholarly circles.
  2. The Undersigned is hereby declared by FGP to be an Associate of the Friedberg Associates Forum (hereafter “FAF”) and, as such, will beentitled to enjoy all benefits and privileges associated with this standing, as will be announced by FGP from time to time, in addition to the privileges detailed in section 3 below.
  3. The undersigned shall have:

a - priority access to FGP websites when ready, subject to the conditions specified in that site;

b - access to texts, lists, data and databases created by FGP and declared by FGP to be fit and ready for such an access;

c - access to the FGP Computerization Unit for submitting queries related to its ongoing activities and to the data gathered by it, which will be processed by that Unit,in so far as they do not seriously interfere with the other activities of that Unit, or transgress the rights of other parties involved.

  1. It is agreed that all information reaching the Undersigned through the means of sections 2 and 3 is for his/her own scholarly useand for the use of all participants of any research project in which he/she is engagedas well as for the use of all FAF Associates, and for his/her teaching and lecturing needs,and that it will not be made available to other parties.
  2. The Undersigned has agreed to:

a provide FGP with an accurate and detailed list of all his/her publications (including co-authored ones or those published under grants or internal or external funding) that contain G-creations;

b - help FGP (when necessary) getting printed versions of these publications, and provide it with computerized versions of these G-creations whenever available;

c - grant FGP a non-exclusive royalties-free irrevocable license to integrate these G-creations into the FGP databases, to process them in any way considered beneficial to the FGP mission and goals, and to display them in its websites or other computerized display means as developed from time to time by FGP; in case other permissions (by co-authors, publishers, funding agencies and the like) are also required for such a display, and FGP is informed by the Undersigned about that, it will be FGP responsibility to obtain them, and the Undersigned will cooperate with it in this task;

d - furnish FGP from time to time with new versions of these G-creations whenever necessary and available, and FGP shall process and display these new versions whenever its displaysare updated.

  1. The Undersigned has agreedto provide FGP, at his/her sole discretion and with no obligation from him/her,and for as long as this agreement is in effect, with printed or computerized versions (or both versions if available) ofhis/her as yet unpublished G-creations, as he/she sees fit,applying to them sections 5c and 5d above.
  2. The Undersigned will specify for every such submitted item as mentioned in section 6 whether to permit any authorized user of FGP websites to download, copy, print, mention or citethat item, provided proper credit is given to the author and to FGP, or not to permit such a use without written permission by him/her. In both cases an appropriate note will be appended to that displayed item.
  3. The following policies of FGP are understood and agreed to by the Undersigned:

a –to display any G-creation that was submitted to it, at its earliest convenience and once the relevant sites are developed and available;

b - to append to every unit of information in its databases the name of the source, origin or author responsible for that information, and to display it when displaying that item;

c – not to permit the downloading, printing or publishing of any fragment’s imageby any user, without a written permission by that image’s owner;

d–to make its databases accessiblein a few successive phases: first to FAF Associates, then to a selected group of scholars, and only later, gradually and through various stages, to wider audiences, eventually reaching the entire public.

9. Both FGP and the Undersigned can unilaterally terminate this agreement at any time, with a one month notice.Termination of this agreement shall not affect in any way any of FGP’s rights asserted in this agreement as described in 5c.

Signed at this day of…………………………..

The UndersignedFor the Friedberg Genizah Project,